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... Today I have a very simple tip that can have dramatic effects, even in the middle of your round. I have said before that my wife has a tendency to try and lift her shots with an iron, or wedge in her short game.  She subconciously thinks she has to help "lift" the ball into the air. She takes a beautiful practice swing with her weight on her front foot with her rear foot balanced on her toe. Then she  takes her "real swing" and all too often she never shifts her weight to her front foot and ends up with more weight on her back foot, her heel barely getting off the ground because she is falling back and lifting. Obviously this is a mental error as she just took a near perfect practice swing but her brain gets in the way when trying to hit a ball and "lift" it in the air. 

... I am always hesitant to give her swing thoughts in the middle of a round, but yesterday she was a little frustrated because she was really killing it off the tee, leaving herself shorter shots into greens. But then she would hit a poor iron shot, either hitting it fat or thin because she was lifting. I gave her only one thought and that was "freeze your follow thru". The reason players lift is they are concentrating on their shot, not their technique. For better players, thinking about the shot and not the technique is extremely important. But for higher index players, those still learning or just those that struggle with irons shots, the exact opposite is true. Concentrate on the technique and not the shot, because concentrating on the shot is what causes you to help lift the ball in the air. For my wife, the difference was immediate. Shifting her focus to 1) trying to replicate her practice swing while 2) focusing on finishing with her weight on her front foot and her rear foot balanced on her toe. This removed her subconscious thoughts of lifting and replaced them with swinging correctly. 

... Her first few shots were a little forced, willing herself to get her weight on her front foot, but quickly she recognized her shots were going higher and farther and of course she was making better ball contact. She is determined and a hard worker so she kept her focus on her finish, not the shot and had her best ball striking day ever! If you are struggling with hitting the ball off the ground, I would recommend you do the same. Do your very best to replicate your practice swing and FREEZE your finish. The feedback is immediate and most will begin making better contact and hitting better shots. I see many high index players either leaning back thru impact or actually stepping/falling backwards attempting to lift the ball in the air. Freezing your finish will be very helpful and can be a game changer. 

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Good tip Chisag - simple and effective.

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Ha, I should heed my own advice .. I try to tell my wife to "swing through to a big finish .. and hold it!"

But another great - and understandable and doable - tip .. thanks!!!

Relative to Mrs. Chisag's iron error - which I also still have a tendency to commit - my thought/effort/"feel" is the left arm stiff and straight and extending and the club face driving down and through the ball.

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