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 Have You heard of or signed up for Golfgrade? I'm unsure where I picked up this site or started receiving their emails. I thought from another web subscription as in when I select to receive contact from affiliated sponsors. It is def not from Golf Pass, Now, or the Golf Channel family. The premise is sign up and get selected to test from a wide array of golf products. The latest was sign up for testing Omni products and their own Graphene laced shafts and gain 20yds over major OEMs, any person registering to test will receive a sleeve of ProV1s. I signed up and just today received a call confirming my registration, email, home address and requesting card information for shipping. nI politely declined and was then offered to test any number of woods or hybrids, solely for feedback purposes b/c you know they really want my two cents on these revolutionary clubheads and especially this proprietary graphene laced in-house shaft. Great! I am special and only need to put a $193.00 hold on my card, per club, while I test. Completely refundable if and when I choose to return the (limited release, completely underground) equipment. I dig the concept of testing through the masses who will eventually make or break your gear though feel comfortable at this time having passed on the "opportunity" to shell out money in providing a time consuming diagnostic for any company. What do You think? Imagine the blank white sleeves of balls marked with poker card symbols attached to a postage due ticket and a please return them if you haven't hit a tree or cart path note. Have You partaken in testing with this company? Is this a golf company or a research company? Investigation has not proven either way in limited, w/out social media, searches. So I ask from us here about Golf Grade and if putting holds on cards is proper for testing?

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I got the same phone call from them once I signed up to their site. I don't know where the emails started from however I did pay their $3.95 shipping and got a sleeve of ProV1's so from that aspect I got a sleeve for $3.95. I turned down their offer to send me "custom built" clubs for me to test and I'm keeping a watch on my card number in case it gets used for something else. They claimed they would custom build the clubs for me based on a few questions. Since I have been fitted for clubs before, I believe there's no way you can be fit for clubs by just answering a few questions over the phone. So I told them I wasn't in a position to pay out $500 + dollars for a set of irons to test for 45 days with the promise of a full refund if I returned them. Of course they claim they would be so good that I would want to keep them in my bag. I highly doubt I would want them that bad as the difference in clubs these days is purely personal preference in my opinion. I haven't had any other calls from them since I turned down their offer to test their clubs. So, if I see strange happenings on my card that is traced to them, I'll post here again. 

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I signed up, but based on the above, it seems like something I want nothing to do with.

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