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Testers ANNOUNCED! Precision Pro NX9 HD Rangefinder

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Harrison - Atlanta, GA

Currently use range finder

Bushnell V4


Driver: TS2 Aldila NV XS

Fairway: 915F 15 degree Tensei  Blue XS

Hybrid: 818 H2 19 degree Tensei White XS

Irons: 718 AP 4 Iron, 718 5-PW

Wedges: SM7 52 Degree 10 Bounce, SM7 56 Degree 12 Bounce, PM Grind 60 Degree 10 Bounce

Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5

Rangefinder: NX9

Ball: Pro V1X

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This is an absolute thrill, I'm excited to get this started! I've never used a laser before, just phone apps and an older Garmin watch I picked up used, so this is going to be a neat experience as a f

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Scott/Salt Lake City

I use a range finder.

I use Precision NX7 Pro

Callaway Epic SZ 10' 

TM SLDR Driver 14'

TM M2 5 wood 18'

Titleist 4 hybrid 21'

Titleist 5 hybrid 25'

Ping i200 6-PW

TM TP EF 50'

Ping Glide 2.0 54' & 58'

Bettinardi Antidote 

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I currently own a Bushnell that I have enjoyed for 5-6 years.  My Bushnell has been excellent, reliable, and accurate.  Sometimes I can eyeball the distance and it is really fun to see how calibrated my eyeball actually is and others in my group enjoy it as well for the same reason.  I would love to test this for the readers and give a head to head between the NXP and the Bushnell.  Thanks for the opportunity and I enjoy being part of the MyGolfSpy nation.

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Ray, Kentfield California 

Yes, use a rangefinder all the time, on the course, for practice rounds in tournaments with slope and without during the competition. Also on the range when working on wedges/short irons. 

Leupold GX-4i

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Todd / Springfield 

Currently using gps

Android SwingU phone app


:ping-small:  G 10.5* & 14*  R shaft woods

:ping-small:  Eye 2  3-9. R steel shafts

:ping-small:  Zing2 putter

:titelist-small:  Volkey 48*, 52* & 56* wedges

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Bob in Bee Cave, TX.  I currently use a rangefinder, Bushnell Tour V4.  I use the rangefinder several times on every hole and for almost every shot including tee shots (to determine distance to traps, water, trees, etc.).  I even use them from as close as 10 yards from the pin as I judge how hard to hit my chips/wedges depending on the distance.  I play 3 times a week year around and even use my rangefinder at the range to gauge distances...practice twice a week.  I'll give your rangefinder a great workout...will probably run through a couple of batteries!  


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'ello! I'm Willard and I'm a Less Than Perfect Golfer, living in Athens, GA

No rangefinder at the moment. I'm a yardage marker on course, be it sprinkler heads, lines on cart path, stakes, etc., kinda player, because wind, elevation, temperature, wetness and other things go into making a club choice.

I'd love to give one a thorough go, on the hilly courses of N.E. GA. For science sake, of course.

If chosen, I'll endeavor to eloquently wax loquacious. JS. 😉 

If not, thanks for the chance.


Mizuno MP33 irons - Stiff, standard length, 1º flat

Krank Rage head on a Penley Extra Stiff 46" shaft

Right handed

Lawrenceville, GA

12 handicap - but I'm "Workin' on it."

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