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Calcutta Golf Ball


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I also fell for this, but cancelled right away and they still sent me the 2 sleeves. 

As far as the actual golf ball goes...I did some testing between this and a standard prov1 which is what it is supposed to be competing against. It is a MUCH harder feel and as all low end golf balls, the full shots with driver are very similar...slightly higher launch but similar spin. Mid irons, the effect gets more exaggerated...calcutta launches higher and spins less. This is also where you start to really feel how much harder this ball is than the ProV. Then the wedges...I hit a 54* that goes about 110 yards and spins about 11,000rpm with about 30* launch when I hit it well. The calcutta was spinning at 5000 if I was lucky and launching at 38-40*! 


Not saying its a bad ball...but certainly not competing with the prov. For what it's worth, it seemed very durable.

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If you get taken in by this scam, demand access to their swingbits.com website.  I was charged $49.99 and called to cancel any further charges.  When I tried to access their website, I could only do so by doing a "free trial" which means committing yourself to a membership charge 30 days from now.  I wrote their support email address and demanded credentials to access the website features since they charged the 49.99 to my account and have no intention of refunding that amount.  I'll update everyone once I find out if they plan to stiff me for site access as well.  I will report them if they do that.

Update: they refunded my 49.99 when I demanded the site access.  Problem solved.

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On 8/14/2019 at 9:05 AM, Bones said:

I signed up and ordered the golf balls. Then I was reading about the membership so I went into the website and canceled my membership with no problem 

Same here.

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Current Ball: 2022 Chromesoft X as recommended for me by Ping's Ballnamic system (highly recommended).
Bag: MNML.  Looking to try a Vessel Player III DXR.
Cart: Caddymatic Golf X-TREME

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Paid the $ for a sleeve and paid $6.99 for 3 addition balls. Hit the first ball yesterday off the t and the ball had some crazy left to right movement and then back to the left...wasn’t longer by any means but acceptable....had a 7 iron into the green and the ball duck hooked down hard...geez, what’s going on, dropped one of my reg balls and hit it on the green.....I asked my playing partner to hit the ball as he went for his and it went with the crazy movement again.......it was like a loaded trick ball...bagged them up and hit them into the lake when I got home.....guess they would have been fun to give the competition...save your money....

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Suckers!  Whether you pay $50.00 a dozen for ProV’s or $14 a dozen for Kirklands, no ball is appreciably different from another.  “It is the Indian, not the Arrow!”  (I apologize to all native Americans).  Every golfer you watch on TV, with the amateur exceptions, are paid to play the ball they play.  They are not just given balls, many are paid thousands (some tens of thousands) to play a specific ball.  So if you think a ball will go farther, land softer, roll truer, because Dustin, Justin, Rory or Corey play it, keep hemorrhaging those dollars.  Find a ball that you play well with, starting with the cheapest one you can find and work up.  Even try the refurbs if you must.  Once there, try to play that ball whenever you can.  It will be one less swing thought you have to  endure.  Remember, you only get two thoughts so don’t waste one of them on a ball.

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I fell for this.  Got the balls, and actually like them.  But I didn't remember seeing the $49.99 monthly subscription to their swingbits.com website.  Saw the charge on my credit card and felt so deceived.  I called the 877-877-1990 customer service number to ask for a refund and the lady on the other side (I think she was in the Philippines) was reading off a script and was very persistent  in offering me a % discount.  Every time I said no I want a refund, the discount kept getting bigger.  I finally gave her the BBB line as mentioned above, and she gave in.  She said I'll get the refund in 7 to 10 days.  We'll see if that happens.  Too bad, if this was legit, I probably would have kept ordering the balls.

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swingbits.com/login/.  Your email address is your username and password.  Then hit menu and go to your account.  Then cancel subscription and submit.  You will immediately get a cancellation confirmation.

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Isn't this similar to the Warrior golf business model? Bait and switch?

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On 6/26/2019 at 11:49 PM, Dogface said:

I thought it  bit odd but thought what the hell so I started the process to sign up the dog (now a few years deceased) to get a sleeve.   Then the $1 shipping fee AND the auto subscriptions popped up...   The bottom line is the dog (still deceased) will not be getting any golf balls as she doesn't have a credit card.

I think that golf ball company is run by a Nigerian prince.

BTW my filter for this stuff is I sign up the dog for most freebie offers and requests for info.   It's worked out well as it keeps us off many lists and it is also a great indicator for future junk mail.   Regularly getting LTC flyers, annuity sales dinner requests and (unsolicited) dating mailers to her on a regular basis.  Oddly no one from the dating service has ever responded to her interests of home cooked dinners, snuggling by the fire and long walks on the beach.


your credit card company should help you take care of it but it may take a while to get the payment back.          

If you ever wondered who falls for this stuff, now you know.    

Nice.  Do they ever question the name Fido?  Or is that like Shakira or Beyonce?

And when you attend the free sales dinner do they have a bowl of dog food waiting for you?

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LOB WEDGE:      Titleist Vokey  56 degree

LOB WEDGE:      Titleist Vokey  60 degree

PUTTER:     Odyssey Black #7

BALL:       Titleist Pro V1  

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From the fine print...

2022-08-22 14_32_39-https___www.swingbits.com_offer__gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oyYBhDGARIsAMZEuMu1jsTdxvqrKpmpX.jpg

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Wedges: :vokey-small: Spin Milled 52°, 56°, 60°

Putter: :odyssey-small: White Hot Stroke Lab OG #7

Ball: :titleist-small: Velocity Matte Orange

Shoes: :footjoy-small: FJ Flex

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