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A lil article by yours truly :-)

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Wrote a little article about what I think of this years Driver releases. What do you guys think? I am NOT a writer lol




I think you brought up some valid points and the article was easy to follow. I’m not sure a blanket “everyone should get fitted” is always the best answer. I know this is a “chicken or the egg” dilemma and I believe lessons should always come before a fitting. A successful fitting is the process by which your swing is analyzed over a determined set of norms. If you don’t have a swing you consistently repeat any fitting would ultimately be a fools errand.


My recommendation is always lessons first and foremost. If I had to make a list as you did in your article it would be:


1. Lessons


2. Lessons


3. Fitting


4. Lessons


Food for thought......... How many lessons can you get for the cost of one new 2019 Driver???????



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