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Testers ANNOUNCED! PuttOut Golf Practice System

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Alexander/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Handicap: 13

I have tried a few putting mats before and they always ended up in the trash. They would never lay flat or roll true. I would love to test these products out and see if it will help me acquire a single digit handicap!


Also, I am happy to have come across this forum through Puttout and look forward to learning more about golf and getting to know a few of you!


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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! If you've never felt like this kid, I'm pretty sure you've never played golf seriously: (If you've ever acted like this kid, you might be taking it too seriously.)

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Very excited by this opportunity to test something that looks to be very promising.   @Kanoito and I in the same test again is a bit like getting the band back together, are you still playin

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Joe Boselli 

Bloomfield NJ

Yes. Using an 8 foot putting carpet now. Need something new!

Type 1 diabetic


Semi-retired actor

Candidate for 2020 Rookie Dad of the Year

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John in Ohio Handicap 22

I have used several training aids over the years. I am always looking for something that is easy to use and gives good feedback when I do not make a good stroke. This product looks interesting and would love to give it a try to compare what I have used in the past. Currently do not have a "go to" training aid that I really like. Putt year round with my putting green in the basement.

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Handicap 12

Have I used a putting training device before yes but 20 years ago. Things have changed. 

Have a new golf team I am coaching at high school and would love to give feedback on improvment

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Hayden / New Zealand.
Have used a “Yes” putting mirror and rail system.
After today’s rubbish golf round with my putter- please help me - I need to improve, hoping this will help.

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