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R11 face angle adjustment (and initial thoughts)

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So, I was wasting some time yesterday evening and went to golfsmith. I hadn't seen the R11 in person yet, so I decided to check it out. I never could figure out from the advertising how the red triangle on the bottom changed the face angle. After looking at it in person, I still couldn't figure it out. So, I asked the salesman and he said that the points on the triangle are different heights, so it really just changes the way the club sits on the ground. So technically, they are not changing the face angle at all. I was a little miffed at this, because I have an R9 460 set 2 clicks open, and I love the little fade that I get from it.


That being said, I went ahead and hit it on the launch monitor and I was crushing it. I actually dug the white crown. Blur shaft is much better than the ReAX in my R9 460, definitely a higher kick-point. In fact, my launch angle was a little low, but the spin numbers were great. I don't think I'm going to make the jump because we've got a baby on the way, and $400 for a driver is a little pricey when you have diapers to buy. But, in 6 months when the R11 460 QuadrupleSuperTriDeep comes out, and the R11 goes to $249, I might cop one.

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I know several people who have acquired these. They say Consistency is a strong suit, however ball speeds are lower than other drivers in their rota...and this is from several people. Notice that about half of the tour pro's on TM staff are sticking with the R9, yet have, say, the white hybrid or fairway metal in play?


Who knows? Clubs have varying results with different individuals.


I think those white clubs couldn't be any uglier though.

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i gotta say i'm impressed with most of TM's technology over the years, and esp with the r11's adjustability of hosel, weights, and face angle sole plate - but the sound/feel and size of that head i dont like, and thats a deal breaker for me



I agree...The thing just feels fake when you hit it..Thats why I went with the 909D2

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I'm very surprised to hear those comments about the sound and feel; to me, they are part of the appeal of the R11. But, to each their own, that's why they make different clubs.



fortunately TM has made enough clubs to please most everybody. Here is my personal mix of their most recents.


I didnt like the sound or shape - but i loved the color and finish of the:


r9 supertri

r9 superdeep


completely despise the:

burner 2008

burner superfast family


I did love the :


r7 limited tp

r7 limited

r7 superquad tp


r9 460,


burner driver

burner tp

tour burner

tour burner tp


:cobra-small: Staffer

:Arccos: Staffer





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Which do TM claim is longer?


R11 has all of the adjustability, but they seem to pitch the Burner Superfast 2.0 as our lightest longest etc driver ever, which equals more distance... I think Luke Donald is using Burner 2.0... Kaymer still using a version of the R9 as far as Im aware


personally - i've played with the Burner Superfast 2010 model. It went a long way but I found it too inconsistent - not a good enough golfer I guess but the longer shaft for me made it tough to control...


I far preferred the R9 460 I previously had as I was a lot more consistent, albeit not as long. I've now ditched both however in favour of Mizuno's JPX-800 driver. Not adjustable but I hit it really well time after time so cannot complain.


Were I to buy one of TM's new big dogs, it would be the R11 purely for it's adjustability. But that said there are plenty of other adjustable drivers out there and I am still not convinced I wouldnt be laughed out of the place if I pulled a white driver out of my bag on the first tee (think a watered down, small scale, 16th at Phoenix Waste Management...)

Driver: Mizuno JPX-800 10.5 degree; stiff shaft; Golf Pride Multi-Compound

3 Wood: Taylormade R9, stiff shaft (set to NU)

Hybrid: Ping G15 17 degree; stiff graphite shaft

Irons: Mizuno JPX-800; Project X 5.5; Golf Pride Multi-Compound

Wedges: Cleveland CG12 52 (smoked finish), 56 (oilcan finish) & 60 degree (chrome finish)

Putter: Odyssey White Ice No. 1; Scotty Cameron Studio Design No. 5


I also play a set of Titleist 1980s Tour Forged Irons with regular shaft. These are excellent for practice, as is the Titliest PT 20 degree 5 wood that accompanies them.

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