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Testers ANNOUNCED! Precision Pro NX9 HD Rangefinder

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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Who are the seven forum users that the NX9 has locked on for testing? @FromRightToLeft @Jbmullin @russtopherb @B.Boston @poprocksncoke

TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Did you feel that? That small vibration that indicates that the Precision Pro NX9 HD rangefinder has locked on to its target? Who are the seven forum members that th

This is an absolute thrill, I'm excited to get this started! I've never used a laser before, just phone apps and an older Garmin watch I picked up used, so this is going to be a neat experience as a f

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Cory/Grand Forks, ND

Currently use SkyCaddie SG3.5

Would love to compare against models friends use to see how well it works, and I'd be interested to see how easy it is to pick up flags when the wind is really blowing, like is is far to often the case on my home links course.

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Brett Killarney, MB Canada

I have used a Bushnell in the past but recently went back to GPS

Currently A Bushnell Phantom and have a Callaway 200 Laser 


Ping Rapture V2 Blue Dot

Left Handed

Killarney, MB

Handicap - 11.4

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John - Naperville, Illinois.


Presently have a Leupold GX-1i rangefinder and find it difficult to lock in flags.  Couple of my close friends have Precision Pro RFs and love them.

Would really appreciate the opportunity to test/review this new product.

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