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Testers ANNOUNCED Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

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Titleist Vokey 

Not one favorite, but the pitch and stop is what I hit most of the time. Love to hit the flop, but don't get as many chances to hit it.

Good luck to all entries!


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Keith N, New Orleans, LA

Handicap is 14.3

60 degree - Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind (75-90 yards)

56 degree - Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind (90-105 yards)

52 degree - Callaway Mack Daddy S Grind (105-115 yards)

48 degree - Callaway Mack Daddy S Grind (115-130 yards)

My favorite type of wedge shot is about 85-130 yards from green. I tend to to get a lot of spin on these which gets them to one hop and stop. If it weren't for offline drives or my own arrogance for continuing to hit driver these clubs would have me in better shape handicap wise.

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On 7/11/2019 at 11:10 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

(4) TESTERS Wanted Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

If you do something once and it works well, then why not do it a second, third and now even a fourth time?  Makes sense right?  Well that must be what the club designers at Cleveland Golf think.  A company that knows a thing or two about wedges, has stuck with a successful formula in the RTX line.  Without changing the by now well known RTX name, Cleveland has certainly added what it feels are some enhancements to make the wedge even better than before.   

What are those changes and how do they perform?  Well that's where four trusted forum members will come in, as they will be chosen to test, review and keep two wedges in the RTX 4 lineup.  You will be able to choose which two lofts you would like to test and which of the three finishes you'd like.


RTX 4 Wedge Pics.jpg

How to Enter:  It's Simple

First and Foremost, DO NOT Quote This Post in Your Reply

Per manufacturers request this testing is open to all US Residents


In a post below list the following information.

First Name/State


Current Brand Wedges Played

Your favorite type of wedge shot

That's it.  We'll be selecting the testers next week.  So be sure and check back to see if you were selected



i currently play TM milled grind ... just retired rtx wedges from second versions 

i love flop soft drop ... been working hard on flighted checker inside 100yrds



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Eric/ Louisiana

21 Handicap

Vokey SM7 F Grind 52°

Titleist DCI Oversize + Black S wedge 56°

TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe 60°

I like to put it approx 10 feet past the pin and rip it back in the hole. Love the backspin! (never quite works out right but it looks so good)

 :taylormade-small: Driver M6 9 Patterson Kinect 

:755178188_TourEdge: Tour Edge Exotic EXS 3 Wood 15 degree 

:taylormade-small: Rescue 3 fairway/hybrid wood 17 degree

:ping-small:  irons i-500 4-W Project X LZ 5.5 

:taylormade-small: Wedges,  Mill Grind 2- 50 degree, 56 degree, 60 degree HI-Toe

:cameron-small:  Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter Super Stroke grip

:Snell: MTB-X optic yellow

VESSEL  bag Player stand 2.0 

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Tim/ Iowa

10 Handicap

Current Wedges: r11 AW 50* & RTX 2.0 56*

Favorite Wedge Shots: Greens around here are pretty soft do a good 1 hop and check from 35 yards as well as 100 Yard 3/4 50* is lethal.

Driver:  Ben Hogan GS53
3W:  Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead 2
2i: Maltby KE4 FDI 
4-PW:  Maltby TS-1 - C-Taper 120g 
50º: Maltby TSW

56º:  Cleveland RTX-2 
60º: Maltby Tour Grind MG
Putter:  Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball

Ball: Snell MTB X
Other: Arccos (first year lets see how it goes)
Handicap: 5.9  -  Best Score: 73 (1 over) Bryan Park - Players Course, Greensboro NC -2020

2020 MGS Forum Tester - Ben Hogan GS53 Driver

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First Name/State - Victor / CA

Handicap: 13.4

Current Brand Wedges Played: Titleist Vokey SM7

Your favorite type of wedge shot: Low, quick stop

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Isaac Liang/ Chino, CA

HDCP: 1.8

Titleist SM6 60/08 and SM7 56/10 and 50/08 bent to 51*

3/4 flighted shot into wind that takes one hop then stops. But then again, any shot with a wedge is a real joy.

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Hi!  The timing of this is impeccable as I am currently in the market for new wedges and the RTX 4's were on my list to consider.

First Name/State = Josh Vorrasi, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Handicap = 8

Current Brand Wedges Played = Mizuno

Your favorite type of wedge shot = 70 yard three quarter wedge shot.  Requires precision and feel. Preferably when it is setting up a birdie putt.

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1. Kyle-Indiana

2. 18 HDCP

3. 53-Cleveland 588 Tour Action, 56-Nike Wedge, 60-Titleist Oil Can Vokey

4. Bump and Run


Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3-PW, Steel, Stiff flex

Driver: Mizuno ST180, Regular Flex, usually play 9.5

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Mallet

Right Handed

Fishers, Indiana

HDCP: 18

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Rob, SC

Handicap is 17

Current Brand Wedges Played: Cleveland

Your favorite type of wedge shot: Love to (attempt) hit a 70 yard two hop and stop pitch.

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16.8 HC

Cobra one length gap and SW

Favorite wedge shot I've pulled off - short-sighted greenside sand trap with a pin placed two steps from it.  Opened up the wedge, full swing and almost holed it out.  Had enough juice to spin and stop it 3"  from the pin.



What's In This Lefty's Bag?

Driver: :cobra-small: F8 9.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 65g shaft 

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 3W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :titelist-small: 2021 T200's 4-GW AMT RED shafts Regular Flex

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Three 5

Ball:  :titelist-small:  PRO V1X

RangeFinder:918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro

Social Media:

Facebook:   md golfhacker
Twitter:        @mdgolfhacker
Instagram:   mdgolfhacker

 Currently Testing:  2021:titelist-small: T200's (https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/19-test-in-progress-titleist-t-series-irons/?do=findReview&review=38)


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On 7/11/2019 at 10:10 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Patrick / Wisconsin

Handicap - 4

Current Brand Wedges Played - Titleist Vokey 60, 56, 52

Your favorite type of wedge shot - green side with 56 degree, high lob, roll in for eagle/birdie.



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Adam from Texas

15 handi

Calaway mack daddy 52

RTX 3 56 2-dot

I love those beautiful flop shops over a greenside bunker or up a hill to a tucked pin that just drop and stop.

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Chris - California

Handicap: 8.6

Current Wedges:

      60* - Cleveland RTX 2.0

      54* - Taylormade Tour Preferred EF wedge

Favorite type of wedge shot: Low spinner inside of 40 yards off tight lie.

Love to try out the new Raw finish wedges!


Driver:      Titleist 917D3 9.5, Fuji Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74 s-flex

Fairway:   Cobra Fly-z+ 15* x-flex
Irons:        Ping i25 4-PW (yellow dot), dynamic gold X100
Wedges:   Cleveland RTX 2.0 60*, TaylorMade TP EF 54*
Putter:       Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2, name stamped, II black oxide finish

Grips:        Golf Pride New Decade Midsize +2 wraps

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TJ, Maryland


Cleveland RTX 3 CB 60 and 56 degree, Original RTX 588 52 degree

Little clamp down half shot, bump and run.

Driver: PING G410 Plus 9* w/ Ping Tour 173-65 X-Stiff

3w: Cobra Speed LD w/ Stock Reg Shaft (Really need an upgrade here)

3h: Ping i20 20* w/ Project X Black 6.0

Irons: Srixon Z 355 w/ Reg Flex Shafts (Love the club head, want more rigid shafts)

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 60*, 56*, 52*

Putter: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 2 Black Pearl

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