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Taylormade M6 D-Type Driver

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I just want to show some love for the D-Type drivers. I recently purchased an M6 D-Type after testing various drivers and it has quickly become my favorite club in the bag. I came from an M2 driver which was a really good driver, however, my miss is on the heal with an open face to path which led me to having a lot of push fades every round as well as cutting 30-50 yards off my driving distance. I tested several drivers and settle on the M6 because the heavy weight in the heel really made a difference to reigning in my push-fade. Now if i make that miss hit the shot is simply a push due to club face being neutral to closed at impact. No loss major loss of distance other than the ball being off line. This club has completely changed my game off the tee, now longer am i scared to make a swing, hit and hope. Now i am more confident on the tee box, and can swing free knowing that a mishit wont murder the hole for me.

I do want to take the time and put a DISCLAIMER, this d-type driver is not a cure all. I bad swing will still lead to a bad shot/slice. There is no cure all in golf but there are clubs and technology that can help us out. I never hear many club reviewers talk about draw type or anti-slice drivers. Nor do I hear many players talk about them either. Maybe because there is a stigma against the drivers 🤔. But for those who have the heel side mishit, I would encourage y’all to try a d-type or anti-slice driver.

Notes: I tried an M5 with one weight in the back and another in the heel like my M6 should have, however, the M5 did not have the same shot shape correction that the M6 did. Also, I tried the Ping G410    SFT but did not like the feel of it. Head looked big and felt heavy. The ping did completely eliminate the right side of the fairway for me however i was now hitting massive hooks. Not to say that the Ping wouldn’t work for someone else, it just didn’t work for me.

Anyway I just wanted to bring up the topic, be selfish and talk about my favorite club. Thank you to those who read this, y’all are the best, don’t ever change!


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