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Testers ANNOUNCED: Wilson Staff Junior and Teen Complete Sets

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This is great.  I just bought my daughter a new set in April or I would jump in.  Since she has a new set, I will refrain so others can benefit.  Staff is making waves in the equipment industry recently.  This is another solid step in getting them back to where they belong.

Good luck little Spy's!

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This is so exciting! I’ve been looking everywhere in used sports stores, eBay, golfwrx forums, garage sales, thrift stores. I could go out and buy myself new clubs for what I’d spend on a set of kids clubs. 
1. Charlie Hursh, Denver, CO
2. Zoë, 10
3. She just outgrew a Walter Hagen junior set. We have a couple of Golfmate Junior clubs that my cousins and I used 25 years ago. 
4. She wants the Lexi Thompson Cobra set because she loves Lexi. But all she really cares about is having clubs that fit her so she can actually play better. 
5. She secretly loves golf as long as I’m not the one teaching her. If she could go play by herself, maybe with friends, she’d be way more excited and interested. 
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1. Mike T, Nebraska
2. Joel T, age 6
3. Mix of Top Flight and a few other junior clubs
4. JGI Small
5. At 1 and a half he could hit a foam ball 20 yards with his plastic Walmart clubs.  He always asks on weekends if the golf store is open.  If we went every time him or his younger brothers asked I wouldn't have any money left.
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Chris, Texas

Audrey, age 10

Current clubs, Old set of McGregor Junior

Desired set Medium Purple right hand

Fun Fact: Going to golf camp at the end of July, considering dropping Dance classes for golf full-time. Great sense of humor and will help write the review, she is a fantastic writer. 


Driver: :titelist-small: TS3 9.5, Project X Hzrdus Smoke 6.0, +4 gram Surefit Weight

5-Wood: :callaway-small: Epic Flash Sub Zero, Project X Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 818 H1 19 Degree Tensei Red 70HY Stiff Flex

Irons: 4-PW :titelist-small: 718 AP3 Project X LZ 120gr 6.0 Shaft

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM6 52.12 F Grind, :vokey-small: SM7 48.10 F grind and 56.08 M Grind

Putter: :ping-small: B60


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1. Your Name and Location
  • Paul McGinn - Williamsport, PA
2. Junior’s Name and Age
  • Logan McGinn - 7
3. Junior’s Current clubs
  • Driver - USKG UL51
  • 3W - USKG UL51
  • Irons (5-PW) - USKG TS3-51
  • Wedges (52, 56, 60) - USKG TS3-51
4. Junior’s Desired Set
  • we are currently looking into Flynn Alto or VT Max clubs as a possibility. Reason being is the customization (grips, shafts, colors, etc.) that they allow. 
  • Eventually, as he grows and gets older we will look to test other major brands as they continue to develop junior clubs and eventually adult clubs. 
5. Fun fact about your Junior
  • Logan recently participated in our area’s biggest golf fundraiser to help raise money for Hope Enterprises by doing the “hire a future pro” challenge. Participants could hire him for $20 per team to hit a drive from the forward tees before hitting their drives from the back tees. After all 5 drives were hit, the foursome chose best ball. When I asked Logan how many groups used his ball he said “93% of them” lol. All in all, he helped raise $630 that morning! 



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1. Tom Schaefer, NY
2. Jake Schaefer, 11 yrs old
3. Callaway XJ
4. Large in blue, left handed
5. Plays on a local Jr. PGA golf team and loves the sport. I am certain he will be beating me in a few short years. 
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Brian Keelan Gilbert, AZ

beckham Age 4 (@yer_boy_becks)

US Kids golf 39 in (left handed)

JGI JUNIOR SMALL (left handed)

People love taking videos of Beckham because no one can believe he hits it as well as he does for his age. would rather watch golf than cartoons. Loves tiger and rickie. 



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1. Your Name and Location--Kyle Eisenberg,  Voorhees, NJ
2. Junior’s Name and Age--Abigail, 6
3. Junior’s Current clubs--mixed bag, usually much too big for her, whatever we find at the local clubs
4. Junior’s Desired Set--Profile JGI Junior Small (right hand)
5. Fun fact about your Junior--She loves to hang out with me and loves riding in the golf cart.  She's enthusiastic about going golfing with me, her uncle and cousin, but I've had trouble finding a set of clubs that fit her properly.  I bought a set online last year but they're way too big (as you can see in the picture) even though it said it was for 6-8 year olds.  

image1 (1).jpeg

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1. Dustin Garlinger - Fort Wayne, Indiana
2. Audrey - 7 years old
3. Driver, 5/6, 9/W and putter - Brand escapes me but they aren't great
4. Eventually I'd like to get her the Ping Prodi-G set
5. Audrey is just starting to pick up golf after seeing Tiger win the Masters and hearing me talk about how cool it was. Audrey is a very fun and creative kid. She loves superheroes and her favorite animals are wolves, tigers and sharks. She wants to be an artist and inventor when she grows up. 
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Steve Barrett, Las Vegas

Catherine, age 12 left handed

Topflite Junior


Catherine is into STEM classes and wants to be an astrophysicist.  Maybe first golfer on Mars😃?  BTW—she calls her driver “Thunder Kitty”


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“Golf does not build character, it reveals it”

  • Driver: Titleist 915 D2 9.5* Diamana D+ 60 stiff
  • Fairway: Titleist 913F Diamana D+82 stiff
  • Hybrid: Titleist 913H Diamana D+92 stiff
  • Irons: Titleist AP1 714 Aerotech i95 stiff
  • Wedges: Volkey SM5 50*55*60* True Temper S300
  • Putter: Tour X
  • Ball: Snell MTB
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  • Guests
Guest agrzesko11
1. TJ Grzeskowiak, Adrian Michigan
2. Scott Grzeskowiak, 6
3. Left handed U.S. Kids Golf driver, hybrid, wedge, putter
5. No matter the score, if he putts less than I do he thinks he wins the hole! He's been loving watching videos of Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson since he's a lefty too
Our last outing he drained a 20ft putt and almost got his first legit par on a Par 4! Just needs his distance to pick up a bit!
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1) Brian S, Blaine, MN

2) Andrew, age 6

3) Currently plays a US Kids used set

4) Would need the Wilson Purple set (he's 53")

5) He went out golfing for the first time this spring, and is a natural just like his parents.

Ping G400 LST 8.5 w/ AD-MT 6S
Ping G400 3W w/ AD-MT SR
Ping G400 5W
TM M4 HL 5 wood
Ping G400 4 and 5 hybrids
Ping G700 7-U, Recoil F4 Smackwrap
Ping Glide 2.0 54*, TM 58* Hi-Toe
Evnroll ER9.2
Garmin S6 GPS watch
Snell MTB

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1. Jeff, Utah
2. Nate, 3 years old (almost 4)
3. Wood and iron Tour X, putter Top Flite
4. Red set, right handed
5. He loves to go to the range and putting green with me and he always asks me to golf out in the backyard. Lately more and more balls are going over the fence as he's getting the hang of his swing. I like to just let him go out and swing. For the most part it's all him, I help out a bit with where his hands and feet go, but he just loves to swing away.


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1. Shinya Wakai, Sarasota, FL 

2. Eita Wakai, 6yo

3. A cutdown set of my older set. 


5. My son, Eita went to the driving range together with me.Then he told me he wanted to do it together. He now uses my old set, but he wants a new set. And he's a big fan of Gary Woodland.


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1. Austin, TN
2. Beckham, 4.5
3. US Kids 39' Driver/7/PW/Putter
4. Small/Red
5. He's had 3 pars this year ranging from 109-121 and he begs to go play just about every day!


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Driver: Ping G30 9*, Aldila Rogue 859

3 Wood: Ping G 14.5*, ProjectX Blue

2 Hybrid: Nike VR Pro 18*, Aldila Voodoo SVR8

Irons: TaylorMade RSi TP

Wedges: TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF

Putter: Odyssey O-Works Black 1

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David Kleck  Houston, Texas

Gabrielle we call her "Gabbi"  she will be twelve years in August, 5'2" and right handed.

Callaway XJ Golf Club Set ( In Pink of course)


Gabbi is a straight A student and will entering 7th Grade in August. She has been in Dance classes since she was 3 years old and has been golfing with me and her Grandpa since that age as well. She is a very good putter! She started taking tennis lessons this summer and would like to be on the girls golf team in High School.

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:cobra-small: SpeedZone Pars and Stripes 9.5* Driver 14gm weight in back, VENTUS Blue 6-R set to +1* draw.

:cobra-small: 14.5* Fairway,  18.5* Fairway, 22.5* Fairway.  All with Tensei CK Blue R set to +1* draw.

:titleist-small:  816H1 27* Hybrid w/ Diamana Blue Board 70 HY Stiff Shaft

:cobra-small: SpeedZoneONE 5 + 6   KBS Tour 80 R

:cobra-small: SpeedZoneONE 7, 8, 9  KBS Tour 90 R                                     

:cobra-small: SpeedZoneONE P, G, S  KBS Wedge

:cobra-small: King Black ONE 60*  VO8*      True Temper Dynamic Gold Black

 Lamkin Crossline Cord Connect Black Mid-size plus 2 wraps

:cameron-small:  Special Select Newport 2  34" :scotty-small: Matador grip               :Arccos:                                                                                                                                                               

:titleist-small:  -ProV1x  Align XL  

 All in a :cobra-small:  Masters Staff Bag  or  SpeedZone stand bag

#COBRACONNECT CHALLENGE 4  The ONLY One Length Contestant!

Tested :bridgestone-small: Prototype Balls       Tour B RXS                Tested:image.png.8e77a45b1fe8c9cfb7c2a61386f855a5.pngBlack Cat irons 5 - PW UST Mamiya Recoil Graphite Regular +0.5" 1* upright                

 BirdieBall Outdoor Putting Green                                 



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Joel Nicolas-Pacifica, CA
2. Matthew, 8
3. Nitro Golf-Youth Crossfire 
4. Profile JGI Small Red
5. Enthusiastic about the game of golf. Was introduced to the game through the First Tee of San Francisco. Moved from the Intro to Par to Par 2 (skipped a level through certification). Will be playing more on course this summer. 
I’ve never seem him so interested, confident, and enthusiastic when it comes to any sport or activity. Loves to practice and is very knowledgeable about his swing and clubs. I also value this opportunity because it is an activity we can both do together.  Matthew is also a very big fan of TopGolf! We have been to various locations in California, Virginia, Nevada, and Oregon. 


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16 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

It’s a very Wilson week, and for good reason.  Gary Woodland wins the US Open (62 total for Wilson), #SpyStaffSlam, D7 irons testers announced, and now, we’re about to do a test that has never been done before: Junior Clubs.  Kids are the future and we should invest effort into giving them the best possible opportunity to succeed.  Wilson’s line of Junior clubs covers all ages and we’re looking for representation from each age group to test and keepa set of Wilson Junior Clubs.  



Ages 13+: Profile SGI Teen




Now, do we expect these juniors to write up reviews?  Absolutely not.  It’s hard enough to get them to do their homework!  This is where you, the forum member, comes into play. We’re seeking sponsors willing to work through the review with their prospective future stars.  This could be any parent, relative, neighbor, friend, teacher, etc that can guide our junior testers through the process and write the review on their behalf.  The template will be shorter and simpler to make it easier on everyone but the work still needs to get done.


This opportunity is open to both Boys and Girls, Right and Left handed residing in the US.  The usual requirement of an active forum account with profile picture applies to the sponsor.  To apply, post a comment to this thread containing the following information:

1. Your Name and Location
2. Junior’s Name and Age
3. Junior’s Current clubs
4. Junior’s Desired Set
5. Fun fact about your Junior


To learn more about these sets, make your way over to the Wilson website HERE for the Junior sets or HERE for the Teen


Hello my name is Johnny Mendoza from Whittier California.

-My daughters name is Isabella “fearless” Mendoza 8years old

-She is using US kids clubs

-Desired set is rights handed 48-50 (blue or purple)

-She has been playing since 4  1/2





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1. Your Name and Location - Duncan, Scottsdale AZ
2. Junior’s Name and Age - Abi, 9
3. Junior’s Current clubs - MacGregor Tourney Jnr
4. Junior’s Desired Set - Medium/Purple Lefty
5. Fun fact about your Junior - Doggie-loving, joie de vivre little Taz who loves her sports and activities.

abi n luna.png

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