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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid

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The Tour Edge CBX119 Hybid has made regular appearances in the winners circle on the PGA Tour Champions this year and is a staple in Scott MCCarron's bag. 

Will it find a permanent home in the bags of MyGolfSpy Forum members.  Well four lucky members will be putting it in play over the next 4 to 6 weeks and will be reporting their thoughts on it during the entire process as well as writing a comprehensive review at the end.  

Today they get things started with their Stage 1 reviews, so you can get some initial impressions of the looks of the club and find out about their games to which spy might have a similar game to you. 



@fozcycle                         Stage 1                           Stage 2               

@dhartmann34                Stage 1                            Stage 2

@bens197                        Stage 1                            Stage 2

@MattF                            Stage 1                             Stage 2

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Stage Two - Tour Edge CBX119 Hybrid– Official MGS Forum Review by Fozcycle


Well, its been a few weeks since the CBX119 was placed in my golf bag.  Please note, that it has been in play for the entire time.  I have been shooting in the low to mid 80’s (Handicap is 17.2).


Looks ( 9 out of 10 points)


● The General Shape is that of a pear or tear drop.

● There are no graphics on the head, so there is no alignment aide on the top of the club.  This is okay by me as I can focus on the ball.

● The shaft is the Project X Evenflow.  Although this shaft is heavier than my other hybrids, 85 gr as compared to 50 gr, I have gotten used to it and like the feel.  The white/red/blue graphics looks amazing against the black club head.

  • I have a plethora of hybrids, but none as striking as the CBX119



I put the CBX119 to the test against my other hybrids….after about 100 shots, in random order, the CBX119 was the most consistent in the middle the driving range.




  • The White/Red/Blue accents on the bottom of the club give it a distinct clean look.


Sound & Feel ( 7 out of 10 points)


● There is no distinct sound when hit in the sweet spot as others have, but believe me, you know when you hit the sweet spot. It is a soft, clean feeling.

● When hit off the heel or toe, the hit sounds more like a thud.


Basic Characteristics ( 15 out of 20 points)


From Tour Edge website:  To Design the new Exotics CBX 119 fairway metal, the Tour Edge R&D team combined the shapes of the original CBX with the more compact, deeper-face CBX T3 model to create the ultimate fairway metal shape.


By combo brazing a titanium cup face to a stainless steel body combined with carbon fiber on the sole, Master Club Designer David Glod and the R&D team saved 25% of the weight of the clubhead to use towards CG manipulation.


With a goal of further reducing spin off of the metalwoods already known as “The Spin Killers”, the Speed Ramp Sole was widened by 15% to create higher MOI and an even higher CG. The higher CG helped to reduce spin even more than in the previous iteration and creates more wind-defying distance out of what had already tested as the longest fairway metal on the market.


What does all this mean?  This club was designed to be a basic ball striker that will work off the Tee, Fairway or Rough.  There are no adjustments to be made such as Loft or Weight.   This club was designed to be pulled from the bag and hit.




On-Course Performance ( 28 out of 30 points)


*Note:  I have no idea what the “282 longest” is.

At my club, there are a couple holes where the Senior Tees require a drive less than my 200-210 yards.  For those, I have been selecting the Tour Edge CBX119 #4 Hybrid.  I have a smart range of 166, yet I should be at 180 for this 4 hybrid.  I am not quite getting the distance that I need, but keep trying.  Currently, it is the rainy season so the course plays short do to the wet conditions.  The shot flight is a mid trajectory.


With my fairway accuracy at 68%, I feel pretty confident that I can keep the ball in play.  There are many times that I reach for the 4 hybrid to get me out of trouble in the trees.  The CBX119 handles the chip outs nicely.

Final Performance Comments:

Pressure – The #18 hole at my club is a 340 yard, Par 4 with a dogleg right and a creek(Pebble Creek) crossing the fairway at the 50 yard mark(from the green).  On the left there is water, then woods at the dogleg.  There is woods and water(swampy) all the way down the right.  The driver is not a good option unless you can hit a baby fade every time.  The more conservative approach is either a fairway wood or hybrid to about 140-100 yards out.  As the last hole, there is pressure to get it right, so the #4 Hybrid has been my weapon of choice, usually leaving me with a 125 yard shot to the middle of the green.  The CBX119 has built confidence in my game so that I know it is the right club.

I have been very pleased to get a straight flight or slight draw from this hybrid, because my others all tend to draw.

I was somewhat taken back by the lack of lighter shafts, 50 to 65 grams, as an option.  Both optional shafts from Tour Edge are 85 grams.

Miscellaneous ( 8 out of 10 points)

I have bounced back and forth with two different sets of irons this summer, Cobra F8 and Hogan Ptx.  Both have their positives. I have also traded out my Driver, Cobra F8 versus Callaway Rogue.  What does this have to do with the CBX119?  Nothing, except that the CBX119 has been in the bag and used with both iron sets.  At this point, the #4 Hybrid has been a standard in my bag this Summer, not because of the review, but because it has earned the spot.

Play it or Trade it? ( 20 out of 20 points)

Definitely “Play It”…..the CBX119 is a solid hybrid that can be depended on whether you are on the Tee, in the Fairway or in the Rough.

Final Score : ( 84 out of 100 points)

I know this sounds a bit low, but no club is perfect and this definitely was a club that earned its spot in my bag.  There you have it!  


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Stage 1

Oh Hey There!

Hey all, my name is Derek (Dhartmann34). Very happy to be helping review the Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119. I haven’t carried a hybrid in a few years as I always had trouble hitting my previous one left and I never really had a ton of confidence in it. So it’ll be interesting to get one back in the bag and start giving it a go. 



As for me, I've played high school and college golf and continue to play local competitions.. I am located in the north eastern Illinois, about 10 miles from the Wisconsin border. A lot of my golf is played at a local municipal course which is about 6,200 yards and very tight. If you're going to hit driver/3 wood, you need to be really straight, otherwise you'll find trees, water, and OB. Greens usually run 8-9. My strengths tend to be from 150 yards and in. I struggle off of the tee, although that part of my game has gotten better in the past couple of years which is why my handicap is hovering around 2. I think like most folks, I’m probably using driver more than I should. My 3 wood is primarily used off of the tee on shorter par 4’s and I’m a bit more consistent that my driver, but I wouldn’t say a ton. My crossover has been used a lot off of the tee, but also on long approach shots from the rough. I like the iron like shaped head, which gives me a little more confidence out of the rough. Especially the longer rough as it seems it has done nothing but rain here since the beginning of April.

With golf, I REALLY enjoy the challenge of getting better. There's not a ‘ perfect game' and it's fun to know that there's always something to work towards. I enjoy sitting on the range and in the short game areas in the late evening and just working on different things, or trying to better what I currently do. It's heaven for me. It's my calm. And with a 2.5 month old child, it’s even more valuable to me these days. 


Quick Bag Check

My bag setup comes from a fitting with Club Champion and is all the same as when I began 2018. I tend to stick to the same things for a while. I’m not one for always getting something new and shiny. 

Driver - Ping G400 (SP - 107-110) with Diamana Kai'li 60 X-Flex

Fairway - Ping G400 3 Wood with Diamana Kai'li 60 X-Flex

Irons -  Ping G400 Crossover 3 (19*) (Being Replaced by the Exotics CBX 119 19*)

             Titleist 718 AP3 (4 - 5) and AP2 (6 - PW)

Wedges - Scor 50, 54 and 58

*All irons/wedges with TT Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issued S400 shafts*

Putter - Scotty Cameron ProPlatinum Newport Two Midslant (-3.5* loft)


You’ll notice the PING G400 line at the top of my bag. I find the G400 line of the woods to be pretty easy to hit and fairly forgiving. I love the look, sound and feel. Feel is EVERYTHING in my game. If the club doesn’t feel good to me, I might as well trade it because I’ll never be able to hit it well. Yes it’s mental, but it is what it is.  I tend to hit the ball fairly high, so a mid launching shaft is what I stick with. As you can see from the pictures of the CBX shaft, I’ve stuck with an X flex to hopefully get that nice mid flight I’m used to. And I have to say, I love the “Assembled in the USA” sticker. I’ll be leaving that on, just because I want to! 


Now That The CBX 119 Hybrid Is In My Hands

First thing I did when I received the club was change the grip. I’m used to playing a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Midsize grip so that’s what I went with. The stock grip is less that ideal in my opinion so I’m guessing most folks would end up changing it no matter what. This is pretty standard with any manufacturer these days unfortunately. But it is what it is. 

First thing I notice is the color. I LOVE the color of the EVENFLOW shaft. Just a thing of beauty to look at. The color of the head is shiny...very shiny. Which concerns me a little bit as I’m used to the matte black color of the G400 line. Looking down at the club, I wonder if the sun will bounce off and blind me during play. With all the rain we’ve been getting, I haven’t really been able to find out yet. But I can definitely say, it could be an issue that some folks may not enjoy….although easily fixed with some tape or pain. 

Technology wise ((Short Tech Video Explaining Features- CLICK HERE!! ), the CBX 119 hybrid is aiming to have less spin, with a better launch and great stopping power. This is of course useful in many situations on the course. I’d find it especially useful for longer par 3’s, or when I’ve got a longer shot into a par 4. Really not into a ball rolling over the green in that situation. They’ve also put thinner and thicker points on the face which is interesting. techlayer2.jpg.8655b8ae56bc990879e0133cc3652829.jpg This aims to make off center hits more forgiving, which considering most folks are hitting their hybrid in a situation where it’s supposed to be going a decent length and probably not a ton of space to miss, forgiveness will be key. And then the “Speed Ramp” sole which will in my opinion, help the club act more like an iron in terms of interaction with the ground, so chunky shots are a little less likely. Tour Edge also talks about how they made the head a little shorter, but gave it a deeper face. I absolutely LOVE the concept as I have felt past hybrids have had too much width to them….and the deeper face gives me a little vote of confidence that I’ll get down to the ball in the rough and get a good strike. Lots of clubface to hit. 


Setup looks really good on this club. It feels square in my hands and gives me a little bit of confidence…. probably just because it truly does look so good! 



So What’s The Goal Here?

To give you the best review I can of course....and for you to ask me as many questions as you'd like! 

But also, I want to see the CBX 119 kick my G400 Crossover out of my bag. I want it to give me a reason to put that sucker in the classifieds or sell it to my dad that has been eyeing it for a long while now. It’s great for me off of the tee, especially when I make a good swing. It’s fairly decent out of the rough and hit or miss off of the fairway. So to beat it out the CBX is going to need to perform well in all of these categories and give me the confidence that when I pull it on a tough shot in the State or County open, I’m going to get the results that I’m expecting. In my mind, that’s a mid trajectory with fairly quick stopping power and consistent distance. I need a club that’ll be in the 225-235 range like my G400 19* Crossover tries to fill…. and most importantly, as I touched on before, I need to have a club that isn’t going to go left on me as my past hybrids have tended to do which is obviously my own doing, but I think there’s something about hybrids that give me the ability to send it left easier. Is it in my head? In my swing? Probably both. But we’ll see what happens with this one! And I’m hoping the sound and feel are acceptable for me. I like a very ‘solid’, firm, but not hard, non-metal pingy feel when I hit a club square….which is why I like the G400 line as they realy fixed that from the G line they had. But I also don’t want that ‘metal’ sound either. You know, that high pitched, annoying one where you pray for the guy to be done with his balls at the range so he’ll go away sound? 🙂

The CBX Hybrid is going to get a lot of work in. Thankfully I’ve got a range I can hit unlimited balls at and at times have a launch monitor I can hopefully get some numbers off of. We tend to play at least 45 holes each week, 36 on the weekend and 9 during our league on Mondays. So that’ll certainly be a good place to give the club it’s repetitions. 

It’s usually pretty tough to kick something out of my bag. I don’t like to get rid of clubs as I feel I need some consistency and obviously as I’ve said before, in 95% of the situations, it’s the indian, not the arrow. But with this testing opportunity, it’s a soap opera love triangle going on now! I’ve got 2 love interests that I have the option to keep in my golf life, but only 1 can stay. Will the G400 Crossover maintain it’s stronghold of over 1.5 years? Or will the CBX 119 Hybrid come in and steal my heart? Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the golf bag turns…..”

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Stage Two - Tour Edge CBX 119– Official MGS Forum Review by Derek H (Dhartmann34)

So for this testing, as I think I’ve mentioned in my comments after my stage 1, I’ve used the CBX 119 extensively in both rounds and practice. I scratched the G400 Crossover from my bag because I wanted to give it a full go. I had at least 10 range sessions where I was able to put it through a variety of situations...off a tee, off the ground, out of the rough and from a tight lie. Thankfully my range offers the ability to have all of these lies. Being that my home course is on the shorter side, I do tend to hit a lot more irons or in this case hybrids off of the tee. So it got a lot of use there. And then of course, if you look through the thread, you can see where I used it a bit around a green from the rough and tighter lies to just bump and run the ball towards the hole. The club certainly has gone through its paces during the time I’ve had it. 
Looks (9 out of 10 points)

I’m pretty sure that almost anyone that picks the CBX 119 up will agree that it’s a beautiful club. It sits nice. The head is stylish, yet on the conservative side, especially with the colors. I think it is very similar to a lot of hybrids in the category in terms of look. Although I will say that I think it sets nicer on the ground with the shorter heel to toe length and deeper top to bottom face. 

My only downside for the club is that the top is SUPER SUPER shiny. It’s extremely shiny when looking at it in the sun...which I’m not a fan of. While it didn’t seem to blind me during my swing, I found that it was kind of annoying when taking the head cover off or trying to get ready to get set to swing the club. I’d prefer a matte finish or while I like the black color, something that doesn’t give that shiny look. 


Sound & Feel (8 out of 10 points)

When hitting solid shots with the 119, I think it gives a good sound. It’s got a tiny bit of a clink to it, but not something that is annoying or that your playing partners would make fun of you for. While I prefer a tad more muted sound, I think hybrids in general tend to have the same clink sound to them, so in this case, the CBX is right on par. 


In regards to feel, Tour Edge has done great. Solid shots are soft, with a feeling I can only describe as ‘fulfilling’. It really is a great overall experience when you hit the center of the club face….and not just with a premium ball. I got the same from rock hard range balls as I did premium balls. Again, these are center strikes. 

When I think about the misses on the heel, the feel was still pretty decent, but there was a little more of a vibration done to it and a little more clink. Wasn’t clunky or something that I’d say is alarming. I’ll just say it’s noticeable, which honestly, I think you want because that feedback is important. 

And then there are the toe shots. The toe tends to be the place where I miss when I miss with a hybrid. It’s that evil spot I know I don’t want to be,  but it happens and I deal with it. With the CBX 119, the toe misses are easy to feel. They aren’t solid or soft. They are clunky and dead, like hitting a pinata with a plastic straw. It feels like you are losing all the energy and that the ball isn’t going to go anywhere.  When I hit it out there, I had a fear of “Oh boy, it’s gonna go left and it’s going to be short”. And while that’s the feeling I got on the toe misses, the performance didn’t suffer anywhere near as what I thought in my head. And at times, it actually ended up in much better places than I ever would have guessed. So on a positive note, it may perform better than I expected in those instances, it takes away a little bit of the fact that you know exactly what to expect when you hit those toe misses. 

So I think overall the CBX 119 has a pretty decent feel and a good sound when hit on the center, but the off center hits leave a tad more to be desired. Although I do have to say that I think most hybrids I’ve ever tried or played have had the same issue…… 

Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points)
Looking at characteristics, I think so much depends on the type of player you are. Being a fairly low handicap, but having a weakness of ball striking, I think the characteristics I talk about are certainly going to be more relevant to those in the 10 - 20 handicap range because our ball striking is probably in the same realm. But the good will be magnified much more if you're an even better ball striker, which is always a positive.
Accuracy – I’d say accuracy is more of a characteristic of your overall swing. With the 119, the ball was in the general vicinity of where I was aiming. The misses were usually further than I thought they would be. And oftentimes, the ball would end up in a better place than I had expected. So definitely a win here. 
Distance – The 119 provided distance that I was and wasn’t expecting. I was expecting to be able to hit it 240-245 off of the tee and good hits were certainly going that far and a handful were in the 260 range at times! I wasn’t expecting to be able to hit it 240+ off of the ground and I saw far more than I had ever expected. Great to have that type of distance on a par 4 or into a par 5. 
Trajectory – I found trajectory was mid to high for me. I really enjoy how it comes off of the face out of the rough. There was a beautiful sound and flight and that has certainly been my favorite place to hit it from. Off of the tee, I did experience a little bit higher flight...but that’s what you expect when you have the advantage of teeing it up. I had a few other higher handicaps hit it a few times and they said it was fairly similar to the hybrids they already game in terms of the trajectory. 
Forgiveness – The forgiveness in this club comes on both high and low somewhat center hits. The ball still goes the expected distance and doesn’t stray which is nice. Hell hits are still going about the expected distance and staying near the fairway. My toe misses is where I saw forgiveness, but nothing extraordinary. With those it was a bit of distance loss and of course my dreaded left hook. The toe and I have never been friends and there’s probably not many of us that can say different.. 
Workability –  Shot shaping is certainly possible with this club. Thankfully I found it fairly easy to hit straight or a little bit of a cut. Trying to draw it for me almost always ended up in a hook that really didn’t benefit me. This is more than likely certainly me and my swing. 
Adjustability – No adjustability on this….which takes any extra guesswork out of it. Grip it and rip it! 
Playability – This is where I love talking about this club. The CBX 119 is great off of all surfaces. It’s great off of the tee...especially with the deeper face. Tee it up a little bit and let it fly. No worries. Out of the rough is where I think it shines. The head is small and the face is deep so it flies through the thick rough, even when wet (it’s been a wet year in Illinois) and fires the ball out of the rough. Honestly, this has been the absolute best part of this club. I LOVE it out of the rough and I can’t say that enough. Nothing but confidence that I will have a solid strike and good outcome when my ball is sitting down. And I think that can benefit a LOT of golfers….high and low handicaps. It’s fun to hit little chip and runs around the green...or even out of hard sand bunkers. Mine only has 19* of loft, so obviously a little more lofted version may work even better.

A few videos you might enjoy...





On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points)

If you’re looking for a club to consistently execute a shot to your ability, the CBX 119 is it. The feel is great and the performance goes along with it. I found that if I needed to hit a shot in the 220-240 range, I had no qualms about pulling this club and making it happen. It’s beautiful to look at (besides that glare I talked about) and really nice to swing….especially on those center hits….high and low.

Pressure – Besides normal rounds, I’ve used the club in a few tournaments and during my league play and I haven’t had any situations that I’ve been afraid to pull it out and let it fly. Have those shots always been perfect? No. But the club did what I expected with the swings that I had and that’s what builds confidence in my opinion. 
What factors were you pleased with? The feel of fairly good strikes and the play out of the rough is where this club shines. I’ve mentioned that before. It’s GREAT out of the rough folks. 
What factors did you find lacking? I think the only lacking thing I found is that it can certainly go left…. But in my experience, that’s hybrids in general for me unfortunately.
Overall, how did it perform? The club performed a bit better than I expected overall. The deeper face and shorter heel to toe are really nice features. Less places to miss and great for those players that tend to miss high or low on the club face. 
Did it help improve your scores? My handicap has held steady this year so I can’t say it improved my scores. But I have hit 12 par 5’s in 2 in 2019 and 6 of those have been with the CBX 119. That’s an improvement of only 4 in all of 2018. 
How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of the OEM? I’ve always had a good impression of Tour Edge in terms of their their fairways woods/hybrids, but I think this version of the hybrid is a great improvement and something I’d like to see them continue to use this technology in other items. I wouldn’t question buying from them in the future.
What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? Not sure I’d change much. If there was a little better feel on off center hits, I couldn’t complain, but that’s asking for a lot. And as I said before, I don’t like the shiny look. I’d rather have a matte black finish. 


Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)

So a few little things about the CBX 119…. It was well liked by the folks that saw it. Some commented on the headcover and how it was sleek. Others commented on the modern look of the head. There were others that really loved the color combo of the shaft and head. I really love the overall look of the club in general. There’s no crazy flashy parts to it. It’s simple, calm and straight forward. While I don’t like how much glare there is off of the crown, I can really get behind the look, especially when there is no sunshine. 

Should it stay or should it go now? (20 out of 20 points)

This club has definitely found a spot in my bag. I love that I can use it off of the tee and expect to find myself in or around where I was hoping to be. I really like that I can use it into par 5’s. Being on or near those in 2 really helps a round. With my G400 I had some success, but nowhere near what I have with the CBX 119. I love the smaller head and the way it gets through the rough. The G400 crossover comes nowhere close in those areas. 

And I think in general, this club could be for anyone. It’s fairly easy to hit. You can hit it essentially anywhere on the middle 3rd of the face (high, middle or low) and get a pretty great result. It goes through the rough pretty well. And while the toe shots didn’t provide me with what I would call desirable results, I also have to say that I’m not sure many clubs, hybrids, irons or woods, would. INTheBag.thumb.jpg.01b4b65adba89cf7d88b7800c9058bac.jpg


Final Score: (91 out of 100 points)

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Stage 2 brings me to a point where I am satisfied with this club. After a half dozen range sessions, nights at the former golf course turned public park behind my parents home and another 10 rounds of golf I’ve been able to give this an honest run. It’s been fun to put this through the paces and watch it shake out my proclivity towards keeping a neat bag.





What I mean by that is I have never cared for a cluttered and clogged golf bag. The top section of my bag was always a driver, fairway and a putter, it looked neat and organized and despite my compulsions, I can set that aside for a club that makes my life easier. Quirky? Yup.

Looks (8 out of 10 points)

Out of the box this felt like a very sturdy and well-built product. I was pleased with the weight and how balanced it felt during my first impression. As I mentioned in Stage 1, Tour Edge built a club that gave me the first impression that it truly felt like a $250 club. At address it looks like a hybrid with a narrower rear to face profile. Many traditional hybrid clubs have a very rounded back edge and straddle the line between fairway wood and hybrid. The difficulties I had swinging a hybrid until this club have always been attributed to confusion in how to swing them. I could not convince myself to take an iron style swing with a club that looked like a fairway wood. Tour Edge changed this for me and the looks have inspired confidence. I really enjoy the versatility around the course. Out of the rough, off a clean fairway or a first cut it is a solid club that makes solid contact. The results are consistent and I know that I can trust it from a squirrelly lie. A lot of my time is spent behind my parents home at a course turned park. During off-hours I’ll bring 3-4 rocks or scuffed balls and give myself some difficult shots.








Sound & Feel (6 out of 10 points)

The sound and feel of this club left me with something to be desired. If it were a test that were merely on this criteria, I would likely not continue to play it. It reminds me of a DCI Starship fairway sound with the feel of a metal spatula hitting a frying pan. There are more pro’s than con’s for me that will keep this in play but the sound and feel are not this clubs strong suit. There is a strong gear effect that I will hit on later; toe hits recover well but you’re kindly reminded that you missed the center of the face. I have purposefully tried to miss this club across the face and despite a very unkind feel, the result is consistent and routinely finds the fairway.


Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points)

In my experience, this club is a straight shooter. It provides a penetrating flight that has been engineered to correct off-center strikes. I’ve been within my target on nearly all shots despite a few poor swings. My goal with this 17* head was to hit it between 230-240 in order to gap between my 3 iron and 3 wood. Another check mark in the success column. It’s been slightly longer off the tee but that isn’t a surprise to anyone. I like that it is a fixed/epoxied head into a hosel without adjustments. While I would appreciate a more upright club, its a throwback to clubs a decade ago where you worked with what you had. This club does not require tinkering, its well-engineered and its clear that it was designed to keep the ball in play. It looks as if it was designed to fit a better player by design. Narrower face to rear profile and a taller face both raise COG and move it forwards. This design does limit the forgiveness, however the sole has been designed to ride along turf without digging. They’re not necessarily rails like you’d see on a Cobra, rather a design to just offer some guidance through contact. Each of these factors complement each other well in a very well performing hybrid.


On-Course Performance (28 out of 30 points)

How many of you play golf with a guy or gal who have that one club that they just pop down the fairway without even thinking? Set it down, swing and go and the ball just goes straight towards the target...That club has found my bag.




I can honestly say that this club wow’ed me. The gear effect was a prevalent force in helping me on off-center strikes. Toe balls would travel about 5-10% shorter but would almost always find their way back to the target. Heel balls stayed low and ran like an old persimmon. It was actually amusing to hit the low runners; I can’t tell you if I have ever been able to do that with a metal club. Hybrid clubs have eluded me for years and I did not have high hopes for this model. I can keep this portion simple and just say that this club has not let me down. Off the tee I’ve been able to play a straight ball, a soft cut or a sweeping hook without issue. Approach shots played approximately 5-15 yards less in distance which makes sense, but did not have any ill-effect on my play. One constant is that my ballflight with the CBX119 is low. I have a tendency to hit a high arching ball even with high kick heavy weighted shafts. This was a pleasant surprise to me for holes that I play into the wind. It maintains a nice 230-240 yard distance which is precisely what I had hoped for. I chose the 17* degree and in retrospect, I would not change a thing.


Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points)

The product arrived sturdily packaged in a box that would make the anal retentive chef blush.




Once opened it was a kind reminder that this was a well-built product from a company that has been near the forefront of innovation. I remember Tour Edge from the early 2000’s when I was in the golf business and they were always a company that built quality products that would not empty your wallet. The quality of this build rivals any of the top tier manufacturers in the industry.

Play it or Trade it? (19 out of 20 points)

I could easily tout this product as amazing, pretend to hold it for a while and then dump it on eBay. Walking in blind, I had no idea that this would actually fulfill a gap in my bag and earn my trust. I am honest when I say that this club is the real deal, for me. It does not sound great, it’s not the most forgiving on the market (Thank you well-timed MGS best hybrid 2019 test) and it doesn’t feel smooth on solid contact. What it does is give me results. I can set it down on the deck and it helps me put the ball within a range of where I want it to go. It fits right in the middle of the pack of recently tested hybrids among the current market. For me, this is a top performer and it will be in my bag for the foreseeable future.


Don’t look at Tour Edge as a 2nd tier company. While the other test thread featuring hybrids and crossovers is receiving heavy traffic, this club is doing real work and offering solid results. Approaching your equipment purchases with an open mind will give you a chance to find something that may be overlooked in favor of a front-running manufacturer. Give it a shot and let it surprise you.

Final Score: (87 out of 100 points)

Just a note about the Final Score. In sum, the deductions were related to sound and feel rather than performance. The objective findings were a 94% while subjectively it scored an 80%. It’s interesting to note that someone’s opinion on a club could have a more negative effect on willingness to try. The objective scores weighed heavier for me which is the reason why it’s earning a spot in my bag.




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Stage Two - Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid – Official MGS Forum Review by MattF



This is the part where I'm meant to tell you how I tested this club and this one is going to be short. I played. In fact, I've played more golf this year, so far, than I've ever played in a season. One of the advantages of belonging to a club I guess.

Looks ( 8 out of 10 points)

The club has the typical shape of a hybrid but the face is a lot deeper than a normal hybrid. There's absolutely no graphics on the top of the club head, which, while plain, I really like the clean look. Nothing funky or distracting, just a plain black head.





Sound & Feel (8 out of 10 points)

The sound, to me, is not a tink but not a thud either. I'd put it somewhere in between. I don't mind it at all. The feel, when hit well, is solid and to perfectly honest, even on a strike that's on the toe, the club feels solid. I've hit some great shots and some not great shots with this club and they felt relatively the same to me. I now know when I don't hit a club well and it's not through the club itself, I can feel it in myself. I'll call this club solid.



Basic Characteristics (20 out of 20 points)

This is the part where I have to describe a few things to you, the reader , so I'll be using the template for this bit.

Accuracy – The club is almost for me, point and shoot. I'm a 16.2 HDCP so I generally don't work the ball on purpose, but I really like hitting this club.

Distance – Distance is stupid good on a good strike. This is my second shot into a par 5 the other day...234 yards. I don't hit my 3 wood that far!


Trajectory – I'd say this is a medium trajectory. It's certainly not sky high nor a worm burner. I just seems to get to a height and stay there.

Forgiveness – For a supposedly players club, this hybrid is surprisingly forgiving. This is a toe hit on #18 after a skied driver. I would have expected less distance and a fairly big hook but this was simply not the case. I was quite happy where I ended up considering the shot I made.



Workability – As I've said, I can't shape shots, but being a players club I'm sure better players would be able to work the ball quite easily.

Adjustability – This is a fixed head, so there's no adjustability. But, it sets up square, which a lot of hybrids don't do.

Playability – I don't care where you end up, in the rough, on the fairway, on a slope, this club, for me, will get me out of where ever I happen to end up.


On-Course Performance (28 out of 30 points)

This club is a winner and I think a lot has to do with the deeper face. I've gamed a number of hybrids in my 14 years of playing from the Cobra Baffler to the Maltby KE iron like hybrid to the Bridgestone Tour B JGR and this is the best yet. As long as I swing with an iron swing, I have no fear hitting the club pretty much where I want to hit it.

As a comparison, I played the Tour B JGR against the CBX 119 19° and here's what Shot Scope had to say in terms of distance



An average of 44 yards longer. 44 yards! How can you argue against that?

Here's another one. When Tour Edge says that it's "
capable of delivering tour-level distance " they aren't kidding.


That shot, as you can see, was out of the rough. Have I mentioned I really like the club?


Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points)


I'm not sure about this category, the speed of getting the club was pretty quick and the packaging was good and secure. There was a decent amount of that thick paper/cardboard type stuff in the box to ensure the club arrived intact.

I will say that when I hit the crap out of the club, people I've played with have asked what it is and seem to be impressed with it...I know I am.


Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)


This is a no brainer. I'm keeping it. In fact, I'm going to ditch my 3 wood and replace it with a 16° CBX 119. This thing is so easy to hit and gets monster distance, I'd be mad if it left the bag.

One of the things in this section was "who is this club for". My answer, anyone, despite apparently being a "players" club, I think anyone can hit this hybrid. It's just darn good at what it does.




If you're looking for a hybrid, find a retailer that carries Tour Edge and give this one a whirl. I can't complain about the distance increase, nor the difficulty in hitting the club. It's not a hook machine like a lot of hybrids because of the square set up. I think this one will be sticking around for quite a while to come.

Final Score: (91 out of 100 points)

Screenshot 2019-08-06 17.18.04.png

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Hey Guys My  Stage 1 Hope you enjoy.

As someone who also has a love/hate relationship (mostly hate) with hybrids, I really enjoyed your Stage 1 and I’ll definitely be following along.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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[mention=72203]bens197[/mention] love it my man. Play well

Thanks RB. So far so good.

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As someone who also has a love/hate relationship (mostly hate) with hybrids, I really enjoyed your Stage 1 and I’ll definitely be following along.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

It’s the elusive club to me. Not sure if this one is the one but I plan to give it an honest chance.
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13 minutes ago, fozcycle said:

My Stage 1 is now posted...... Stage 1   

What's the over/under on how many rounds you get in before stage 2? I'll take the over if the number is less than 80.😜

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4 minutes ago, MaxEntropy said:

What's the over/under on how many rounds you get in before stage 2? I'll take the over if the number is less than 80.😜

Thanks Max.....currently I am playing 4 times a week......you can do the math....LOL

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10 hours ago, bens197 said:

Hey Guys My  Stage 1 Hope you enjoy.

Great job buddy! 👏


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9 minutes ago, ole gray said:

Great job buddy! 👏


Thanks OG!

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My Stage 1 is now posted...... Stage 1   

Let’s go.......surely somebody is interested in the club that’s winning the Champions Tour...

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
Cobra Connect Bag: Cobra F8 Driver(10.5*) 3-4W(14.5*) & 5-6W(18.5*)w/Mitsubishi Tensei ck Blue Regular; Cobra F8 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid & 6-PW, Gw(49*) SW(54*) LW(58*) all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts. Lamkin Cobra Connect grips with Arccoss tracking sensors. Putter: Evnroll ER6 33”. Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat/Silver).
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