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New F9 Driver and Fairway Metals

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I'd be curious to see the IP addresses of all these posters having major issues with the F9 face cutting up balls... dollars to donuts they'd all be exactly the same.

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On 5/15/2019 at 9:32 PM, JM64 said:

I recently purchased the Cobra F9 Driver and two fairway metals. Hit the clubs mostly indoor with range balls February and March. Loved the performance. When the weather broke in the midwest and I started to get out to play, Immediately noticed a problem with my balls. The thin channel that runs around the milled face on these clubs was shredding balls on contact. I have played golf for over 40 years, and neither myself or my golf buddies have seen anything like it. I have since tested various brand balls with different cover material, all with the same results. I have taken this up with Cobra, and they have been a bit coy about a problem of design existing with these clubs. I found quite a few reviews of the F8 driver where customers complained of the same problem. This is a big deal given the success they have had with this launch. I am curious if anyone else using these clubs have experienced this and are willing to post about it. After rounds where I use my fairway metals multiple times, my balls are all cut up. If you rub your fingers across the thin open channel that runs between the CNC milled face and the outer edge of the club face you can feel the sharpness. With the shallower face of the fairway metals, it’s almost impossible for the ball not to come in contact with this channel, other than a perfect center hit. The driver with a bigger face won’t cause damage on close to center hits, but high, low, heel and toe hits cause damage. I’m frankly surprised I have not heard more golfers complaining about this online. Every retailer of these clubs I have spoken to are aware of this problem, but Cobra obv doesn’t want to shout about it given the sell through on this offering. 

sounds to me that you just need to hit the clubs in the center...problem solved.  haha  Honestly, this is interesting, I was thinking about a new 3w and I am interested in the F9, have not hit it yet, but this is good to know. 

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I have no problems with my F9 marking up my Tour B X balls.

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3 hours ago, Miboy62 said:

I have no problems with my F9 marking up my Tour B X balls.

Likewise. Not a problem at all with my F9. My balls last several rounds.

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:mizuno-small:                    T20 59°, 9° (KBS $ Taper 120S)

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Ive had this club almost since they released and have shredded more balls then i know what to do with literally just started giving them to beginners as they are no good too me...i am noticing no photos here and the initial post was a long time ago so maybe not relevant to anyone?

im a single figure golfer and mostly due to injury i never put in the same swing twice and it leads to off centre shots, which still go long and straight but have a tag of ball hanging off and even stuck in the gap around the face ive used everything from the expensive balls to the cheap nasty rocks and they all get cut up


glad to see the new f9 face is missing this gap on the face

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