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Swing speed increases using only simple drills

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Hi all,

So 2 months ago i decided i need to try and up my swing speed. I’m not exactly sure what my club head speed was at the time but i was averaging around 145 mph ball speed (so around a 102ish club head speed if my SF was 1.45). I had been looking at some training aides (super speed golf, golf stick pro, tour tempo, etc.)  but didn’t really have to $$ to spend. However, i figured, if i do the exercises and movements that they promote, i would surely get some benefit out of it. So i started a training routing, 3-4 times a week, using only my driver. The training goes as follows:

Do all exercises both right handed and left handed. Focus on a good tempo and use of body mechanics but swing out of my shoes

1 - Regular stance, full super fast swing

2 - Feet together Stance, full super fast swing

3 - Start with feet together, take your back swing, step out, swing

4 - Regular stance, bring backswing to left arm parallel, then hit the downswing

5 - Leading hand on grip, trailing hand half way down the shaft, Start with feet close, skip forward twice, back swing on the first skip, down swing on the second

6 - Regular stance width, but you are swinging on your knees


Using these exercises  i have seen my have seen a pretty dramatic increase in club head speed. I was at a roger Dunn the other day, and was able to use a GC Quad that also detected club head data. My normal course swing speed was now 107-110 mph and when i stepped on it i could push it to 112 mph. My average ball speed was also 155 mph, and I broke into the low 160s once or twice. Not bad gains for only using my driver and simple exercises. The left handed swing (my weaker side) was definitely awkward at first and still is (probably doesn’t help that I’m swinging the club baackwards) however it is less so and I can feel a definite improvement in body coordination. I also i feel that i am using more of my body as an engine and whip whereas before i felt like i was all arms.

So i thought i would share this info with you all, maybe it’ll help some of you all who are looking for some speed gains. Also, I want note that I am not saying that the swing speed products are not needed or anything like that, but that gains can be made other ways. I personally and still looking to buy either the swing speed sticks or the tour tempo speedball power module. I’m hoping these will help me push my club head speed into the high teens and ball speed into the mid/high 160s. So hope this info helps and some people give it a go. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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