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FYI, I see where you can buy a dozen ZStar balls and Z Star XV for $19.99 on Amazon Prime and Srixon site is BOGO for $39.99.  Not bad for anyone interested in stocking up on a good ball. 

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    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      From the InBox today....
      Srixon Announces Newly Redesigned Q-STAR Golf Ball for Better Balanced Performance
      HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — July 17, 2017 — SRIXON® announces launch of the newly redesigned Q-STAR® golf ball for golfers who demand balanced performance from a more durable, two-piece ball offering. The Srixon Q-STAR is available in Pure White™ and Tour Yellow™ and officially launches in North America on August 18, 2017.
      Srixon is a tour-proven golf manufacturer with premium golf balls and club offerings popular with golfers around the world. The Q-STAR golf ball utilizes the same premium technologies found in Srixon's higher-priced tour balls but offers them in a 2-piece construction that is more durable and affordable.
      The new Q-STAR features a lower-compression Energetic Gradient GrowthTM Core, a new third generation Spin Skinâ„¢ coating, and a new, more efficient 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimpleâ„¢ Pattern. These three technologies combine to deliver balanced performance: longer, more accurate driving distance, better iron control, and improved greenside spin.
      “The Q-STAR's built-in tour technologies should help golfers see great performance in every aspect of their golf game,” said Michael Ross, Senior Product Manager at Srixon. “This is the golf ball for players who seek maximum playability from a more durable, 2-piece design.”
      The key technologies inside the new Q-STAR include:
      ·      Lower-Compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core. Q-STAR's core technology uses variable stiffness to deliver better feel and exceptional distance on every shot.
      ·      Third Generation Spin Skin Coating. This latest iteration of Srixon's proven ball coating is more elastic with less bonding points so it produces more consistent spin from any lie — especially the rough.
      ·      Aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. Along with more control in the wind, this dimple pattern reduces drag to maximize distance.
      The Srixon Q-STAR golf ball officially launches in North America on August 18, 2017, at a MAP of $24.99 per dozen. 

    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Official Forum Member Review

      Srixon Q STAR Tour 3-Piece Golf Balls
      Spur22                Stage 1            Stage 2
      Apes44               Stage 1            Stage 2
      Scooducks         Stage 1            Stage 2
      HeathS16           Stage 1            Stage 2
      golfinnut             Stage 1            Stage 2
      miboy62             Stage 1            Stage 2
      newballcoach     Stage 1             Stage 2
      GolfSpy Shawn  Stage 1             Stage 2
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo

      Srixon Q STAR Tour Golf Balls
      Here's a forum-only test opportunity for y'all, for what may be the hottest slightly under the radar ball in the game today, the Q STAR Tour from Srixon.
      The Q-STAR Tour is a 3-piece, urethane cover Tour-level ball design to fit a wide range of amateur golfers. It's a tad softer than Srixon's Z STAR balls with a price tag ($29.99/dozen) that'll make you smile.
      We're looking for 8 of you to test and review the Q STAR Tour and let the forum - and the golfing world - what you think!
      To apply, please tell us in this thread:
      First name/state or province
      Current ball
      Driver swing speed
      7-iron carry distance
      Favorite amateur - Francis Ouimet or Bobby Jones
      We'll announce the testers next week.  Good luck!!!
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      We shared this with you on the blog in January - but you should be able to buy these suckers starting April 14th.  
      Got to try the new Q-STAR Tour ball in Florida last week - I really like the performance and, at $29.99/dozen, I really like the price....

      HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – April 4, 2017 â€“ SRIXON®, a global leader in high-performance golf equipment and a brand Dedicated to Improving Your Gameâ„¢, is proud to introduce the new Q-STAR® TOUR golf ball. This all-new ball model delivers Tour Performance for Golfers With Moderate Swing Speeds. The SRIXON® Q-STAR® TOUR is available in Pure Whiteâ„¢ and officially launches in North America on Friday, April 14, 2017. It carries a minimum advertised price of $29.99 per dozen.
      With the new Q-STAR TOUR, Srixon focused on developing a tour-caliber golf ball in a lower-compression design that helps moderate swing speed golfers achieve more distance on full shots while maintaining the excellent feel and greenside spin performance of its Z-STAR® Series offerings. It was designed especially for skilled golfers with moderate speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball; the lower compression allows these players to achieve optimal distance on full shots. Golfers can expect the Q-STAR TOUR to deliver exceptional total performance from tee to green, including tremendous iron distance and tour-caliber greenside spin control.

      Key Technologies:
      ·         Lower-Compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core. The E.G.G. core is easier to compress with lower driver spin for impressive distance and accuracy on full shots.
      ·         Urethane Cover With Spin Skin Coating. Premium cover and advanced coating promote soft feel with enhanced greenside spin control.
      ·         324 Speed Dimple Pattern. The low drag design improves flight performance for longer distance with more control.
      “Q-STAR TOUR was designed primarily for good players with moderate swing speeds. The problem we identified is that these golfers aren't optimizing their performance by playing a high-compression tour ball because they aren't able to compress it, so they end up sacrificing distance off the tee and with their irons,” said Michael Ross, Senior Product Manager for Golf Balls. “These golfers don't need to play a high-compression tour ball just so they have the excellent greenside spin performance that they're used to. They would benefit greatly from playing a ball that offers the same great greenside performance but is easier to compress. That's why we developed the lower-compression Srixon Q-STAR TOUR.”
      The new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR comes to market having already been recognized as a Gold Medal winner on the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List – with 5 STARS for Feel, Performance and Innovation.
      Independent Test Results:
      Srixon worked with Golf Laboratories to conduct independent outdoor robot testing on the new Q-STAR TOUR golf ball against key competitors. The results proved it delivers exceptional tee-to-green performance at an incredible value:
      ·         Advanced core and dimple technology enable the Srixon Q-STAR TOUR to deliver longer driver distance than many of the similarly priced and more expensive, ionomer cover competitor balls and almost all of the more expensive, urethane cover competitor balls tested. With very low driver spin, including low sidespin, the Q-STAR TOUR minimizes the effects of hooks and slices so golfers are able to drive the ball with more accuracy.
      ·         Where Q-STAR TOUR really stands out is mid-iron distance. The core and highly resilient mid-layer work together to generate high ball speed with a high launch angle. These favorable launch conditions create substantially more distance for the Q-STAR TOUR than most competitor balls tested.
      ·         The Srixon Q-STAR TOUR particularly distinguishes itself from similarly priced or more expensive ionomer cover balls in greenside spin performance. Thanks to the high friction caused by the Spin Skin coating, the Q-STAR TOUR demonstrates dramatically more spin around the green than even the best performing ionomer cover balls tested. It also compares closely in spin performance to competitor urethane balls tested.


    • By GolfSpy Barbajo

      "FIT LIKE A PRO!"
      Hi gang!
      Big trip starts tomorrow as 2 lucky members of the MGS Forum get to visit the Srixon/Cleveland HQ in Huntington Beach, CA for a full bag fitting (putter to driver) and a ball fitting.
      The lucky guys going on the trip:
      ​They'll be joined on this adventure by GolfSpy Dave and GolfSpy MBP.  They head to SoCal Wednesday morning and will hit the range right away.  They'll be fit for the new Srixon Z-65 irons (565, 765 or, if they're a real stick, the 965 blades!), the Z-65 series of hybrids, FW's and driver, Cleveland's RTX-3.0 wedges and the new line of Cleveland putters. 
      This ought to be, as we say in Minnesota, a real hoot!  You can follow along here, as all 4 will be posting during the two-day event, and you can also follow along on MGS's Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as each individuals social media accounts. 
      This is gonna be BIG people, and I hope we'll be able to offer you guys more of these events next year.  Any questions, make sure to ask and keep the conversation going!

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