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Testers ANNOUNCED Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

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Ty / Nevada 


Callaway MD4

3/4 60 yards out. 

Driver: Taylormade M5 - Accra TZ5 - 8*

3 Wood: Taylormade Sim TI Rocket

Hybrid: Mizuno CLK 19*

Irons: Miura TC-201 - Dynamic Gold Tour X100

Wedges: Mizuno T20 (50*), Callaway MD4 (54*/58*)

Putter: Evnroll ER1.2 Tourblade

Right Handed Golfer: 13 Index

Reno, NV

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Handicap is 6.8

Currently I play two sets of wedges with the two sets of clubs I own.

I have 50, 54 & 58 * wedges in Mack Daddy 3 and the same configuration in Ping Glide 2.0

My favorite wedge shots are the full 58* wedge from about 65-70 yards or the 50* low spinner from about 70-75 yards

I have never played any Cleveland wedges so this would be a first for me

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Steve.  Arizona 

Hcp- 12

wedges- vokey 60 and 56 degree, AP1 52 degree 

Favorite wedge shot- 60 yd shot to front pin with spin tied with short sided sand shot that requires a quick stop. 

Good luck to all!!

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Cleveland RTX-3

Love the 10 yard chip uphill from just off the front of the green...

In my bag:

Driver:     Cobra - F7 S

Fairway:  Callaway XHot 3W Speeder 565 White R

Hybrids:  Callaway Big Bertha 3 & 4  Speeder 565 White R

Irons:       Mizuno  JPX900 Hot Metal  4-AW 

Putter:     Odyssey O‘Works Red 2 Ball

Wedges:  Cleveland RTX-3 56 & 60  +1

Grips:      Golf Pride Midsize

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Javier/ Alaska


Cleveland 56* and 60* wedges

Any type of wedge shot that requires some imagination, whether you have to open the blade up and hit it high, put it back in your stance to lower it a bit, high spinney, yes that's a technical term, shots, just learned the low check shot, that's fun, low runners, it's all fun.

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First Name/State  Errol / Fl

Handicap 15

Current Brand Wedges Played Taylormade RSi 1

Your favorite type of wedge shot Full Shot

That's it.  We'll be selecting the testers next week.  So be sure and check back to see if you were selected

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Glen in Michigan


Current: Score 4161 52* and 60*

Maltby Diamonized black at 65*

I love short chips an pitches where you can play it back in your stance and put some spin on it.


From Michigan

Driver: Ping g30 9* w/Ping Tour S shaft

3W: TEE CBX 119 w/Excaliber Tour 6* Stiff shaft

5W: Maltbly Tour TC with UST V2 Shaft in Stiff

Hybrid: Adams Pro 23* w/Excaliber Classic RT shaft Stiff

Irons: Adams MB2 (5-7) Adams Pro Forged (8-9) Maltby MMB17(PW) w/Excaliber Avalon I9 shafts Stiff

Wedges Honma 50* Hogan Eq. 54* TM Bronze Hi-Toe 58* w/Excaliber Pro X Shafts Stiff

Putter: Wilson the L

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Jim,  Texas

Handicap is 9

Currently Play:  Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges - 54  loft/11 bounce and 58 loft/6 bounce; Calloway Apex - A (50 degree) and P(46 degree)wedges.

Favorite shots are 50 to 80 yard pitch shots I seem to face on many par 5's;  enjoy bump and run chips as well from around green.

Would love to participate! 

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