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Testers Announced Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

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Robert, Boise, Idaho USA

Swing Speed: 90-95

Current Primary Ball: Snell MTB Black

First introduced to Snell balls last season as a selected MGS candidate to test the MTB Reds. During testing I purchased some MTB Blacks to also try out and found that while the Reds were good, the Blacks were better for me and they have been my ball ever since. With this new MTB-X seemingly doing so well in initial tests that I've read, I'm already actually considering getting some X's on my own to see if it has fixed the original Red especially with it's lackluster performance into the wind where it tended to balloon.

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Orland, Ca

12 handicap

100mph ss

Currently playing Vice Pro and Pro V1X


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Todd Springfield


Taylormade Project a

Limited experience with Snell MTB Black

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Posted (edited)

My name is Bryan 

I would love for the opportunity to test the Snell MTB-X. I have actually purchased a sleeve to test already a week ago after reading the Golf Ball test. I have had mixed results so far on my golfgame tracker.

I use a Callaway Epic SubZero 9.0 stiff shaft driver. Taylormade r9 irons. 98-104 swing speed at last fitting a month ago.

I have been using Callaway Chrome Soft X balls lately. Play my golf in Michigan around Ann Arbor

Edited by champs444

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Knoxville, TN


Pro Vs

Ive never had any experience with snell balls. I’ve heard good things about them. 

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No experience with Snell but would love to challenge the ProV1X as I keep going back to it.

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Cody/Tyler, TX


Titleist ProV1x

No experience with Snell balls, but have been interested in trying for a while.

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Brandon, Dallas

Swing Speed: 108

Current Primary Ball: Snell MTB Black

I've tried all Snell Balls. I gamed their first generation balls. Then I went to Callaway Chrome soft. Just recently went back to Snell MTB Black and I think its Snell for life at this point.

Rather win or not, im going to do a ball review on my Youtube Channel just to support your finding because it's true! Snell is the truth! 


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Matthew Vest

Florence, AL 

115 mph

MaxFli Speed

No Snell experience

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Gary,    have been  playing  golf and tournament  golf  for  over  40 years.  Belong to two amateur  associations  and currently  play to a 19 handicap.   Am 68 years  old  and play  top quality  equipment. 

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Rich Los Angeles



I loved playing the MTB-Red, currently looking to try out the MTB-X and MTB-Black.

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Driver Swing speed ~110

Current ball is AVX

I've never played a Snell bell and thought the AVX was a banger....until I saw MGS' test results! Would love to see what I've been missing out on. 

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Olympia WA

95 mph

Bridgestone E6

I have found a couple of Snell balls and played them until they were lost again


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Salem, Oregon


Bridgestone Tour B RX

Never used Snell balls

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Michael-Savannah, GA


Kirkland 3-piece

Never played Snell balls other than the occasional lost ball find. 

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I'm an 11 handicap, play mostly PROV1X, Chrome soft by Callaway, or TaylorMade TPS.  I have hit a few Snell and Vice too.

But, I really have not 'evalutated' Snell for a period of a few rounds, so I welcome the opportunity to be your tester.

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Eric, Birmingham, AL


Taylormade TP5

No experience with Snell

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      Official Forum Member Reviews

      Snell MTB Black & MTB Red
      MTB Black:
      03trdblack                           Stage 1     Stage 2
      HighontheHog                     Stage 1     Stage 2
      Theedpatt                           Stage 1     Stage 2
      dhartmann34                      Stage 1     Stage 2
      Derek666                            Stage 1     Stage 2
      MTB Red:
      kingcscott                            Stage 1     Stage 2
      Rickp                                   Stage 1     Stage 2
      MaxEntropy                         Stage 1     Stage 2
      golfergirl1                            Stage 1     Stage 2
      PING Apologist #9               Stage 1     Stage 2
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