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Testers ANNOUNCED: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid

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Testers Announced!

These are the forum members who will be testing the Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid:




Hybrids have long been a love/hate club for many players.  Many love them and the forgiveness they offer, and many hate them for their tendency to hook.  Finding the perfect or even dependable hybrid is often an ever going process for many players.   It's also not one you see a lot on the PGA Tour.  But if you have spent any time watching the PGA Tour Champions over the past couple months, you no doubt have noticed two things. 

1) A big tour presence by Tour Edge, in not only it's well established fairway woods, but more recently the  Exotics CBX hybrid popping up in the bags of Scott McCarron and others.  The club has been vital to McCarron as he has won two events in the last three weeks.   What makes this hybrid so attractive, well  we'll if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth at least 2,000.   So see for yourself

 So there it is, we're looking for four testers to test, review and keep a Tour Edge Excotics CBX 119 hybrid of your choice.  Follow the instructions below. 

Per the OEM's request this testing is open to Right Handed Golfers in the US. 

Do Not Quote this post in your entry:  Doing so may lead to disqualification.

Provide the following information:

First Name/City, State


Current hybrid model Played

What loft you think you would choose and why

We'll be picking the testers sometime next week so check back to see if you've been selected.  Good Luck!!


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First Name/City, State: Derek/Volo, IL

Handicap/SS: 3, 110

Current hybrid model Played: 19* Ping G400 Crossover

What loft you think you would choose and why: 19* because it would replace my current crossover gap.


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Posted (edited)

Rob Philadelphia PA

25 Handicap Swing Speed ranges from 85 to 92

4 and 5 Hybrid by Taylormade RBZ

I would like to try something like a 3 so like a 17 or 19 Degree. 


Thanks for the chance!

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First Name/City, State - Frank/Branford, CT

Handicap/SS - 7/105 mph Driver

Current hybrid model Played - Taylor Made 

What loft you think you would choose and why - 19 degree because I carry a 14.5 degree 3 wood and the 19 degree would be the proper club to gap between my 4 iron and the 3 wood.

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Dave, Tampa, FL

11.3 index, 95 SS

I have a 3, 4, and 5 Callaway XHot2

The 4, at 22 degrees, is my go to 180 yd club, and is looking a little worse for wear.  So is the 3, 19 degree (200 yds)

Love to try the Exotics Hybrid

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Glen, Bath MI

9.9 Hdcp Index, 98 swing speed

Cobra f7 7 wood - I previously used a Adams A12 hybrid, but currently game a 7 wood instead.

Probably the 4 at 22 degrees.  I currently carry a 7 wood at 21 * and a four iron at 24 degrees.  would probably replace the seven wood.

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First Name/City, State - Harry/Lansing, MI

Handicap/SS - 18

Current hybrid model Played - Adams

What loft you think you would choose and why - Looking for a 23 degree hybrid 4.  My Adams hybrid 3 does a great job and my TaylorMade 4 iron is a bit iffy.

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Brian- Huntley, IL

Handicap 20, Driver SS=95

Current Hybrids Mizuno CLK 17 deg. Reg Flex

Replace my Rogue X 4 iron (18.5 deg.) with a CBX 119 19 deg with Evenflow Blue 85 5.5 flex, 2 extra wraps on grip

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Matthew/ blythewood SC

15/100 with driver

cobra one length 21 4h

21 or 23 hybrid looking for a club that goes about 200 yards

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Dennis- Randolph, NJ

Handicap 25, Driver SS=91

Current Hybrids Callaway Rouge X 3 hybrid 18*  shaft is Aldila Synergy 60 HYB X Graphite 

Would like to try  loft in the 21-22 range


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Junghyun/Birmingham, AL


ping g 400 4 hybrid

4 hybrid (21degree) , this is the same loft for my ping g 400 4 hybrid and by having same loft, it would be much easier for me to compare with this product.

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Doug / New Jersey

19hcp, 88mph driver ss

Cobra AMP 3h 19°, Cobra Bio Cell 4/5h @23.5° 

I would select the 22°, with Evenflow blue 85 5.5.  It is closest to my 4/5h Bio Cell, which has been a good hybrid for me.  


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Callaway X2 Hot Pro 20*, GD Tour AD-DI 85X

I’d try the 20* with the Even Flow Blue 6.5 to be able to get a close comparison to what I’m playing now, and keep a similar gapping. My X2 Hot Pro has been in the bag for 5 years, so it would be fun to give it some competition!!!



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Scott / Thomasville, GA

5.5 / 95

Currently game the original Callaway Apex 4 hybrid

The 22 degree CBX 119 would be my choice to upgrade that spot in my bag with newer tech.  I play, and am happy with, fairway woods at lower lofts.

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Greg in Travelers Rest, SC

12.9 index, 95-100mph driver swing speed.

Currently play Adams Super XTD titanium hybrid, 19*

Would most likely choose the 19* to fill the gap between my 3-wood and 4-iron. 

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Lance/Millersville, Maryland


Adams Red 20*

I would choose the 18* so I can reach those longer Par 3's and 2nd shots on Par 5's as it would be easier to control and keep in play than a 3 metal.

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Tom Cleveland, OH
4.2 Hcp - 108 swing speed
19* Adams Boxer Gold Prototype XS
I would stick with the 19*, or maybe go to the 17* to keep the proper gap between 4iron and my wood. Looking for about 220 in distance.

Take Dead Aim

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Posted (edited)

Jeff/Southlake, TX

13.3 HCP/102 MPH

I don't currently game a hybrid because I can't find one that I like. Maybe the CBX will change my mind!

I'd choose 20 degrees because I'd want it to replace my 3-iron.

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