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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT! – The McKennon Golf Bag Company

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McKennon Golf Bag Company – A Refreshing Experience!


I've owned my own business for my entire career. I have worked with a lot of people in that time. And I would say one of my biggest surprises early on in my career was the shocking amount of people that I worked with that weren't the least bit passionate about their job. The way I look at it is…that if you consider your job work it becomes hard to justify wanting to truly excel.


One other surprise was the large percentage of individuals/companies I dealt with that seemed to consider “Customer Service” as an afterthought in their overall business plan. I can count on just my two hands the amount of individuals/companies that have far exceeded my expectations with not only their product but just as importantly how they deal with their customers. It's a dying breed that seems to be on the verge of extinction.


And customer service and pride is what brings me to Mike McKennon from the “McKennon Golf Bag Company“. If “Customer Service” and “Passion for your career” are a dying breed and on the verge of going extinct…Mike McKennon looks to be on a mission to save the entire species! I have come away more and more impressed in every discussion and meeting we have had over the last couple months. The ex-Nike Golf employee exudes passion for his new found career like few others I have had the pleasure of meeting. And his customer service has far exceeded my expectations…and from what I hear that rings true with every single golfer that has received one of his new vintage styled golf bags.





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I love the look, but are we talking about a single-strap bag with no club dividers?


its an upscale chic "sunday bag" - throw a few clubs in it go to the range, walk nine holes, and perfect for a caddy.


by no way will it make sense to torture it on a cart, or in your clubs bag room storage. i've seen these get destroyed that way.


think ping's moon bag - minus the nylon ohmy.gif


:cobra-small: Staffer

:Arccos: Staffer





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I'm impressed... the quality looks great... I wouldn't really have a need for a bag like that other than hanging on the wall, but they are beautiful...

My Bag:
Driver - 
:cobra-small:  King F6+

3 Wood -  :callaway-small: XR16
Hybrids -  :srixon-small:  ZH45
Irons -  :mizuno-small:  JPX 850 Pro

Wedges -  :callaway-small: Mac Daddy 2
Putter -   :taylormade-small: Spider Tour Red
Bag - Ogio Grom Stand

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