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Sweet Spot on Irons

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 I noticed that on the new Titleist irons the center of gravity (sweet spot) appears to be toward the toe (based upon the position of the weights when viewed on the back of the club). Is that so? 

 I tend to hit my irons toward the toe no matter how I set up or swing (yet still a 14 hdcp - 70 yrs old). Are there clubs that have the sweet spot a little toward the toe? 


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Due to the weight of the hosel, a lot of irons and wedges tend to have a CG (sweet spot) located closer to the heel, but a common trend with irons anymore is to move CG closer to the middle of the face. This can be done in a variety of ways such as making clubs with shorter hosels, removing material from the hosel, or placing additional weight somewhere toward the toe of the club. Most OEMs seem to just choose the last option.

The Titleist T-200 & T-300 irons are utilizing a new technology they call Max Impact. You can read up on the details here: https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-t100-t200-t300-iron-review/ along with tungsten in the heel and toe to maximize MOI. Rest assured though, what you call "weights" are nothing of the sort and that the optimal impact location will still be somewhere toward the middle of the club.

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Just tested T200 and 300. The 300 definitely has their “Max Impact” polymer rebound point nearer center/toe. Toe hits seemed to still perform pretty well

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