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MGS Officially Unofficial P.A.T.T.S thread

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Two entries into this thread courtesy of tonight's round.

First up is hole No. 5, a straightaway par 4. Pulled my tee shot left into a tee, dropping it straight down in the rough a whopping 127 yards from where it started. Hit a thin 5 iron to front right of green, chipped and buried a 15 foot breaker for par.


I'm most proud of my effort on No. 9, a short par 5 that doglegs left. Determined not to leave the ball right, I ended up hooking it WAAAAY left and long deep in the trees separating No. 9 and No. 10. Ended up punching a 4 iron, smacked a tree trunk and sent my second shot onto No. 10 fairway. Hit another 4 iron through the leaves and left me a few yards short of the green. Chipped to within three feet and tapped in the par putt! Talk about grinding!


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Here's an entry from yesterday....

I pulled my tee shot and had all sorts of tree trouble. I punched out with a 3W to keep the ball below the trees (it ended up on a much more aggressive line than I intended, but it worked). I hit a little gap wedge and sank the 25 footer for par.


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I got one today at Windmill. Par 4 13th. Terrible tee shot, pulled it a whole 159 yards. Hit my Maltby KE4 HDI hybrid 194 yards to the green and 2 putted for par.


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