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Clever Caddie / Upright Caddy Golf Cart


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Several years ago, I stumbled across a product called "The Upright Caddy".  In short, it's a push golf cart where the clubs sit straight up and down, similar to the way the sit in a golf cart.

Absolutely loved it, I bought the original 3-wheel version, then the updated 4-wheel version.  Upright Caddy was bought out and renamed to "Clever Caddie" a few years later.599824975_clevercaddie.thumb.jpg.cd8a33d70484ed78579e01f8e73ad9df.jpg

To make a long story short, when I recently moved - my wife mistakenly threw out some of the components - specifically the wheels from the 3-wheel version and the spare parts from the 4-wheel version.  No biggy, right?  I'm over-due for a new cart anyhow...

Well, the company has apparently gone under.  They used to sell the carts on RockBottomGolf.com, but it was seemingly as drop-shipment and they didn't actually have any in stock.

Anyone know what happened to them? Or maybe someone who used to work there and knows of a secret stash?  I've searched all over Google, eBay and Amazon with no luck.

I've included a picture - really love this cart, too bad it never really caught on!!

-- P.J.

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I do have a Clever Caddy upright push cart, it is the four wheel original version in blue and in pristine condition, I only used it a few times but now I mostly ride, so the retail price when I purchased it was $250.00 but because I did use it I would be willing to sell it if you are interested the price would be $200.00 plus shipping cost. it weighs about 15 pounds. email me and I can send you some pics. I will also be putting this on Ebay. Thanks

Whats in my bag let's see I have Cobra Irons and fairway metals and Tour Edge C721 driver and a BioMech armlock putter, I use Taylormade TP5 and 5x golf balls.

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