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2019 Official Forum Member Review- Tommy Armour TA3 Impact Putter

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Follow along as four members of our forum will be putting the Tommy Armour TA3 Impact Putter to the test on the course and putting green.  This is a My Golf Spy Most Wanted winner, so see if it performs as well for them as it did the Most Wanted testers and how it might work for your game. 4


The Four Testers Are:

@tchat07                           Stage 1                         Stage 2

@skrupa15                         Stage 1                         Stage 2

@Txmason123                   Stage 1                          Stage 2

@HeathS16                         Stage 1                         Stage 2

@jayjay0808                         Stage 1           Stage 2

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A big thank you has to go out to My Golf Spy for selecting me to be a part of this testing group.  Obviously, this is an exciting test because this is a back-to-back winner of the Most Wanted test.  You “drive for show and putt for dough”, so this will be a lot of fun to see how my game can improve with this equipment tweak.  I’ve been gaming the Odyssey Works Versa #7 for 4 years now and have absolutely loved it.  I enjoy the feeling off the face and that it rolls nicely even with slightly off center shots.   This shouldn’t factor into your putter choice but I also like the ability to pick the ball up with the back of my club.  I have a slight arc putter stroke so it will be interesting to see how the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 works considering it is a straight-back-straight-through (SBST) putter.  I putt with left hand slightly low and an unusual double pointer fingers extended grip.


I became very passionate about golf in winter of 2015 which has led me down an incredible winding path from playing with my grandfather (our family golf patriarch), to going to Hawaii for PGA tour events, to volunteering at LPGA events, and to now being a collegiate golf coach.  Golf is an incredible game that is never the same no matter how much you play and rewards you for hard work and perseverance. I have a handicap that has dropped progressively every year from 20-16-14-11, last year I had my first round in the 70s and feel I am constantly knocking on that door.  Currently I am sitting at a 9.6 and my goal for the summer is to shoot a sub-75 round.  


Have spent my whole life in Maryland and have played a lot of different courses but have a rotation of 3 that I play often.  Each course has a difference in the greens; they go from slow to medium to fast.  They don’t have a ton of undulations so it is all about getting the right speed control and starting on your target line.  When it comes to my putter I think “feel” is the most important thing I am looking for because it allows me to control my speed.  My miss is an open faced shot that ends up swerving right after about a foot.  I also have a bad tendency to not “roll” the ball well on long putts.  For my personal golfing data I use myRoundPro from Taylormade and over the last year I averaged 33 putts per round with the range of putts being from 30-35. As you can see I lose about a stroke per round with putting (-0.85) and am really hurt by putts outside of 15ft. 




First Impressions


Any need for hype is unneeded considering it has already been recognized as the back-to-back winner of the MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Mallet Putter Test.  It has a higher MOI design with perimeter weighting, S-Bend shaft and a balanced face.  It has a multi-compound insert for feel and a milled faced for consistent contact and roll.


First thought when I opened the box was the face looked smaller than I expected.  Second thought was how “cheap” the putter cover looked.  Now I understand the putter cover does not make any difference to what you are actually gaming but at a first glance I thought it makes sense this is an off brand putter.  It has this felt type material covering and *gasp* a Velcro closure. 



Take the head cover out of the equation and then you have a very sleek and sharp putter design.  The black Winn grip, with the matte black shaft, down to the matte black top of the club with the “eye-catching” copper line, even the bottom of the club exudes sleekness with a third being a black glossy finish which is enhanced by the matte black rest of the club.  The club looks like something that your friends would comment on about how sharp it looks, but does it work as well as it looks? 




We will surely find out I plan to drop this straight into the bag and just go at. I will maintain my data through myRoundPro, I will also keep “stats” of my practice and compare that with my Odyssey.  Any suggestions on other ways to test the new flat stick out are more than welcome.  

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Stage TwoTommy Armour Tour Impact #3 – Official MGS Forum Review by Sean Krupa


On my quest to determine if the TA3 could supplant my current gamer and satisfy my obsession with mallet putters I constructed the following test plan:

  • A casual introduction to the TA3 with 18 holes of no pressure, no consequences golf with some buddies
  •  A more informal introduction at the practice green alongside my current game for the beginnings of side-by-side comparison
  • One hour of formal side-by-side comparison on a SAM putt lab
  • More on course testing including two rounds of league play where everything is holed out and money (albeit modest amounts) is on the line

I wanted to do my best put the TA3 in every possible scenario I could think of with as much “hard” data to back up my conclusions as possible.  After just under two months with the TA3 I feel like I know this putter very well and can’t wait to share my findings with you.



Looks (8 out of 10 points) 

The TA3 has a very pleasing shape that checks many of the boxes I was looking for in a mallet putter.  It is not overly gaudy in its footprint, with graphics that I think are tastefully subdued.


The black on black just resonates well with me and inspired confidence down by the ball – no distractions, all business.  Compared to others in the category, I still maintain that it might not look “as premium” as the big dogs, however it doesn’t stick out like a cheap, sore thumb either.  In summary, Tommy Armour has put together a winning combination with the look of TA3 that definitely got the attention of my playing companions when it was out on the course.


Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points)

The TA3 produced a muted, soft “knock” sound which was a pleasure to hear when striking the ball.  Here’s a video I took on the practice green so you can hear for yourself.  I think TA deserves some credit for achieving this without the use of an overly soft insert which breaks up the looks or feels artificially soft.  Coming from gaming a blade style putter I thought I had a keen awareness of where my misfits were on the face when I hit them.  Perhaps it’s the extra mass behind the ball, but when putting with the TA3 I did not seem to have the ability to identify mishits as well.  This consistent feel across the face is another strength of the TA3 that I could not ignore.  When I had my dad take a few strokes with the TA3 he kept using the words “light” and “smooth” which I tend to agree with.  Add it all up and you have a putter which builds on its confidence inspiring looks, with sound and feel that achieve similar results.


Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points)

After spending an evening at the practice green with the TA3 and my gamer doing an informal side-by-side comparison, I found both alignment and speed control came very natural with TA3.  Despite have a drastically different look, the transition was seamless.  There were some encouraging moments but I knew nothing definitive would come from the practice green even if I had stayed for hours on end. 

What I wanted was definitive, objective, science-based information about these two putters and how my putting game was affected by each.  Can I just say, that I love living in an era where technology like launch monitors and putting labs exist, but are available to the average golfer as well?  A simple search on the internet informed me that there was SAM putt lab less than 10 miles from my house which I could book practice time on.  Before I go any further, let me give a big shout out to Steve at the SW Golf Academy in Chantilly, VA.  Not only did he take extra time to show me the ropes of the system, he genuinely took an interest in the testing I was doing for this review.

We first set the system to do a “blind” putter comparison between the TA3 and my Ping gamer.  I call it “blind” because I wouldn’t see the results until after the test was over.  The criteria of the head-to-head comparison were simple: 10 putts with each measuring technical proficiency (SAM calls this tendency, and is a measure of the technical quality of the putting stroke) and consistency.  After doing the comparison, SAM putt lab recommended I stay with the Ping but a very narrow margin.  However, because the system weights consistency more strongly than tendency the Ping “won” based on me being a more consistent putter (not at all surprising when it’s been in my bag for 3 seasons now).  My tendency was actually better with the TA3 suggesting I could be a better putter overall if my consistency improved.


Next, we set up ~30 ball extended practice sessions with each putter and the results were similar.  The Ping narrowly edged out the TA3 but this time in both tendency and consistency.  I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised by this as my Ping has been a very strong club for me for quite a while. 





My takeaway from the SAM putt lab experience (and primary component to the score I awarded for this section) was this: the TA3 putts nearly as well as my Ping which has multiple seasons of familiarity working for it.  I was confident that putting it in the bag would not set my game back significantly and in fact I took this a challenge to improve my putting with the TA3.

I’ve made all my SAM putt lab data available in case anyone wants to take a closer look.


On-Course Performance (29 out of 30 points)

All told, I took the TA3 on the course a total of 4 separate times for the purposes of this forum review testing.  I don’t have data from the first round; I was playing with a group of friends before a wedding and we scrambled the back nine to get the groom back to the resort for the rehearsal.  It was a first introduction to the TA3 and I did make a very nice birdie putt on the 9th hole (~20 ft.).

Round 1:


The results speak for themselves.  This was the best putting round I can ever remember having.  Nine one-putts is just silly, although a big assist goes to my wedges that put a couple chips close to tap in distance.  Why can’t every round be like this one?

Round 2:


Much more like what a typical round (33.2 putts) is for me.

Round 3:


A bad score despite having my best GIR?  That's a bad day at the office for the TA3; there's no hiding it.

Every round had at least one three-putt and in another round played after this testing I managed to four-putt a hole with the TA3.  A magic pill the TA3 is not; that being said a high score for this section was well earned with no rounds significantly above my average putts per round and one round which was crazy good. 


Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points)

I have to say I’m enjoying a putter which can easily swipe the ball up off the ground, especially while playing summer golf in DC. 


It would be nice if the entire putter head fit inside the cup (it’s just barely too big) and would be a suggestion I would make to Tommy Armour. 


One thing that needs to be talked about is the condition of the packaging the TA3 arrived in.  Multiple TA3 testers received boxes that were damaged, falling apart, and in my case completely open at one end.  If Tommy Armour, which is already fighting the stigma of being a bargain brand, thinks the TA3 can compete with the likes of Ping, Taylormade, Odyssey, etc. then the packaging needs to hold up to the same standard.  Hopefully Tommy Armour addresses this moving on.


Play it or Trade it? (19 out of 20 points)

Given that both the data I’ve collected, as well as on course performance has shown that the TA3 is every bit as good as my Ping, I would gladly put this club in my bag when the pressure is on.  If a freak accident happened where all my clubs were destroyed the TA3 would be my first purchase because I know I can start a new bag around that club and not look back.  The combination of the feel and looks are undeniably confidence inspiring for me which has led me to the decision to keep it in my bag for the rest of this season including for my league championship a month from now.  I did make one small modification moving forward...


While I enjoyed the stock grip, I’ve known from the moment I’ve seen this putter in person I was going to put Evnroll’s gravity grip on it.  I didn’t want to do so until after my forum review testing to make sure it was a pure evaluation of the TA3 only.  For $130, I’ve got a poor man’s ER5B and saved myself $290; the tinkerer in me is beaming.




The Tommy Armour Tour Impact #3 is a close to the “real thing” as it gets from a bargain brand.  It went toe to toe with my Ping gamer and definitely punched above its weight.  This putter has the complete package at an exceptional value.  Will you make every putt with the TA3? Obviously not.  Will you never three putt again? Who are we kidding?  But if you are in the market for a putter that just performs, get over the stigma, and give this club a shot.  I think you’ll quickly find yourself believing you’ll make putts with it, all while taking it easy on your wallet. 


Thank you MGS again for this awesome opportunity and forum members for your insights and attention.

Final Score: 91/100

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Stage Two - Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 Putter– Official MGS Forum Review by HeathS16


Here it is, the final verdict.  After hours of testing on the putting green and about 5 rounds with the TA3 I have my final thoughts on this back-to-back MostWanted winner. Before I get too far into this I would like to reiterate the main performance factors I will be judging this putter on. They are as follows:

 1.      Performance from 10 ft

2.      Miss proximity

3.      Total putts per round

As we go through this stage 2 I will refer back to these performance metrics where applicable.  MLA vs TA3 here we go! 

Looks (9 out of 10 points) 

I LOVE the fang design of this putter, super easy to line up and very easy to maintain a straight-back straight-through stroke. As I said in the stage 1 earlier I am a huge fan of the “murdered out” all-black look, very sleek and honestly just plain sick. Although not a huge fan of the bronze color I think the overall look is appealing and comes together quite nicely. Compared to other putters in its price range or even above its price range, it does not look cheap but rather has a quality-look to it.  There is a unique feature that I found intriguing and that was the head size. The putter blade itself looks quite small from the top and is easily the shortest putter blade I have ever played. This does not mean that the center of the face is hard to hit but rather makes the putter feel solid throughout the face. 


Sound & Feel (8 out of 10 points)

The TA3 has a softer sound to it.  It does tend to be on the smooth side to me, it has a pleasant little “tock” sound when it contacts the ball.  Through testing I have used both a 3 and a 4 layered ball and did not notice a difference in the sound. The feel across the face is exactly what you would expect, soft on the center and a little more solid on mis-hits (especially in the toe) I think the insert on the TA3 really shines here as the smaller putter blade does not seem to lessen the sweet spot and the putter performs well across the face. This good performance does not take away from when you hit a putt dead-on the sweet spot, as it takes off on a good roll. In contrast, the worst strikes I have felt/heard are on toe strikes, as the sound became more of a click and the feedback from those strikes were different than center ones. Performance-wise neither the small putter blade nor the bad strikes impacted my mental game, I was able to step up to any putt and feel as though I had a chance to hole it. 

Basic Characteristics (20 out of 20 points) 

My initial thoughts with the TA3 was that it was very easy to line up, and that it sent to ball on the intended line very well.  I enjoy using the gate drill when I practice my putting and I had absolutely no problem getting the ball through the gate with the TA3, accuracy of intended line is one of the best attributes of this putter. The only misses I had were obvious pushes or pulls as I could tell coming through the stroke that the ball was going to go offline.  One of the key factors for me was distance control, especially on misses, I was very excited to see how my distance control was with the TA3. I am happy to say that this putter exceeded my wildest expectations in this category as the TA3 was on average 3.2 ft closer to the hole than my current gamer. When using the TA3 I feel very much in control and feel as though even if the putt misses, the miss won’t be far away.  For someone who regularly has at least 1 3-putt per round this is a game changer. The only critique I have from my time on the practice green with this putter is that during one of the sessions the putter face seemed to sit a bit open. During this session I was testing different distances and I noticed that I was starting to pull a lot of putts, especially from the 10’ and up range. I assume this was due to the feeling that the putter head was open at impact, none of the other days did I feel this way but I felt that this instance was worth noting.  That being said, I do feel as though the putter stays true to the path of the stroke, with the TA3’s compact design it allows for the player to control the path more. This putter is certainly for a Straight-Back, Straight-Through putting stroke. I did test with a slight arch and a bigger arching stroke and found that many of those putts ended up being pulled left. The large arch stroke was much worse for this miss than the slight one as I noted in the thread there were some days that a slight arch performed decently well but this stroke just pulled to many to be viable. I did note on the practice green that the forgiveness of the TA3 is superb as even mis-hits went the right distance and sometimes still went in.  This also held true for the rough, fringe and runoff (fairway) test I was able to do. The putter felt good and performed well in pretty much any scenario. 


Here is a bit of data that I collected from my practice sessions:

*Distance tests were done over the course of 5 different sessions 20 shots a day at all three distances.*

TA3 5 ft total: 75/100        MLA 5 ft total: 85/100

TA3 10 ft total: 50/100      MLA 10 ft total: 35/100

TA3 20 ft total: 15/100      MLA 20 ft total: 13/100


*Note the performance on the 10 ft distance, one of the performance metrics I am looking at.*


On-Course Performance (29 out of 30 points) 

The performance area of the review is where the TA3 really brought the heat.  I have never in my life made this many birdies, I was able to play 5 full rounds with the TA3 and here are the results: 





Most notable from the two pictures above is the round of 28 total putts and 8 one-putts.  Had I struck the ball better this would have easily been one of the best rounds I had ever played, even still, to post an 81 on a bad day is very good! With the TA3 in the bag I not only posted my best scores of 2019 but I was also able to make 3 birdies in a single round two times! OUT OF 5 ROUNDS! My total birdie tally for all of 2019 prior to this review was 4 with my current gamer. 


TA3 Birdie total- 8

MLA Birdie total- 4


While the total number of putts did not go down significantly at first, I did only have 2 three-putts with the TA3, which is HUGE for me.  See below: 




Like I mentioned before, even though the total putts did not go down at first, once I got used to the putter things really started to change.  



I started to score well and dropped my scoring average from the past year by almost 2 strokes. See below:



This putter flat out performed...even when the pressure was on, during that round of 76 I had a 9-footer for birdie on 17 (a 215 yard par 3) and I sunk it dead-center.  Like I have mentioned before, I felt as though I had a chance to hole every putt I stood over. As you can see from the data above, this putter improved my game, just by putting it into my bag.  I Loved the performance from 15 ft and in, and I loved the constancy of speed and proximity of misses as this mitigates the chances for three-putting. One small critique was the performance outside of 15 ft, as this putter is not a great putter from distance. But the overall performance of this putter really diminishes the negatives about it.  This product has completely changed my opinion of Tommy Armour as a brand. I certainly want to try more of their products based on the performance of this club, at the price point they offer there is no better value in golf. If I did have one suggestion for TA it would be the ability to customize the putter. While I am a huge fan of the murdered out look I would like to see other options as the all-black might turn some people away from purchasing this club.  As far as what I would like to continue to see from TA is simplicity. This club does not bring anything groundbreaking to the table, just proven tech in a well produced and affordable package I would simply hate to see them get too complicated and move away from a club that performs so well.   

Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points)

There are two things I would like to mention as a part of the most negative portion of this review.  First of all is the condition of the box that the putter came in upon arrival.  



It was pretty beat up and I noticed that almost every other tester’s box looked similar to mine.  This was pretty disconcerting from the get-go as I was worried that I would open the box and find the putter utterly destroyed.  


The second reason this section is scored the lowest is the headcover.  I hate it. It looks cheap and does not match the sleek look of the putter itself.  I would have loved to see an all-leather cover with magnets in the clasp instead of the velcro.  Mine has started to fray a bit in places and has a thread coming loose already as well. Now I do understand that in order to place the TA3 at the price that they do TA has to make cuts in certain areas so if they do change the head cover then I expect the price will have to increase a bit.  The good news here is that you can easily buy a nice head cover that can even be customized that can fit this putter so this is certainly not a dealbreaker for me.  


I do have to praise TA for the stock grip on this club, the Winn flat pistol grip is sensational and is of high quality.  


Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)


PLAY IT, PLAY IT, PLAY IT, PLAY IT.  I cannot say this enough I plan on having this in my bag for a very long time.  I have never putted this great in my time as a golfer and the TA3 is the reason for that.  The club exceeded my expectations in almost every capacity and checked off all three of the major performance metrics I outlined in my stage 1.  I cannot be happier to have had the opportunity to try this club out. I believe than any and all golfers should go and test one of these bad boys.  The only golfers I would warn to stay clear are those who put more of an arch in their putting stroke. This club is most definitely a SBST swing path.  

The Wrap-Up:

  I began this review hopeful that I could alleviate some of my putting woes just by adding a club to my bag.  As I practiced with it and became familiar with it I began to realize THIS PUTTERS WORKS! I honestly cannot put my finger on any particular aspect of this putter that makes it as effective as it is other than the ball just goes into the hole.  I lowered my scoring average about 2 strokes and decreased my putts per round as well. The TA3 has allowed me to score more efficiently and become my confident and aggressive on the greens. The performance of the TA3 has also led to a desire to try out Tommy Armour irons, drivers, wedges and anything else they produce.  At the price point the TA3 is offered at and most putters hovering around $200 from the big companies the value is there. Want to knock some strokes off of your game? Go pick one up and give it a whirl, I am highly confident that you will not be disappointed. 

Final Score:  93 out of 100

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Stage Two - Tommy Armour Impact No.3 – Official MGS Forum Review by jayjay0808


Well the time has come to give all you loyal readers a more in-depth review after batting around the back to back Most Wanted Mallet Winner for a few weeks. I received the putter on June 5th so I have about 8 weeks on this black beauty.

Over the last 8 weeks I have played approximately 15 rounds on about 6 different courses. My practice sessions during the week involved my local course’s putting green and my putting station setup in my basement. My putting station consists of a meter stick, alignment aids, and extra sleeves of balls. This allows me to see how pure the roll is prior to getting on course.

I have to admit that I was going to try and see my old golf coach to compare this putter to my Seemore PTM2 on Quintic or Sams Putting systems. However, due to planning for my upcoming wedding and travel I was unable to secure some time.

But I do believe that the amount of times on a putting green and on course will allow me to give this champion a thorough review. So, lets jump right in.

Looks (9 out of 10 points) 

I find that with putters more so than any other club in the bag, looks help to inspire confidence. And that confidence will always allow you to play better. 

The look of the Tommy Armour Impact No.3 mimics a popular headshake seen across all putter companies over the last few years. However, it did begin with Odyssey and their No. 7 head, I would think the TA more closely resembles the PING Tyne, which I am a huge fan of. Even though through the majority of my golfing life I had played a blade style putter, the head shape of the TA is extremely appealing when you lay it down behind the ball. 

The alignment aid is a simple straight line in the cavity of the mallet and I really enjoyed the help when it came to setting up square to my line. My one suggestion would be to see the alignment aid in a nice silver, grey, or white. I think the goldish color does not do justice to the overall club itself. 

Underneath the graphics are actually very simple with the Tommy Armour name and logo kind of faded in the back of it. Add in the very simple black shaft and Winn Pistol grip and the whole look of the club delivers a stealthy look. 

Now you may have seen my score and thought 9 out of 10??? How could that be when he has raved about the look of the putter. I would tie the headcover into the full look of the club. And for me this is one place where the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 looks like a $100 putter vs a $250 putter. The headcover looked cheap in regard to the material and graphics. If Tommy Armour upped the headcover there would be no way you would be able to tell the difference between this and one of the big boys.

Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points)

The most personal thing to describe for any golfer is the sound and feel of a golf club. And the putter is the most important club in the bag when it comes to those. The Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 has been a high end perform for two straight most wanted putter tests. And although that is majority a numbers test, sound and feel can attribute to the performance in a putter.

When I first got the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3, I was legitimately excited to get out on the putting green and rolls this beauty. Whenever I get a new putter, I start with lag putting, it gives me such a great start on the feel and roll, but more so the sound due to the longer putting stroke. I was immediately impressed with the sound off the face of the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3. Typically, in my experience insert putters tend to have a softer sound which makes it hard to determine the strike on the face. The Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 had what I would describe as a solid yet smooth sound off the face. I sat here for about an hour or so trying to be creative to describe this sound while using non-golf items, and the closest thing I came up with is the sound of dropping a book on hardwood floor. It’s a solid sound, not high pitched, and smooth. 

Over my golf career I have never gamed an insert putter for longer than a round or two, the reason for that is the feel. Yes, I know some of you may be raising your eyebrows on this statement. But for me majority of insert putters feel way to soft and make it hard to control distance and roll. When I first started rolling the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 the feel was refreshing for an insert design. It felt like apple pie, soft but with a little crispness when struck off the center of the face. However, moving across the face, you could tell if you hit it closer to the toe or heel. Some people may not enjoy that feel however, for myself I do enjoy a putter where I can estimate the result based from the feel.

I would have to say that the sound was slightly more muted versus my Seemore PTM2, but the feel was just as solid when compared to the milled head of my gamer. 

All said and done in regard to the sound and feel, and no pun intended, I touched on it earlier that I believe these two characteristics play a large role into your perceived performance of a putter. The moment I started rolling this beauty on the putting green I had inflated confidence with it… but would that translate to the on-course performance?

Basic Characteristics (19 out of 20 points

Over my golfing career I would consider myself a very accurate putter. I tend to see a line and whether it is the correct line or not I often hit it. Would I judge the Tommy Armour as a better putter for accuracy, I would have to lean toward the not so much. However, the putter did not hinder any accuracy on my putts. 

Once I got the Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 on the putting green, distance control is where it truly shined through. Especially with my past experiences with insert putters in the past, where I had difficulty judging the speed and distance due to them being too soft off of the face. Like previously stated the first few rolls I had with this putter were from distance, and right off the bat I was putting putts within 18 inches with ease.

When you research the specifications of the Tommy Armour Impact No.3 you will see that the head has a weight of 365 grams. For me this is outside of my usual preference as I have played blade putters that fell into the 345-350 gram range. Just swinging the putter without hitting a ball, the difference in weight was noticeable. But adding weight is just one aspect, it is how the company distributed the weight that played a role in how stable this putter was during the stroke. The fang head shape of this putter really provided incredible stability throughout the stroke. This helped to address an area that had been a weakness earlier this season, the putts inside 5 feet. This putter on the putting green felt automatic even when going around the hole in a circle.

In my opinion when of the less thought characteristics of a putter is the forgiveness across the face. I was extremely shocked to find that the Tommy Armour Impact No.3 was able to roll the ball a consistent distance across the face, while still providing feedback on a mishit. On the putting green I was only able to really practice on the green and fringe. The way the putter put a pure end over end roll on the ball allowed me to judge line and distance whether it was on the dance floor or the fringe. 

On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points)

After getting comfortable on the putting green with the Tommy Armour Impact No.3, it was time to see how it played in real situations. My initial round with this putter was an eye opener. As I was warming up on the putting green prior to getting on course my playing partner who is a little bit of a brand snob started to give me some flack that I would be playing with a Tommy Armour putter. His tone turned very quickly as the first on course putt that I hit was approximately a 20-foot left to right slider downhill, which is a break I tend to struggle with. A couple seconds of travel and the ball died into the hole with perfect speed. Let’s just say that he didn’t mention a single word about my putter brand the rest of the round. 

My typical group on the weekends consists of me and two buddies, all three of us played college golf together. So, a money game is very common, and after getting a lot of practice on the putting green and in my basement, this putter performed exactly how I expected it when the money started to add up.

The factors I was most pleased with on course were purity of roll and distance control. I can’t stress enough how much I had struggled with distance control due to feel with other insert putters, but Tommy Armour got it exactly right with this one. When I talk about purity of roll, I really think about this inside of 10 feet when the conditions of the green affect the roll less. I had stated that the stability of the putter through the stroke helped inside of 5 feet, and that just moves back when inside of 10 feet. When it comes to on course performance, I can honestly say there is not one thing I would have asked more of from this putter. It did everything I need it to and like with any club if you make a bad stroke it won’t perform as expected.

Over the last 8 weeks and 15 rounds I kept track of my total putter per round. With the Tommy Armour I averaged 28.4 putts per which is about 0.6 less than my year average with my Seemore PTM2. However, my scoring over the last few weeks has increased that is due to some struggles with my balls striking which is rare for me. A less scientific observation is the number of putts from distance (outside of 15ft) I made over the last few weeks versus what I had early in the year. When I got on the green, I had a newfound confidence. 

Going back to my Stage 1, I had preconceived ideas of what to expect from Tommy Armour and the Impact No.3. Yes, MyGolfSpy with its Most Wanted tests helped to change my impression but until you get the product in hand you will always be hesitant. But this putter in the simplest of terms, outperforms and ideas I had prior. If I could see three things changed for the next model of the Impact No.3 it would be to change the color scheme of the head, lose the gold! The second would be to provide a better quality headcover. And lastly, even though the Winn Grip is extremely nice and suits the look of the club it would be nice if they had an oversized grip option. 

Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points)

The Miscellaneous section I found quite interesting to be writing about when it came to the Tommy Armour Impact No.3. being what I would consider a house brand from Dick’s and Golf Galaxy we as testers didn’t have many options when selecting the putter like other testers would have with club tests. As well outside of signing up for UPS notifications we had no idea when this product shipped, or the order processed. I understand when purchasing from one of their distribution channels the consumer would be much better informed. With this said this is not where my lower grade comes in to play.


The two things that really warranted me giving this putter a bare minimum pass are packaging and quality. As per my Stage 1 photos you see the condition that the product was received by all the testers. Luckily, we were all surprised to find no damage to the putter. However, that could have easily gone the other way and as an average consumer there is nothing more frustrating when you have been excited to receive a new tool and not be able to use it due to damage from poor packaging. The second aspect is the quality of the headcover provided. The putter itself actually looks very well put together. However, after a few rounds the finish on the edges of the headcover was already flaking off. As well the Velcro on the headcover was already ripping out from its stitching. It would be nice to see a higher quality headcover that matches the quality the putter exudes. 

Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)


I really enjoyed writing this section, the guidelines stated that without money as a variable would you play this product. I find that funny because the cost of this putter is one of the reasons to play it. For $99 and sometimes even $79 when on sale I truly believe you are getting a putter that will perform just as well if not better than its competition at almost always 50% less. When purchasing my Seemore PTM2 the original price was nearly $300. After working with on the putting green and on course with both, the Tommy Armour Impact No.3 will be played for the rest of the year.


Simply put if you are looking for a stable, accurate, good looking putter you should not look past the Tommy Armour Impact No.3. MyGolfSpy Most Wanted tests have proven that this black beauty continues to perform all other players in the putter market at a fraction of the cost. The only Back-to-Back winner in MyGolfSpy history and rightfully so. In my experience over the last 8 weeks I rolled this putter than my current gamer, providing me confidence to make putts from anywhere on the green and slightly off of it. My only recommendation would be to spend $10-$20 on a new headcover that will last slightly longer.

Final Score: 90


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Stage 1 has been posted.  Testing is now in progress.  The TA3 is on vacation with me and being put through its’ paces.

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So first thing I have to say about this putter is how square it sits behind the ball. I feel I do not have to do any manipulation to square the face which had led to far more confidence on starting the ball on it's intended line. Through 2 rounds thus far I set a new low for putts in a round with 29 and have sank 3 putts over 20 feet.

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Got to play the other day, first full round with the TA3. No 3-putts and several good up and downs to save par. Total putts were not that different than before but 1-2 shots is still a great showing.

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So first thing I have to say about this putter is how square it sits behind the ball. I feel I do not have to do any manipulation to square the face which had led to far more confidence on starting the ball on it's intended line. Through 2 rounds thus far I set a new low for putts in a round with 29 and have sank 3 putts over 20 feet.

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Glad you’re liking it. I do find the putter very easy to line up but for some reason it feels like it sits just a hair open to me. I may have to go check my alignment in a mirror or something but felt as though I had to mention it.

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Interesting that you say that because I was messing around putting on a ruler today and hit a couple off center putts. The putts off the toe stayed relatively straight but off the heel fell off the ruler to the left. Both of those lead me to believe I was hitting with a more closed face (correct if I'm wrong on that though).

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I’m going to be brutally honest and say that my first impression of this club was

It looked cheap and didn’t deserve a second look.

Then I read the testing results and despite someone’s confirmation bias, they end up gaming it.

It’s really something to see how this has held up as a legitimate star. Excited to see how you guys tell your story through Stage 2.

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Interesting that you say that because I was messing around putting on a ruler today and hit a couple off center putts. The putts off the toe stayed relatively straight but off the heel fell off the ruler to the left. Both of those lead me to believe I was hitting with a more closed face (correct if I'm wrong on that though).

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Could just be me honestly

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