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Testers ANNOUNCED! Precision Pro NX9 HD Rangefinder

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KC San Diego Ca

I currently use the Precision Pro NX7 and it’s great. Not sure how they could make it better but I would love to find out.

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 Ping G410 LST 10.5 set -1* Flat Accra TZ5 65 M5

Callaway Epic Flash 15* set -1 Aldila ATX Blue 75TX

Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 19* KBS Tour V X

Ben Hogan PTX Pro 4-P KBS Tour V X 2* Flat 4* loft increments

Hogan Equalizer 50* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 X 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 56* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 62* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

EVNROLL ER7 P2 Aware Tour
Scotty Cameron Newport2 Buttonback P2 Aware Tour Grip
Snell MTB-X

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On 6/13/2019 at 6:09 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (7)

Anyone that has read or better yet tried one of the previous versions of the Precision Pro rangefinders knows a couple things for sure.   The company is very customer oriented, responding to any manor of questions promptly and efficiently.   It's very first iteration of range finders—nexus- was among the least expensive on the market, but didn't  meet with a huge success.   Enter the NX7 series, and it's award winning performance in Most Wanted testing, and Precision Pro had a winner on it's hand, a very reliable, accurate rangefinder priced in the $200 to $250 range, with many comprable competitors sellingn for $350 to $450.   Precision Pro held it's own in the land of the established icon brands. 

So with a product firmly entrenched in the value category, Precision Pro is introducing the next level of rangefinder for company.  The NX9 offers an HD display to an already quality product.   To find out all the tech behind it, you can read The First Look articles published earlier this spring Precision Pro Nx9 First Look

So  we are offering seven US or members from anywhere in the world, the chance to test/review and keep a NX9 HD rangefinder.  Golfspy_MPR  will  be riding shotgun along with the testers on this as you, write a very through review for the forum, and provide ongoing thoughts during the review period in the review thread. 

How To Apply

Please provide the following information in a separate post----DO NOT  QUOTE or COPY THIS POST!

First Name/City of Residence.

Do you currently use a rangefinder or GPS for distance measuring or rely on good old eyeballing!

If you use a device what model and brand

We'll be selecting the testers next week.  Be sure to check back and see if you've been selected. 


NX9HD Range finder Pic.png

I am currently using the golf logix gps on my phone with a bushnell range Finder 

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My name is Drew Pitcher and I live in Oklahoma city.  I currently use a Bushnell Neo Range Finder. It's very good but I would like to try yours.

On 6/14/2019 at 7:56 AM, ehren_phipps said:

Ehren Phipps

Nashville, TN

I currently use Golf Logix on iPhone


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Hi Guys,
My First Name is Grahame, and I live in Sydney, Australia. You might say "where the heck is that" but I believe it's on Planet Earth so I should qualify to be a tester for your products down under.

I currently use a GPS for distance measuring - it's a good old Callaway uPro Mx+. I call it good and old, coz that's what it is. It's a discontinued device so what can I say about it....... It WAS good, and NOW it's old. Yep it still works but there's no longer any support for it. And it's a bit banged up, scratched, been repaired a couple of times so I think it's time for me to retire it.

The Nx9 looks pretty impressive, and I'd love to have a crack at it. So why not toss one to me in the land downunder. My only question is whether I'd need to hold it upside down to use it. Oh, and we use meters down here too, so hopefully that would be OK too.


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Steve Maryland
Currently lose some off brand cheesy brand that gives me distance but is dying , also an older Garmin watch that the band broke.

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Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

3wood: Titleist 917F

5 wood: Titleist 917F

irons Taylormade M2 6-PW

hybrids Taylormade 4 and 5

wedges: Titleist SM8 50/54/58

putter: Scotty Cameron Newport slotback

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Brad/Nashville, TN

I used a Bushnell V2...until yesterday. My push cart went rogue and jumped in my course’s pond during the weekly members’ game. Unfortunately, my trusty Bushnell V2 was on the push cart and it doesn’t work anymore.  I had to go Henrik Stenson and retrieve my equipment in the pond.  My playing partners (once their laughter and initial shock subsided) helped by donating dry towels and cold beverages as it was not an awesome day on the course.  




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Doug — Langhorne, Pennsylvania

I have a Bushnell Pro 1600 (Slope Edition) laser rangefinder in my main golf bag, but it doesn’t get used very often (only when I need to shoot distances to specific hazards, etc.). I normally rely on my SkyCaddie LINX golf watch for distances to the front, middle and back of the green and to the end of the fairway or “safe layup” distances, as it is much more convenient and less cumbersome and/or time-consuming than using the rangefinder.


I would LOVE to have the opportunity to try and thoroughly review the new Precision Pro Nx9 HD rangefinder for the MGS golfer community!


Driver: Ping G425 Max, 9*, Miyazaki  Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 6S, 44.75" playing length

4-Wood: Titleist TS2, 16.5*, Miyazaki Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 7S, 42.75" playing length

5/7-Wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero set to 20* loft; Tensei Blue 75-S, 41.5" playing length

Hybrids: Exotics EXS Pro (22*), Mitsubishi Tensei Silver 75S

Irons: Exotics EXS220 5-iron and New Level MODB-1 (6-iron through PW), KBS TGI Tour 80 (stiff) shafts

Wedges: New Hogan Equalizer wedges (48* and 56* + Maltby TSW Forged 52-8, all bent 1* weak

Putter: Evnroll ER2, 34”with Gravity Grip

Ball: Snell MTBx



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