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How much change in your bag this season?

Finding what works (see thread for scoring rules)  

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  1. 1. How many points do you get for keeping your bag consistent this season?

    • 0-4: I change clubs more often than socks.
    • 5-8: Every piece of equipment is always on notice.
    • 9-12: Liking gear is part of liking golf.
    • 13-16: Steady-ish.
    • 17-20: I've found what works for me

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majority of my bag has been consistent.

irons - p790 4i to pw

wedges - 52/56 vokey, 60 TM hi toe

putter - TM spider

shoes - jordans and nike tour

now for the changes

driver - went from TM M3 to Ping G400Max and finally to Cobra F9

FW - went from TM M4 HL to Cobra F9

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Alright lets see if I can get this right.

Driver: I upgraded this year from the 2016 M2 (which I bought when my first son was born) to an M4 (which I bought because my 2nd son was born)

Putter: I went from the original Odyssey O-Works #7 to the new Odyssey Strokelab #7.



Driver: Taylormade M4 9.5*

FW: Taylormade M2 (2017) 15*

Hybrid: Titleist 915 19*

Irons: Taylormade RSI 1 4-SW

Wedge: Taylormade MG Milled 60*

Putter: Odyssey Strokelab #7 Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0

All my woods, irons, and wedges have the Lamkin UTX Cord Midsize Grip.

I am looking at 14/20 points.  I have the same range finder and shoes for the past two years.  Changed balls mid-season and had to get a different glove last time because of a hole in the palm and they did not have the same glove in stock at the pro shop.


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What if I've played the same clubs for the last two years?  Bonus points or revoking my club ho man card??😁😂😅

Only new thing is the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges I'm testing for MGS.  Same balls for the past several years (srixon z*stars) irons are still the Cobra F8's, fww and driver is also the F8's from last year's Cobra connect challenge. I've had the same 3 shoes for the past 4 years (although the Nike's are falling apart).  Purchased gloves in a bulk 10 pack quite a few years ago from the bay so I have plenty of them (a glove usually lasts a season for me unless I lose it).  Putter..rotated in an old putter for the last half of the season but before that the Bettenardi C03 had been in the bag for years so I figure I'm around 18.5/20



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Driver: Cobra F6 9.5

3wood: Cobra F6 14.5 

2H: Nike VR Pro 18 degrees

4H: Cobra F7 21.5 degrees

Irons: Wilson Staff V6 5-PW

Wedges: after bagging a mixed set of Nike VR and WS PMP, I went 52,56, and 60 on Cleveland Golf RTX 4

Putter: I switch between my Cleveland Elevado and a cheap lefty Wilson putter I found(I like to putt lefty every know and then)

Ball: Srixon ZStar

Device: some Nikon thing

Shoes: Puma Turfjoys or something...

Glove: $10 every month


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Let's see... The only club changes I made this year were the wedges (thanks MGS & Bridgestone). I changed the ball once my supply of Snell MTB-Blacks ran out. Other than that, I've purchased 2 pairs of shoes (adding not replacing anything) and recently added SuperSpeed Golf to my bag. Everything else is the same.

So... 14 or 15/20 depending on whether SuperSpeed counts against me.

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I replaced my whole bag early this season and kept it fairly consistent, changed shafts in the woods back to the Oban shafts I played previously and switched out wedges. 


That being said, I have a new set of Titleist irons and utility irons on order.

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This feels unfair because I got approval from the wife to replace my entire bag this year (she gave me a check for Christmas that said "For: New Golf Clubs, Amount: A Bunch" 😂 ) but here goes: 

  • Clubs - see signature for details
    • 3W, driving iron, and all three three wedges are unchanged from the end of last season (5 pts)
    • Driver: upgraded the head because of cosmetic damage, kept the same shaft (0.5 pts?). But I have another custom shaft on order, so... (-0.5 pts)
    • Putter: I did upgrade to EvnRoll, but I've been using putters designed by Guerin Rife for a few years now (used a Rife back in the day, switched to some other things for a few years, then discovered Guerin Tour Spec a couple years ago, using that until I picked up my EvnRoll). 
    • Irons: Same brand. Newer model. Better shafts (for me). Goal was to pick up a few yards - it worked. 
  • Bag: replaced over the winter, picking up a Vice Force because it's waterproof. Used it from day 1 this season, so technically a point. (1 pt)
  • Glove: I use a variety, but did not change this year -- I'm continuing to work down my stockpile of Under Armour, Vice, and Golf Gods gloves that I bought in bulk last year (1 pt)
  • Distance Device: Still have the Bushnell Hybrid GPS/Laser. I tried a bunch of tracking devices including a new one this year, but I'm off those for now, so it counts. (1 pt)
  • Ball: Again, a variety. Not anything I find (I usually just toss the found ones into the fairway for others to scoop up), but mostly consistent with the variety. I did try some new models this year though... (0 pts)
  • Shoes: Nope. I went through some new Pumas that I didn't like, picked up some True Linkswear (used more as casual than golf), and ultimately picked up two pairs of New Balance that mostly matched a pair I already had (1 Minimus, 1 Minimus SL). I'm pretty set on these now, so next year I should get the point. (0 pts)
  • Wildcard: I go through too many ball markers and similar accessories to take this point. This year I picked up a few things from Eyeline (swing and putter aids), tried GameGolf Pro, picked up some frivolous things like a Birdicorn, Happy Gilmore towels, and new headcovers. (0 pts)

Technically 8 points. It should be quite a bit higher next year. 

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Driver- Srixon Z 785 w/ Hand Crafted HZRDUS Black replaced Mizuno JPX900 with Speeder Evolution II 569


3 Wood- Srixon Z F85 w/ Hand Crafted HZRDUS Red replaces Mizuno ST180.


Hybrids- Mizuno JPX 900 w/ Fujikura Pro (3&4). Still in the bag from the beginning of the year.


Irons- 5-PW. Bridgestone J15 CB. Favorite clubs of all time and never leaving my bag until they break.


Wedges- 50,54,58. Mizuno S18. Still in the bag. Was on the fence as I thought of trying glide 2.0 but staying with the Boron.


Putter- Machine putter. Not leaving the bag any time soon as well.


Bag- Ping Hoofer. Had for almost two years now. Great bag.


Glove- have no particular loyalty. Grab whatever and play


Ball- Bridgestone tour replaces chrome soft.



Summary- replaces driver, 3 wood and ball. This is actually the least amount of changes for myself in quite a while. Don’t see any changes for next year as well



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I'm at the high end of steady-ish. I went through a few different glove models, and after doing a ball test early in the year had a couple of ball changes before finding the current gamer. Everything else has been the same.

Now, I definitely have my fingers crossed for the G410 iron test that is about to announce. Just sayin'.

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So my set has only had 1 club change this year.

Titleist 915 D2 replaced by Titleist TS2

Fairway: Titleist 915 F 18* (delofted to 17*)

Hybrids: Titleist 816 H1 23* and 21* (delofted to 20*)

Titleist 716 AP1s (5-W)

Vokey SM5 52* F grind, SM5 56* S grind

Cameron Futura M7X

Titleist Stand Bag

Ball: Titleist ProV1x, but just picked up some Bridgestone Tour BX to try 

2 Pairs of Addidas shoes 1 black, 1 gray... dont know the model

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