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Testers Announced Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

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Leon, Houston TX

100mph Driver

Taylormade TP5x

Played Snell My Tour Ball (MTB) and Get Sum before.

The Get Sum is a funny ball, it felt great off the club face, decent distance and spin, low cost, but the ball speed just could not match other premium tour balls. 

The MTB is a nice tour caliber ball, great distance and tons of spin. Felt solid off the club face, performance is in line with  ProV1x. But a little bit easier to be stuffed for wedge plays. And seems to need some improvements to play better in the winds.

I am interested to try out the MTB-X and provide detailed in-depth feedback. 



Driver :   Taylormade M6 9 / VA Composites Drago 75 S

3W :       Titleist TS3 15  / VA Composites Drago 75 S

Hybrid:   Titleist 915H 18  / KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype X

Iron:        Bridgestone J40 DPC / Project X 6.0 Flighted

Wedge:  Bridgestone J33 52 56 60

Putter:    Ping Sigma

Ball:        Taylormade TP5x

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Durham, North Carolina

93 MPH Driver Speed

Titleist ProV1x

I ordered a trial pack last year of the MTB Red and MTB Black. I enjoyed the MTB Red and was disappointed when they discontinued the ball. After the reviews I have read from MyGolfSpy and other forums I am excited to try the MTB-X. 

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90-95 mph with driver

currently playing/losing the Mizuno RB tour

Got a sleeve of Snell MTB from a friend, played two rounds before losing all 3, which is a record.  Thought they were a good ball with good distance and spin. I’m not the greatest golfer, but I think I can feel the ball come off the club with good spin or flat.  

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Steven Baltimore,Md

swing speed-90

after reading the ball testing article, I’ve been trying different ones including snell. I would love to continue under some guidelines.

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Casino/Chemical land Michigan 


chrome soft x/Tiger-stones  

Tried some in the past, but other then that no experience but open and welcoming to change 

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Thornton, Colorado

107-110 high spin


I have only hit the soft, high launching ball that someone gave me.  Definitely didn't fit my high launch, high spin game.  Spin control is the big concern for me.

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Knoxville, Th


Pro V1X

I played the version from 3 years ago and loved them. Performance was top notch with my only complaint being the durability of the cover. 


Callaway Epic Driver, 3, 5 metals

Titleist T-200 4-gap

Callaway Mac Daddy wedges 54, 58

Odyssey Exotic putter

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First Name: Erik

City of Residence: Okotoks

Swing Speed: 100-105 mph

Current Primary Ball: Vice Pro+

Unfortunately. I have no previous experience with Snell Golf Balls

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

100 mph

Pro V1X

I just purchased a box of MTB-X last week at my track and proceeded to birdie 2 of the first 4 holes, rattling off the flag stick on the second one!

This will be my ball for the foreseeable future. It's fantastic!

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Your First Name City of Residence - Tom - Willow Grove, PA

Swing Speed - 101 Lefthand

Current Primary Ball - Snell MTB Black - I've been playing the Snell MTB Black since April 2018 exclusively.  Have another couple of dozen before I have to reorder.  Found the ball to be exceptional in keeping my ballflight from ballooning off the driver and provides nice feel around the greens.  I have recommended this ball to playing partners over the last year and firmly stand behind it as a good product, especially given the direct marketing price.  In addition to playing golf, I have hit the Snell MTB Black in my home Skytrak simulator and compared the ball to other balls indoors for ballflight, spin, consistency, distance and feel.  Have found it to be on par closest with the ProV with the exception of durability.  I've cracked a number of Snell balls over this time but only one Bridgestone.  Never a Titleist ironically and believe me I've tried.  Once the dimples are worn I will retire the ball from testing and that's happened well before a crack has appeared. Other than that, no complaints.  Based on the mygolfspy ball testing I was going to order the MTB-X ball but like you said it's been out of stock.


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  Hello, I am Patrick and I live in Dublin, Virginia.

  I'm not sure of my exact swing speed, but I would guess it's north of 110 mph.  

I play with various brands of golf balls, usually Pro V1, Chrome Soft, Bridgestone B330, and MG.

I had the privilege to hit a Snell ball last yea,  after I was given one by a Snell representative at a local tournament.  I didnt get to play too many holes with the Snell ball since I hit it into the water 2 holes after I got it.  That being said, I would love a 2nd chance to give Snell golf balls a good try.

Thank you for your time.

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Andrew, Minneapolis

112 MPH

Vice Pro

Played the original MTB exclusively, forced to switch to the RED and didn't like how it performed so stopped using them altogether. 

What's in my bag:


Driver:   :cobra-small:  Fly Z, 10.5* set to 9.5* D, Kuro Kage TiNi 65, x-stiff, 45'' long


Hybrids: :srixon-small: z45, 16* and 19*, Kuro Kage Black Hybrid, stiff


Irons:   :titelist-small:  716 AP2 5-PW, NS Pro 950 GH, stiff, +0.5'' long 


Wedges:   :callaway-small: Mack Daddy PM Grind, 58*, black, Skratch Golf 53* wedge, both Dynamic Gold, wedge flex 


Putter:  :ping-small: Sigma G Anser, black, pistol grip, 35"


All clubs RH.


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