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Ship Sticks .. A+ for customer service.

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Took a trip from NY to CO recently and used Ship Sticks to get two sets of clubs .. all packed into one big cardboard box (paid for the "XL" weight) .. door to door, house to hotel and back.

Clubs arrived at the scheduled time at the hotel and were held for us.

On the return trip, though, we hit a small snag ... after packing everything back up into the box and carting it up to the hotel concierge desk early on the day of our departure ... the next morning I received a call (from a live person, not a recording and not just an email) from Ship Sticks saying they had not picked up my box.

After confirming that I had the Fed Ex shipping label clearly taped on the outside of the box, and it was in the hands of hotel staff, the Ship Sticks rep took the initiative to call the hotel directly to review the issue.

As it turns, the following day I *again* got a call from Ship Sticks - still no pick up..... Again, they called the hotel directly.

The happy ending (😆) is that the clubs that were originally supposed to have gone out on a Thursday and been delivered home the following Tuesday .. and even after the two business days' delay in pick up .. were still delivered home on the original promised date!!

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Just after I hit "Submit" on ^that post^ the phone rang - it's Ship Sticks! They told me the hotel, feeling guilty I guess, replaced my label with their own 2-Day Express label .. and that Ship Sticks is refunding my return trip payment!!

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On 7/23/2019 at 9:07 AM, cksurfdude said:


Just after I hit "Submit" on ^that post^ the phone rang - it's Ship Sticks! They told me the hotel, feeling guilty I guess, replaced my label with their own 2-Day Express label .. and that Ship Sticks is refunding my return trip payment!!

Seems only fair, and the A+ should be for the hotel fixing for free their screwup.

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    • By Twoputts2AZ
      New Traveling Member:
      In the attached picture you will see a bent Stiff Arm by Club Glove, all I can say is without it my Florida Golf trip last week would have cost me more then a few lost golf balls. I travel a lot for work, rarely to I bring my clubs along. this past week I played in a Custom Homes Builders event in Orlando. My Stiff Arm saved my R-1 and maybe some other clubs.
      If you travel with your sticks a $30.00 could save you hundreds...

      In Early November, I traveled to Carlsbad, California, to visit the top three equipment manufactures in the area. Now, I am from Minneapolis, and my home golf course is closed for the season. There is no way I'm traveling to Southern California and not playing a couple rounds of golf, mixing business with pleasure. I don't care if you are trying to squeeze some golf in on a business trip, or planning a golf getaway, there is nothing worse than lugging your clubs in a travel case. Think about it for a minute. It's a pain in the crotch to say the least. Into the car, the ticket counter, baggage claim, the car rental shuttle, the rental car, your hotel, on and on. 45 pounds of misery, only to do it all again on the way home. If you're traveling with a couple buddies, you better be renting a mini-van.
      This time around, I decided I have had enough and was going to ship my clubs. I contacted Ship Sticks, and it was one of the best travel experiences I have had involving golf. Ship Sticks contracts with two companies: UPS and FedEx. That's it. They receive a volume discount, and pass the savings along to the consumer. The result is, you pay a lower rate than walking into a UPS or FedEx location to ship on your own.
      The process is simple. Contact Ship Sticks by telephone or fill out their online form. The rate you pay is determined by your home or shipping location, and your destination. Since I was leaving from Minneapolis to San Diego, ground shipping is $60 each way, for $120 total round trip. This includes $1,000 in insurance, and you can purchase more if needed. Expedited shipping options are also available if you are shipping less than five days out. Based on my route, UPS was the contracted carrier. Ship Sticks prepares a pre-printed UPS Label for both shipments, and sends it directly via email. I packed my clubs into a hard sided travel case, taped the label on with clear box tape, and brought my clubs into a UPS Store near my house. My clubs were shipped directly to the La Costa Golf Resort in Carlsbad, CA. You can track them with the standard UPS tracking number however, Ship Sticks will send you an email once they arrive at your destination. When I arrived at the course, the staff knew exactly where my clubs were, and the process was flawless.
      The last course I played on my trip was Torrey Pines. At the conclusion of play, I packed them up in the hard sided travel case again, taped the label on the box, and left them with the staff. The following day, UPS picked them up on their regular stop at the course, and they were on their way back to my front door. Simple service to use, and the added cost is worth the convenience.
      Obviously, it is more cost effective to pay the baggage fee at approximately $50-60 round trip. For the extra $60, I found Ship Sticks to be well worth the cost to avoid the headache of the process involved with lugging the clubs to and from your destination. I appreciated the fact that I could send them right in the travel case, it was easy to set-up, and the operation was flawless from start to finish. If you are planning a winter golf getaway this winter, Ship Sticks is worth the splurge. You've been lugging your clubs around long enough, take a break and enjoy travel without them.
      After this experience, I'll never travel check my bags at the airport again.

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