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Safe bet that, as a MGS Community Member, you're already aware that Gary Woodland just one the US Open.

I'm guessing you know that his victory gives Wilson credit for its first major since Padraig Harrington. You might also know about the PING metalwoods, Vokey and TaylorMade wedges, Cameron putter, and Titleist golf balls. 


The point is that Woodland played a mix of equipment, but nothing in his bag was as visible to everyone watching at home as his PUMA PWRADAPT Patriot Pack Golf Shoes. Woodland's shoes are part of PUMA Golf's Volition America collection and are slated for an October release.

For a very limited time...literally the next 10 hours and 15 minutes (as of 9:45 AM eastern time), you can pre-order Woodland's shoes.

The upside of pre-ordering now is that through July 4th, PUMA is doubling its contribution to Folds of Honor on everything sold from the Volition America Collection (which obvious includes the shoes).

Cool shoes...great cause.

If you're so inclined, click here to pre-order your Patriot Pack PWRADAPTs.




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Those shoes are sweet! It was really hard not to pull the trigger on them but I have way too many golf shoes as it is. Maybe I can just take a sharpie and color some stars and stripes on my current shoes. haha

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I went over to the site to have a look and of course they're sold out. If I had a game 1/4 of Woodland's game last week I'd not only buy the shoes but I'd find myself a pair of matching pair of pants to go with them. 

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