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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Putt Out Golf Practice System

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It's been one of the most talked about training aids this year, and has popped up in use by golfers all over the world, including professional tours. But now you'll get to see real everyday golfers like yourself use the full Putt Out system. They'll use it indoors, they'll use it out doors, they'll use the whole system, they'll use parts of the system independently.  You can follow it all in this thread and best of all, you can get direct feedback from them on how it works for them, their likes, dislikes and most importantly see if it has improved their putting.


   Direct access to their links are below.


@Kanoito                           Stage 1                      Stage 2

@HardcoreLooper             Stage 1                       Stage 2

@Peaksy68                        Stage 1                       Stage 2

@tommc23                        Stage 1                        Stage 2

@gaussman1                     Stage 1                        Stage 2                  

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Stage Two - Reviewing the PuttOut 09/09/2019

So what have I done since I posted Stage 1? Well, practice, of course! Not just the 2 drills mentioned above. I also included the drills suggested by PuttOut:



So for those of you who still don’t know the micro-target is: it’s a tiny hole on the ramp that requires a perfect putt (line and pace) in order to hold the ball in place. Putts that roll over the disc, up the ramp and are returned to you are putts that would have been made on a real green. However, the distance the ball travels back is the same distance the ball would have gone past the hole had it missed.

For each training session, I did all the drills, 2 sessions per week, recording all the quantifiable results for a week to week comparison. I also used ShotScope to track my effective putts on the course. However, a few weeks into my review, my ShotScope broke… it would turn off mid-round despite being on a full charge and the RFID tag fell off the screw, so instead of giving you statistics based on distances, I was only able to provide how many putts per round and a subjective feel of how many long putts I drained.


Quality of components (6 out of 10 points)

My first impression of the PuttOut was extremely positive. They put a lot of heart into the packaging. Matte finish, pretty much what you expect nowadays.

All items were perfectly protected with bubble wrap. The putting mat had a cardboard cylinder to protect from creases or damages. The pouch and carry bag will let you take the PuttOut anywhere hassle-free.

Opening the putting mat was also a nice surprise. I like the gray surface better than the mainstream green. Thick rubber bottom that roll flat immediately after unboxing.

The putting mirror shows no signs of wear, even after extended use. I dropped it a couple of times and no breakage either. Sturdy rubber framing and steel inner plate certainly contribute to the robustness of the device.

While I gave the mirror, gates and target full points, I was disappointed with the durability of the mat. As several users have mentioned in the thread, grooves started forming after about 2-3 weeks of intensive use. Scuffing the mat and brushing it up and down were just a temporary solution and you can easily waste 10 mins every practice session “conditioning” the mat. 


I was unable to capture it on a photo, but here is a video: you can see the ball breaking left, then right, then left again... and my floor is completely flat. You can slow down the video if necessary.


Ease of use (8 out of 10 points)

The use of the PuttOut was pretty much self-explanatory. Flatten the mat, putt through the gates, use the mirror to align your eye position over the ball.
Understanding the concept about the micro-target and the ramp was a 10 second read.
Spend 10 minutes with the training aid and you’ll start seeing the purpose of each drill and how it might translate on the golf course.

The only complaint I have: the putting mirror has many lines and dots. I’m not sure what purpose each of them has. Are they just a guide to see if your putting parallel to the lines? Squaring your head? What about the dots? To gauge distance? I went to their website and under Quick Tips couldn’t find anything related to the mirror. By chance, I stumbled across a IG video showing a putt over the mirror, but no explanation either. Maybe I was just overthinking it?



Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points)

The PuttOut package made me want to practice and improve my putting. I was never lazy and would go roll some putts after the kids went to bed and easily made 150 putts in a 45 min session. You will never see me put that kind of time and devotion on a real practice green.

The drills provided were varied and allows you to practice different aspects of the game. Hitting straight lines, pace control, perfect line and pace, posture, stroke, etc.

During the first 2 weeks, I had some difficulties adjusting to the mirror. On one hand, I felt the ball was kind of sitting down below the mirror and I would skull the putt and on the other hand, I felt my body was being forced into a posture to match my eyes with the lines on the mirror. But that’s normal, you are not used to that. Fast-forward to Week 3 and I started loving the mirror, the slight height difference allowed decent ball contact and my posture felt very natural over the mirror. I think my initial set-up was about 1 inch inside the line, so not a complete revamp.


The magnetic alignment also helped me confirm my SBST stroke, so after a few sessions, I stopped using those.

These are the results of all the drills after about 2 months of testing. Take them with a grain of salt, because after the third week, once the groove appeared, I wasn’t sure whether it was a bad putt or a good putt deflected by the groove. Golf has enough variables to make it hard and now you add an extra factor with the surface and it might throw off your results.


1. Repetition Putt Drill: 
Make 25 in a row from 5 feet. Start over if you miss. This one was pretty easy, didn't miss a single putt from this range.

2. Perfect Putt:
Open the micro-target and try to make 3 footers. I counted how many putts I needed before holing a perfect putt. This is where I observed the widest variance. There were days where I would hole it on my 5th try and days where I would need 21 putts to make the ball stick in the micro-target.

3. Puttout Challenge: 
Open the micro-target and hit putts from each marker (1-6 feet). A made putt = 1 point, perfect putt = 3 points. You can get a maximum of 36 points for this drill. My results were just average, between 15 and 19 points.

For drills #2 and #3 I'm pretty sure the groove on the mat greatly affected the results.

4. Pace Putting Drill:
From 6 feet, try to get your ball to stop in the dotted end zone. Count how many you can make in a row. The mat is faster than most greens and I thought I would get used to it by the end of Week 8, but as you can see, it didn't happen. My putts were always too long.

5. Alignment Lines: 
Putt down the alignment lines to check your alignment. Can't keep score here, but it's great help. A few weeks ago, I played a father-daughter scramble with my daughter. I found out, she always aims about 45 degrees left of the target. I didn't want to say anything on the course, I mean she's 4, so just wanted her to have fun. When we got home, I had her roll some putts on the matt and all of the sudden she was standing square to the target and making 6 footers easily.

6. Putting through the gate:
6 feet putts through the gate (placed at 2ft). See how many go through out of 10 tries. I was able to constantly squeeze 6 to 9 putts through without touching the gates, which I think is OK. Again, see disclaimer about the grooves.

Only drill #6 was able to showcase some improvement at the end of 8 weeks. So not sure how significant this is, since I was able to make 25 in a row every time with drill #1.


On-Course Performance (25 out of 30 points)

Did the weekly training with the PuttOut help my scores? The scores didn't drop, because my game off the tee is still under construction. but thanks to my putting I was able to save so many par's (manual calculation from 20% scrambling up to 50%).
Did it help my putting? The short answer: Yes!

On the course, you never have immaculate greens. Even the tiniest grain of sand will deflect your ball and that’s OK, golf is meant to be played outdoors with wind, rain, sand, bird poop and whatever nature throws at you. So the imperfection on the mat was easily transferred onto real greens.

PuttOut helped me focus on my posture, my stroke and my alignment. Add them all up and you’ll get a boost in confidence.

The reason why I deducted 5 points was due to the problems I had with speed (see drill #4). The PuttOut mat is faster than most greens I play on, as you can see in the section above: my results with the pace putting drill were horrendous! It got better with time, but I think I should have done better. Most putts were too long and would roll out of the mat, so obviously your brain has gotten used to “be careful now” and you’ll leave them short on the course.

I ditched the mat and started using the mirror and the gates on real greens with the usual speed I’m used to and results improved significantly since the posture, alignment and stroke remained the same. Standing over the ball feels natural, the same way I had practice so often at home.


Out of 16 rounds, I only had 6 with more than 30 putts. It was nice to see the average putts per hole steadily droppping (cumulated values), with exception of Week 3 where I had 2 x 3-putts in 1 round.


Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points)

Since the company is based in the UK, shipping to Germany was a blitz. Shipped out on Monday, received by Wednesday. There was a little note in my box addressed to Mike, so I was like… maybe I got the wrong package? The personal note definitely had a nice touch, but not well-executed. It doesn’t bother me, but for the sake of completeness, I had to include it here.

I also sent an email to their customer service inquiring about the lines and dots on the putting mirror, but still haven’t gotten a reply.

My impression of the company PuttOut remains on the positive side. I really commend the way they jumped into the thread to provide a little insight and how to try to solve the problem we were seeing. All companies have quality issues, the critical aspect is how you deal with that after-sales.

If I could provide 2 suggestions: get a new vendor for the mat and perhaps consider rounding up the edges of the putting gate. Some parts are a tad sharp and might be an issue if you got kids playing with them.

A really cool factor worth mentioning is the variety of colors: blue, white, green, orange and red… and the gray mat! It definitely provides a touch of freshness!


Keep it or Trade it? (10 out of 20 points)

If I split the complete package (mirror, target, gates, mat) into 4 individual training aids, I would probably decide to keep 3 and get rid of the mat and look for an alternative that doesn’t create grooves.


How will this affect my practice in the future? Well, it will definitely decrease, because now I have to go to the golf course to lay out the mirror and gates to practice instead of doing so in the comfort of my living room. And on the course, I don’t really need a micro-target since I can see exactly by how much I’m missing the hole. It’s a bad chain reaction that leaves only 2 items that are useful to me.

Would I pay the advertised price? Nope. The mat quality doesn’t deserve it and the target doesn’t make sense without a mat. And if I’m already driving 30 mins to the course, I might as well just stick 2 tees on the practice green for alignment and some DIY mirror.

I sincerely hope the manufacturer is able to find another source for the mat. Practicing with the whole package is really addictive, but only until you start seeing balls wobble left and right of the groove.


Conclusion and Final Score: (72 out of 100 points)

First impression was excellent, but the grooves are a deal-breaker. You either spend more time trying to flatten out the putting surface or ask your kids to come brush the mat for you or you just give up and go practice on a real putting green, thus neutralizing the usability of the micro-target outdoors as well.
Take the price into consideration and I probably wouldn't pay for this training aid.

There was no noticeable improvement with the drills at home, but I felt much more confident on the course and the results are a testament of that.

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PuttOut Golf Practice System – Official MGS Forum Review by HardcoreLooper
And we’re back!  So here we are, nine weeks later.  If you’ve been keeping up with the thread, then my scoring shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  I’ll be honest, I was not always as diligent as I would have liked to be - it seemed like I was constantly on the road for work during the month of August, so there are some gaps, but I did get in 15 practice sessions during those nine weeks, and Allie joined me for nearly all of them.  As a comparison, that’s about a year’s worth of putting practice for me.  Did someone mention practice?



Well, A.I. may not have properly appreciated the need for practice, but I definitely do.  So how did all of that practice turn out for me?

The charts are a little odd, aren’t they?  You would have expected us to improve over time, wouldn’t you?  You’ll also notice that we stopped doing the gate drill, and our perfect putt drill results are all over the place.  All three are related.


Quality of components (7 out of 10 points) 
As I stated in Stage 1, the trainer, mirror/gate and mat are all wonderfully designed and packaged.  So much thought went into the presentation of the materials.  None of these items are inexpensive, and none of them are cheaply packaged.  It just oozes quality.  Especially the mat.  I noted this in Stage 1, but it bears repeating - the mat lays perfectly flat, right out of the package.  No other putting mat I’ve tried has ever, ever done that.

However, first impressions don’t always last…

I’ve harped on this multiple times during the testing - the mat develops a groove after repeated use.  And while concentrated, repeated scuffing of the mat seems to temporarily resolve the issue, the groove is back after a session or two.  I want to get my groove on the dance floor, not on my putting mat.



Because of the groove, we found that:

  • Hitting the micro-target turned into a crapshoot (both in the Points Drill and Perfect Putt).  This led to lower scores in the Points Drill.
  • The Gate Drill was just about worthless, so we stopped doing it.

This was a real shame, because the mirror is excellent.  

Something else to bear in mind - shorter users (Allie is about 4’ 6” or so) will wind up standing with their toes on the mat, which means the mat will tend to wrinkle.  I stood on the mat while she putted to pull it taut.  I won’t mark PuttOut down for this; I’d expect that of just about any mat.

I had no issues with the durability of the trainer or the mirror/gate.  I would expect all of these to last for years to come.  I’m deducting three points for the flaw in the mat.

Ease of use (10 out of 10 points) 
A (semi-serious) joke I have with the guys at work is my 15 minute rule.  If I can’t make some sort of progress with something new in 15 minutes, I’m not going to stick with it.  Not that I have to master it in 15 minutes, but I have to have some sort of success.  I’m not about to beat my head against a wall with something if I don’t see its potential.  I was up and running with all three of these items in a matter of minutes.  I didn’t even need to look at the instructions to pop out the micro-target.  I will admit that I’d heard of/seen/read about the PuttOut trainer before our test, so I had some idea of how it worked and the idea that the return distance = the length of your comeback putt.  All three of the drills were easily executed right from the get-go.  I had this thing set up on the floor of my office within 10 minutes of it showing up on my doorstep, and I was hitting putts at that damn micro-target.


Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points)
PuttOut is so simple to use, I really didn’t mind practicing, and that is pretty surprising for me.  The key is the maddening micro-target.  Making 30 three-footers in a row is a great drill, but it’s mind-numbing.  The sense of satisfaction in hitting the micro-target is so great that you’ll easily stand there and hit 30 three-footers and not even realize it.  Allie got frustrated several times when it took her several tries to hit the target, and then I reminded her that she made every one of those putts.  They all went in the hole.  None of them were bad putts.  Frankly, even if hitting the micro-target was random, it’s Pavlovian.  Seriously.  You’ll stand there forever trying to make that damn thing.  

The fact that it returns the ball toward you, rather than making you fetch it is also pretty nice.  Fishing balls out of the hole gets old after a while.

There are a number of drills you can do with the tools, but honestly the Points Drill and Perfect Putt are all I really needed.  I know some other testers did a lag drill, but six feet is too short for that for me.  I like to be aggressive with anything under 10 feet.

The mirror really helped both of us get a feel for getting our eyes out over the ball.  I now know that if I feel my weight toward the balls of my feet, my eyes are in position.  If my weight is centered on my feet or toward my heels, my eyes are inside the line, and I’m very likely to pull the putt.

The markings on the mat are wonderful.  They make the drills extremely easy.  No guesswork as to how to line up the mirror/gate, where to put the trainer, or where to hit the putts in the Points Drill and Perfect Putt.  The speed of the mat is also just right for practice; it’s extremely realistic.  But while all of this is fantastic, I just can’t get past the groove, and that’s why I’ve deducted five points here.  It renders the Mirror/Gate Drill useless.


On-Course Performance (30 out of 30 points)
This is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not making more putts.  So maybe it was all in my head, but I felt like my “automatic zone” extended about a foot, out to four feet.  And I felt so good over everything six feet and under.  That made things much easier over lag putts as well.  I also feel like I’m hitting the middle of the putter face more often, and when you hit the middle of the putter, you make putts.

So here are my baseline Arccos stats from before the training:

And here they are after nine weeks of training:

As you can see, the numbers don’t lie.  I knew I was putting better, and Arccos bears it out.  And this is with a couple fairly awful putting days on bad greens.

Even with the groove in the mat, I have never practiced this much.  The quick setup and breakdown make it feasible to get in 15-20 minutes of solid, focused practice a couple of times a week, and that’s made a huge difference.  And the micro-target just keeps on sucking you in.  

PuttOUT does need to reconsider the mat construction, as the groove is a major drawback.  I’ll be looking into a Birdieball mat.

Miscellaneous (7 out of 10 points)
PuttOUT gets so many things right.  The trainer is a great product at a great price.  It looks like a piece of modern art.  

It folds up small enough to fit in your bag and take to the putting green.  And on those days when you’re playing in a big shotgun tournament, it’s nice to bring your own hole with you.  

The mirror is the best putting mirror I’ve seen.  And the folks from PuttOUT Golf were nice enough to participate in the review thread here with us.  The quality of the packaging (I know I’m mentioning it again) is phenomenal.

But the mat… The mat.  The groove in the mat.  I don’t want to spend 10 minutes before practicing smoothing out the mat.  That’s the kind of thing that keeps me from wanting to practice.  So they lose three points again.


Keep it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points)
I’ll discuss each component individually.

PuttOUT Trainer - Keep it.  7 out of 7 points.  I’m actually considering buying another one to keep in my bag.  Being able to hit putt after putt, not needing to bend over to pick them out of the hole and getting great feedback is worth it.  $30.00 for this is more than fair.

PuttOUT Mirror/Gate - Keep it.  7 out of 7 points.  I’ve never used a putting mirror before, and now I can’t live without it.  Now, would I pay $75 for it?  That’s a big ask.  Knowing how good it is, and having two golfers in the house, I’d buy it.  Can you get a similar result with less expensive mirror?  Yes, for eye alignment, but you really can’t putt off a regular mirror.  Being able to do drills with the mirror makes it worth the expense.

PuttOUT Mat - Trade it.  1 out of 6 points.  The groove is infuriating.  I kept practicing because I felt like I was getting better (and I was, but I wonder if I could have improved even more with more accurate feedback.  PuttOUT puts so much work into their products that I feel like they’ll get this sorted out in a later version.  But for $90, I expect better.

If you play golf, and you take more than 18 putts in a round, the trainer will help you.  And if you’re not absolutely certain that your eyes are perfectly aligned over the ball, you should seriously consider the mirror.

I suppose this is a tale of three products.  The PuttOUT trainer is a product that every golfer that hits putts should have.  It makes practice fun.  It makes practice addicting.  It’s a small piece of genius, it comes a great price, and they’ve knocked it out of the park.

The mirror and gate is the piece of training aid you didn’t know you needed.  I knew I had a problem with my eyes getting too far inside the line, but being able to see it so easily and being able to hit putts while checking your eye position is something most golfers really need.

The mat looks great and it putts wonderfully for a few days.  But once the groove forms, your frustration level will rise, especially trying to get a putt through the gate.  It's better than nothing, but it's not worth paying for.  I hope PuttOUT Golf is looking into this.


Final Score: (84 out of 100 points)

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 Stage 2 PuttOut Putting Practice System Review

Posted 14th Sept 2019


Firstly, I'd like to thank MyGolfSpy and PuttOut for the opportunity to do this review.

My practice was based on several short sessions a week. In general, I prefer to practice using short focused sessions than extended grinding practice.

I started each session using the mirror and gate, with the gate set at 3 feet. After making 3 consecutive putts through the gate I moved on to one of two drills, either attempting to make 25 consecutive putts, or putting from 1 through 6 feet until I made a perfect putt from each distance. I alternated these drills on a session by session basis.


Quality of components 8/10


I was really impressed with the entire setup initially. In particular, the mat was much more substantial than any other I had seen, and remained flat throughout the entire testing period. Unlike some of the other testers I didn’t have a major problem with grooves forming in the mat. This may be due to the green mat being less susceptible to grooves forming, or perhaps due to my short (and hopefully sharp) sessions.



The Pressure Trainer is a great piece of equipment, simple but extremely effective and easy to use. Once I worked out that I didn't have the micro target open (insert forehead slap here) it was much easier to use properly!


The mirror is really solid when compared to other mirrors I've seen, and looks like it will last a long time. I didn't use it with the path guides in place, as I slide the putter from the side and the guides don't allow this.


The gate is simple, solid and easy to use.

Ease of use 9/10 points

Other than my inability to notice that the micro target was closed, everything else was very straightforward.

I worked through the suggested drills to decide which worked best for my style of practice and ran with what I thought would give me the best return for effort and not create new problems.


Basic Characteristics 18/20 points

The system is extremely easy to use, and with the variety of drills it is able to used for provided me with a real incentive to get out and practice. I set up in my shed, and regardless of the weather (it’s been winter here in Australia) was able to get out and work on my game. It’s neat enough looking that I could probably have got away with leaving it rolled out in the house.

Other than working on long putts, the PuttOut system provides enough simple drill options that just about anyone can find something to do to improve their putting. The

I used the mirror for my first drill in my first session, and thought it must have been faulty. Firstly, I thought I was much better looking than what the reflection showed, and my eyes were at least 3 inches outside the ball. Pleasingly for the second point but not so pleasing on the first, the mirror was an accurate reflection of the truth!  By using the mirror at the start of each session I was quickly able to adjust my setup to eyes over the ball.

 The Pressure Trainer, mirror and gate are all great quality and extremely useful and easy to used. The mat had some minor issues with grooves forming, but they weren’t anywhere as significant for me as for some of the other testers. The most significant grooving occurred when I was recording my pressure test video, which was 7 minutes of the ball rolling over the same track, and back down the same track for about 1 foot. Even then, the groove didn’t really affect the roll of the ball.




On-Course Performance 25/30 points

 I repeated my most wanted style data at the end of the review. The practice green at my club had been lightly scarified and dusted about 2 weeks prior to my putting session and wasn’t rolling quite as truly as my initial data.  Despite this, my stats were better, particularly no 3 putts. My distance control was much better, all my missed putts were within 2.5 feet of the hole, the majority about a foot past.



1 Putt

2 Putt

3 Putt

Miss Left

Miss Right


5 feet







10 feet







20 feet








 Final Performance Comments:

I’m really impressed with this gear. It really ticks most boxes for a practice system. It’s easy to use, fun and varied to use, and most of all, it seems to work.

 Miscellaneous 8/10

 The packaging was my first indication of how seriously PuttOut takes their products. The personal note was a nice gesture, and I get the feeling that the company is happy to interact with their consumers, not just those doing reviews.

Keep it or Trade it? 20/20 points

I will continue to use the PuttOut system. The immediate feedback from the mirror, gate and pressure trainer make it an invaluable tool for me to improve my putting. Being able to use these components on both the mat and real greens is a real added bonus.


 I highly recommend the PuttOut system, particularly for those who prefer short practice sessions. I would suggest that the green mat may be the best option for the mat, as I had only minor issues with grooves, and they were easily removed with a quick scuffing or vacuum. It’s been a pleasure to review and use, and has certainly helped my return to playing.

Final Score: 88/100 points

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First off thanks to MGS for letting me review something again my last one must have been okay and a special thanks to Puttout for the opportunity to test this product. This isn’t my first review and this isn’t my first time with a putting training aid. I use the SKLZ Accelerator Pro to work on simple things like keeping my face square when setting up and just working on my putter stroke. I have made improvements with my putting just by becoming more consistent. I am nowhere near the best golfer in the world but I have darn sure made improvements. My short game is generally pretty good but I always wanted my putting to be better. Golfing with good putters is always one of the times where I realize my putting can improve. Simple games of horse before rounds with friends makes me realize how many strokes I leave out there each time I golf. The question for me is do I use the right putter and I have always wondered that so I am going to use this training aid to help me figure out which of the two putters I use better. I am going to put the Evnroll 1 I have against my Ping Scottsdale TR. I want to do my best to lower my putts per round along with make sure that I have the best putting stroke possible.

How I golf

I am a higher handicap who is a good iron player and good with wedges. If I could play all rounds with just those clubs I would be a much better than 25 HCP.
My putting can be hot or cold with it trending more toward the cold side, this is why I tried the Evnroll. The ER1 is a great putter but the person using it is what matters, and I do not do the club justice. I tend to get frustrated with putting even though I’m a good lag putter. When I get frustrated when I start to use a bellied wedge and I start to focus on a simple stroke which makes me better. I can generally out putt myself with a bellied wedge compared to my putter.
I think I could benefit from actually being fit for a putter but I was not fit for either. I started with the Scottsdale and after joining here I started to wonder if the ER1 would make me better. I got one and had to tinker with it which landed me to a P2 grip, honestly my least favorite part of the club.
I use Golf Pad to track my scores and it gives me break downs of my putts after a round. This is also what I use to keep a rough HCP. It says my putting strokes gained is a -0.33 and that I averaged 39.7 putts last year. The average putts per hole is 2.2 which isn’t horrible, but there is definitely room for improvements.

About me

I am a firefighter paramedic in a small but very busy city. This consumes most of the week as I work 4 days and 4 days off. When I am off I train dogs or work on a farm, where the dogs are trained. I like to get one round of golf in a week but I also want to get as much time with my dogs as I can. I am currently house hunting which also takes up a decent amount of time, but the upside is that I can take this to work and practice in my down time, how ever short that is. I have been a higher cap golfer since I started in 2014 and I have not made the improvements that friends of mine have but I have continued to downtrend my scores every year. Last year I finally broke 100 and nearly broke 90 when reviewing the Hogan equalizers. Getting selected for a review is great for my golf game because it makes me feel like I need to focus on golf more than when I am not doing so.
    I am the kind of golfer that likes to take risks on the course with iron shots. I am not one to use a driver, mainly because I cannot keep it straight. I am deadly with my wedges from 90 yard on in, but the risky moves I take with my irons tends to put me in some bad spots. This tends to put a lot of focus on my wedges and when I get a bad lie, which happens with all the rain we have been getting in NEPA, I get left with a lag putt and I miss the short putts. The short putts are probably from a lack of concentration or me just expecting to make it after a good lag, but that causes me to 3 putt a lot. Some local course have some interesting greens which also puts pressure on the putter and when I feel the pressure I tend to miss the short ones.
    The best part of the game here in NEPA is the views. I enjoy my time to myself, mainly a solo golfer, and I enjoy my time outside. The course around me go up and down mountains and we have lots of holes across ravines, which make for hard shots but great views. The next best part of golf is the time I spend with some of my closest friends when we get the chance to get a round in together.

About the product

20190627_155243.jpgThis is what you all came her for the Puttout training. The cool part was the box game from MGS headquarters and that confused the heck out of me, but we got these cool notes.20190627_155357.jpg

I have some side by side pictures of the putt out and the SKLZ.20190711_210020.jpg

The putter I’ll be using.20190711_210548.jpg

20190711_210253.jpg20190711_210229.jpgThe balls used to test this.20190711_212819.jpg



And the dog used to keep things interesting and try to keep my scores high. She always enjoys chasing golf balls as seen in the Equalizer review. Even though she is a year older she hasn’t changed heck she may even chase them more now. I am hoping that this will help me figure out which of the two putters is best for me, I’m trying to buy a house I’m not @Jmikecpa here. The end goal is to get my strokes gained at least trending closer to the positive and get those putts were hole under 2. I mean if we all could accomplish that we would all be happy. Will I be able to practice at home with my wirehair not interfering? Will I drop my HCP by improving my putting? Will I actually learn to enjoy putting??? These are some things I am hoping this review will help me figure out. Below are the drills and some tools that will be used to help me through this test.





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Stage Two - The Review September 9, 2019


Well here we go again stage two time I have been busy over the past few weeks with the purchase of my house, During this time I feel that the practice time has been a little less than I would have preferred it to be. I did take time out at least once or twice a week to put this baby through her paces. I did not get to the course much to do my on course segment, but I did try to create some pressure at home to mimic the course.ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif

Quality of components (7 out of 10 points) 

  • Day one I was excited to see it in the mail and excited to get to work on my putting some more since it is one of the main weaknesses of my game. I have practiced putting often in my house with previously purchasing home greens before. The other home green was the SKLZ accelerator and it is a heck of a lot different. The mat included in the putt out system is much thicker and much softer, but as others have noted throughout the thread there are some issues with the putt out mat. I will not beat a dead horse here but what I have noticed is that rolling it up and unrolling it for every use has limited the groove issue a little. I kept mine in the bag that was included with the packaging and I generally did not see a groove until the end of my session. I probably noticed things less than others because I did not always use the mat because the house I was staying in had quite a break and it got annoying watching it go down the line then break last second. This may also have some reason as to why I saw less issues than others.

  • I did like the ramp device included in the system. It was similar yet different than the SKLZ that I had previously. They are both designed to return the ball to you, The puttout is said to return the ball back to your starting position if you struck the putt with the perfect speed. I did have it return occasionally but not often. I did however like that the speed was consistent and that the mat felt good. The SKLZ however was less maintenance and the ball always returned to you when you made a putt.

  • What the SLKZ does not have is the gate, mirror, or the micro target.I think the mirror and all the features it can do was the thing I was looking forward to the most. The micro target was one heck of a confidence boost though.

  • The score is mainly because of the known issue everything else was made well and worked pretty darn well.


Ease of use (8 out of 10 points) 

  • The mirror was one thing that I enjoyed using the most. I did not know which of the lines were for what until I dug into the devices info more. I knew of the mirror before because I had seen one at a local course in the pro shop before the local pro was going to give a lesson. I was excited to apply to test just for the mirror until I looked up the website when applications were open and realized it is a whole system. The gate was the thing I used the second most. The down side of the mat was not having grid marks to make sure that it is aligned appropriately. It took some trial and error to get the gate in the right position. The target was easy as pie to use. The outline was easy and the instructions on the micro target were dead on. 

  • My score was lowered just because of the gates being a little harder to get lined up just right.


Basic Characteristics (15 out of 20 points)

  • Did the PuttOUT gear make you want to practice? Not entirely, I am not a fan of practice but it did make practicing easier when I did. What made me practice was knowing that there is a community of people out here and many of whom would chomp at the bit to get the chance to review something. I take the review process seriously and that is what got me out to practice. I think it takes a lot of get someone to want to practice putting. Putting can be that double edged sword where it is the most exhilarating thing or the most frustrating thing. I would much rather just play a round of golf than practice, but I also do know that to get better you need to practice. Putting has typically been something that frustrates me and can be something that raises my score. I do try to putt often but the practice can be worse than anything on the course.

  • The one thing that was driving me to practice from the system was the mirror. I always wanted to see where I was path wise, eye wise, and follow through wise. I did notice that my eye line was not where it should have been per the mirror instructions. I also really liked the blocks that kept my path true and got me to improve on my stroke. I also noticed that I had a putting stroke that was very inside to out causing me to hit one of the blocks every single stroke. I ended up reverting back to an older putting stroke that I used for just over a year. The stroke change may not have happened if it wasn’t for the mirror and the use of the gates and blocks.20190909_204526.jpg

  • I enjoyed the gates a lot because once I got my path corrected It let me know that I was square at impact. The gates were something that I truly enjoy using because if I felt that the face of the putter was not staying square at impact or not I would know immediately. This lets me know that the system was very well planned and thought out to get the most out of the training sessions.ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

  • We had some games/ drills that come on the packing and I did notice that I would generally only get one micro target per section. I did however notice that once the target was gone I changed the speed of everything and was going for dying speed to make it land just by the circle. I generally was within an inch to a half inch of the circle without the target.ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif


  • The only thing lacking was something that would come and smack me to practice more. Now that I have it set up in my office in the house I will probably use it more than I did.


On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points)

Now here is something that I feel I did not get enough work on. I played a handful of rounds and generally my friends, whom I generally drive with, do not like getting to the course early. I did not take the mirror to any putting greens. I did not even practice any putting before most rounds. I will say that I did notice that the changes I made because of issues found made my rounds feel more natural.

Final Performance Comments:

  • The putting stroke change that I made was just one change. I also moved my eyes to align with the line better. The eye line took more getting used to because when on the course you do not have that line on the mirror to look down at. Once I got used to where my eyes should be without the mirror I began to putt better. 

  • The putting stroke change became more natural as time went on with practice that once I got to the course I didn’t think about anything I just putted.

  • The one thing that the system gets you so used to is that everything is straight, as you know this is never true on the course. But it did get me to see a different line on putts than I was used to because I was putting on something faster in practice than some courses I played.

  • Lag putting for me was an issue if I didn’t get the ball close on my iron shots. Practicing in the home on short putts all the time can help but if I would have taken the mirror and gate to the practice green more I would not have had these issues. This obviously is not a training system issue it is an issue with me and my time availability.

  • I know I had data that I wanted to include into the review but the rounds played before this compared to the rounds placed after using the system was not even close. I did notice that my stats on putting have not changed much if at all because of this. My putts per round is still 39 and my putts per hole is still logged at 2.8. The stats will only change after I get a lot more rounds in.

  • Overall I did notice that my putting had improved when on the course. Lining

up for putts with the mirror kept me from striking the ground, which I am ashamed to say I used to do quite often. I would have normally three putted most holes and I would end rounds with three to four three putts, which for me was a huge change. I also had maybe one hole per round where I would have wind up with a four or five putt mainly due to leaving myself in a horrible position on the green or the hole was cut in an awkward place.


Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points)

So I tend to be a goofball and I even brought it to this review. I figured out a way to get myself to practice on my days off was to make it fun. This was actually productive for me and probably helped me eliminate the large number of three putts and especially the 4+ putt holes. As many people know I work for a fire department, which means I like to drink. I mentioned this in the thread that I wanted to try to create a drinking game because I have friends that like to golf and a good number of the guys in my department like to golf. 

What I figured out was that if you make the rules similar to quarters you can make it a fun game. Heck having a game that involves practice may actually get me to practice more.

If you start off simple with a group and you rotate the people putting. If the person putting makes it in the micro target you get to choose who has to drink. If you make it in the micro target you get to putt again. If you make three micro targets in a row you get to choose someone to chug their beer. If you make 5 micro targets in a row you get to create a rule. If you miss the target you have to drink completely then the person putting has to drink. A normal putt made just keeps things moving along without anyone choosing who gets to drink.I did not decide on the length of the game or rules for a single person but heck it is a start.

Finding ways to make practice fun is something that is difficult. If it was fun practicing everyone would be and we would all have lower handicaps.I think that just trying to create a game for this made me want to practice more. Practicing more made my rounds on the course better and kept my scores trending downward.


Keep it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points)

I am split here with this section, I will be keeping everything because I do not tend to trade things. I will say that I will continue to use some things from the system. I know I will definitely continue to use the mirror and the gates. I enjoyed using them and I enjoyed the changes that I made because of using them. The mat I will still continue to use, but it may just be something I use for practicing hitting chips off of. The mat works well but as you can see from two GIFs I posted that there is some wobble and direction changes. With having some carpet in my new house I will probably use the target occasionally. I do know that if they find a way to make the groove disappear the mat will come back out and be used more often.



The putt out system has some great pieces to it and some not so great. I truly enjoyed getting to test and review this system. I had fun trying to create new ways to get myself to practice. I also enjoyed that they give you different drills to perform on the packaging and that the closer you get to the number of made in a row the more pressure you put on yourself. I did like most things but there were some things that hurt the score. I will not beat a dead horse on the well known issues that were mentioned throughout the thread. I am truly grateful to  MGS and PuttOut for the opportunity to test this system. I hope everyone reads the other stage 2s because I left some pictures out that I could have included but this system is pretty self explanatory and I did not want everyone looking at the same thing this is why I included GIFs.

Final Score: (81 out of 100 points)


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Looking forward to this, especially everyone's' thoughts on the mat since I already have the mirror!

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53 minutes ago, yungkory said:

Looking forward to this, especially everyone's' thoughts on the mat since I already have the mirror!

I like the distance markings as a guide and it definitely beats my IKEA rug 😄

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I'm really curious about the speed of the mat and how it translates to grass. Every single putting mat I've ever had was lightning fast then I'm leaving everything short on the course. 

Also curious about the friction. Past mats were carpet-like so my putter smoothly slid back and forward on them even if pressed down. As we all know, grass is not slick like that so I'd run into issues where I've engrained a stroke that wants me to drag the putter along the ground only to be met by the harsh reality of a "chunked putt".  



Comments on either of these areas would be appreciated. 

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1 hour ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

I'm really curious about the speed of the mat and how it translates to grass. Every single putting mat I've ever had was lightning fast then I'm leaving everything short on the course. 

Also curious about the friction. Past mats were carpet-like so my putter smoothly slid back and forward on them even if pressed down. As we all know, grass is not slick like that so I'd run into issues where I've engrained a stroke that wants me to drag the putter along the ground only to be met by the harsh reality of a "chunked putt".  



Comments on either of these areas would be appreciated. 

Have you tried the VariSpeed mat?  You're able to make it fast or slower by brushing it.  It's really been a great addition!  I bought that mat when I bought my PuttOUT trainer earlier this year.  

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As promised in the testing application, I'm not one of the official reviews, but I'll do some of the challenges along with you guys.  I just purchased my PuttOUT trainer at the beginning of the season.  I really love it so far!  

My question to all the testers is do you guys ever see a time when you don't putt with the micro-target out?

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5 hours ago, Kanoito said:

I like the distance markings as a guide and it definitely beats my IKEA rug 😄

I tested the mat against the carpet in the Courtyard Marriott I stayed in last night.  It's not quite as fast, but it's much less grainy.  The ball rolls much truer.  I visit an out-of-state client every Tuesday morning.  I'll be bringing this with me to practice in the hotel room.


3 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

I'm really curious about the speed of the mat and how it translates to grass. Every single putting mat I've ever had was lightning fast then I'm leaving everything short on the course. 

Also curious about the friction. Past mats were carpet-like so my putter smoothly slid back and forward on them even if pressed down. As we all know, grass is not slick like that so I'd run into issues where I've engrained a stroke that wants me to drag the putter along the ground only to be met by the harsh reality of a "chunked putt".  



Comments on either of these areas would be appreciated. 

From what I've read, the mat rolls at about a 10 on the Stimpmeter.  Knock on wood, I haven't chunked a putt on it yet, but I'll be sure to report back if I do.  If I had to guess, I'd say that like a driving range mat, it's a little more forgiving than real grass.


1 hour ago, goaliewales14 said:

As promised in the testing application, I'm not one of the official reviews, but I'll do some of the challenges along with you guys.  I just purchased my PuttOUT trainer at the beginning of the season.  I really love it so far!  

My question to all the testers is do you guys ever see a time when you don't putt with the micro-target out?

I popped the micro-target out as soon as I got it, and I have yet to put it back in.  You can fold it with the micro-target out, so why bother putting it back in?  It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you actually make one; you can't deny yourself that.




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11 hours ago, HardcoreLooper said:

I’d like to thank MyGolfSpy for bringing me back as a tester, and I'd also like to thank the good folks at PuttOUT Golf for providing us with the gear.  As you can see, they're a good group, even if they did mix up our names... 

Give me back my note! 😄

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