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Chisag's High End BOGO Shaft Sale!!!

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.. Here is a very unique sale for you guys. Buy one shaft and get one shaft free!!! I have a lot of high end shafts I will probably never use again and they need a good home. Some are truly One Of A Kind shafts. So pick a shaft from List A and choose a FREE shaft from List B. As always $20 shipping included.


Aldila NV Extreme 70s. 42.5" Very rare shaft designed by John Oldenburg but was too expensive to bring out for retail sale. $99 shipped!
Aldila ONE MLT  65s. 42.8" Never offered for sale so a true one of a kind shaft. Again designed by John Oldenburg and he really thought his would be a very successful shaft combining the best attributes of the ONE and the VS Proto. Beautiful color scheme. $99 shipped! SOLD!!!
Legendary Ozik Matrix Code 6s tipped 1/2". 42"  The Code 6 features a heavier tip section that promotes momentum and more head feel. The mid section is where things get interesting. Code 6 has 50 count boron placed 10-12" from the butt of the shaft for a special "hinge" in the mid section for a very high moment of inertia. $99 shipped! 
UST I.T Inertial Transfer shaft. 42.25" Another unique offering that has a Titanium weave in the butt end and is very counter balanced designed to be played at 44". Heaver shaft that swings much lighter due to the counter balance design. Fred Couples played this shaft for years. Excellent shaft for stronger swingers or hard hitters. $99 shipped!
Even Flow Black 6.0s. 42.5" Killer smooth feeling shaft with low launch and low spin, a unique combo. $99 shipped! SOLD!!!
Even Flow Blue 6.0s with Arccos grip! 42.75" Very smooth feeling mid launch mid spin shaft. $89 shipped! 
Even Flow Blue 5.5r 42.1"  tipped to play between R and S. Very smooth feeling mid launch mid spin shaft. $79 shipped!
HZRDUS RED 6.0s. 41.75" Awesome fairway wood shaft with mid spin and mid launch. $79 shipped!
Aldila Rogue Black 60s. 42.6" On of my all time favorite shafts played by Jordan Spieth among many others. Mid launch and mid spin. $79 shipped!


LIST B ... choose any shaft for FREE when purchasing any shaft from LIST A above! 

Harrison SAGA 60s. 43.25" One of the straightest shafts ever made. Excellent feel and very accurate.  SOLD!!!
Harrison Eclipse 60s. 41.75" Adding to the accuracy of the SAGA, Harrison built a shaft designed for distance. Great feel and distance.
Aldila Pink NV 85s. 46" New Uncut shaft! 
Aldila DVS 80s. 40.5" Perfect for a 5 wood or hybrid. 
Aldila Voodoo RVS7. 42.75" Another awesome driver or fairway wood shaft built off the DVS platform for higher launch. 
Aldila RIP Alpha 60s. Red Eye. 42" One of he first low launch low spin shafts with a smoother feelSOLD!!!
Kurp Kage Black 60s. 42.1" Smooth feeling mid launch mid spin shaft.  





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... SALE PENDING. These should go quickly so take advantage of the BOGO before they are all gone. 

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... MLT and EF Black have been SOLD!

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... Even Flow Black and RIP Alpha are SOLD! Plenty of shafts left for this Buy One Get One FREE sale!!!

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