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A lot of good advice above. Couple of things I have found in my experience.

-Have fun

-Fire and Forget. Focus on the shot at hand and then forget that you hit it and focus on the next one. 

-Nerves will play a factor NOT just on the first hole. There may be a shot on the 13th hole of the round for example, that you have struggled with in the past. Don't let that affect your focus.

-Par is your friend, but bogeys don't kill you. It's the bigger number that has to be avoided.

-Playing on your home course is both a blessing and a curse. You have all the sight lines down and know where not to miss it. IMO the curse comes on the greens and using past knowledge of breaks and not focusing on what is in front of you.

Glad you are participating. Tournament golf is a different animal and with every round you will learn something new. Good Luck!!

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Looking at that leaderboard, I like your chances of staying out of DFL.  

If you haven't already, start playing everything down and holing everything out. 

Get familiar with the rules if you haven't done so.  If you have any questions about a rule, remember that you can always play a second ball and get a ruling later in the round or before you turn in your card.  Your fellow competitors most likely do not know the rules (although they may act like they do).  

Have a game plan, tell it to your caddy, and ask him to force you to stick to it.

Enjoy the nerves.  Regular golf will feel so much easier after playing tournament golf.

Good luck and keep us posted!


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