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Help on club decision

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Hello Everyone!


My dilemma today is that currently, I am playing with only 13 clubs and am looking for something to fill that last spot. I am currently playing; Driver, 3-Wood, 3-P irons, 54*, 60* and putter. So I am turning to you guys for advice on what should fill my last spot. I was currently leaning towards a 2 hybrid maybe and if not then another wedge.



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Really depends on your yardage gaps. Analyze your bag from driver to 60* wedge...jot down all your average yardages for each club. This will be the best place to start...I think you might find that you might want to swap a couple clubs out and add a couple that fill the gaps more efficiently.


Often times golfers also don't analyze the clubs they almost never hit in the bag as well. There might be a club that is never being hit that you could take out and replace with two clubs that benefit your game more.


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i agree with the above - just to add, there should be a 8-12 yard gap with each club:


I like to take it one further and know my stock yardage and my max yardage - you'll notice my stock distance and max for the club under it are close, always giving me an overlap option.


min yardage is relatively useless, cause i can always take more off with a club and hit it shorter. the really important clubs to me are full swing scoring clubs - pw / 9i/ 8i / 7i / 6i




LW - 60 >

SW - max - 110 stock - 97

AW - max - 130 stock - 118

PW - max - 140 stock - 134

9iron - max - 153 stock - 142

8iron - max - 168 stock - 153

7iron - max - 177 stock - 166

6iron - max - 186 stock - 177

5iron - max - 204 stock - 190

4iron - max - 220 stock - 204

3iron - max - 233 stock - 215

2iron - max - 245 stock - 230

3w - max - 270 stock - 250

Dr - max - Done have one lol stock - 305


A great drill is to be able to hit every iron in the bag at the 150 yard flag on the range. from 2i to sw


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