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Testers ANNOUNCED! PuttOut Golf Practice System

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Scott, GA


Currently have and use a practice green, EyeLine Putting Mirror, EyeLine Pendulum Putting Rod and SeeMore SPI Posture Training Ball.

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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! If you've never felt like this kid, I'm pretty sure you've never played golf seriously: (If you've ever acted like this kid, you might be taking it too seriously.)

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Let's congratulate these forum members: @Kanoito @HardcoreLooper @Peaksy68 @tommc23 @gaussman1 Full announcement is found here. _________________________

Very excited by this opportunity to test something that looks to be very promising.   @Kanoito and I in the same test again is a bit like getting the band back together, are you still playin

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John / Oregon


I putt everyday on a rug in my living room with the Sklz Putt Pocket.  Ultimately the Putt Pocket is a better tool to use with actual holes on a putting green as you can turn the pocket to face the hole entry point for the ball on breaking putts.  Indoors on a flat carpet, it’s just a “hole” I can aim at.  Plus, because it’s built like a big backstop, it doesn’t help you put proper pace on putts.  

I have also used string on a putting green to help with my starting line/aim.

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First Name/State or Country: Clinton/Canada


Have you ever used a putting training device before :Yes, simple putting cup, callaway narrow mat, putting wheel. Metal yardstick (to putt on top of to practice allignment.

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Never used a putting device before

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No, i haven't used a putting aid, but I need to do something to correct being constantly short of the hole. Last week was the final straw, I was short on 16 of 18 first putts.

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I have always struggled with putting. On a good round I’ll have 30 putts. Normally I’m somewhere around 35-37. I practice it all the time, but I still seem to struggle. This looks like a great system & I’d love to try it out!

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