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JUST ARRIVED! - Odyssey ProType PT10 "Black Ops"

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Just another putter that pays no homage to Karsten Solheim much like Scotty Cameron,Bettinardi you name it. There has been very little progress in technology other than these so called things that make the ball roll straighter. What people don't realize is that all you have to do is take off loft from 4 degrees to 2 degrees and the ball will roll more effectively.4 degrees was incorporated because of green conditions. The green conditions of 70s are rougher than the fairways on today's courses.So 4 degrees is no longer needed.So take some loft off and have more direct roll. The OEMs won't tell you that because they have to sell more product. Should I get off my soap box???????

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I am gonna bring this thread back to life by adding few of my person experience with my PT10.


Since 2012 Winter, I shopped around specifically for MILLED putter. Everyone that I know recommended me with their Scotty Cameron putters. Few recommended PING but nobody even mentioned about Odyssey ProType. It's been such a long time since I shop for putter, I didn't even know Odyssey started producing ProType putters. Every time I visited my local Golftown and nearby Golfsmith, I tried SC and PING. No word of lie, I probably spent 6-8 hours in total putting around the shop since Christmas of 2012. I just couldn't fall in love with neither SC or Anser putters. Then I saw Odyssey limited T1 putter which I fell in love with but sold before I made my mind up. So last week, I finally decided I was either buying White Hot Pro or X-metal putter. But when I got to Golftown, I found ProType between Seemore putters. Since I never considered Seemore putters, I didn't bother looking at their rack. Don't know what happened that day but I was curious to try out FGP, which lead me to ProType.


Between all those silver ProTypes, I found one black PVC matte finished ProType. When all other ProTypes were close to Ping Anser 4 price, this black PVC matte finish PT10 was "somehow" priced at 1/2 of other ProTypes..................... BANG! POW! WACK!


When I was finally awake again, I was happily handing over $$$ to a beautiful cashier.



Whatever I said aside, PT10 is milled with such a precision, it is almost customized putter.

Milled face is not as deep as SC but more protruding than Anser. Feel is a bit crisper than SC yet soft enough to distinguish the well struck putt. Sound is what arouse me the most. Refreshing yet humbling "TH~I~NG" sound is amazing. Sight line is somewhat standout point of this putter. Wish it was painted in black instead of white. I really don't use sight line much but it is a nice to have feature.


Ball rolls almost TRUE as soon as it makes contact with PT10. Maybe because it is due to 3 degree face instead of 2 degree like SC. I wish I could order PT10 with 2 degree face but this difference can be "forgettable".


I don't know how heavy the putter is but I believe it is lighter than 350g. It should be 340-343g on 35".


Like some of you mentioned, I was never ready to spend $300+ for a putter. I could never justify it. I really didn't have any problem sinking balls in halls with my $100 White Hot XG. Yet, I can see NOW why people are willing to cough out $$$ to purchase milled putters. Luckily I spent 1/2 of what retail price tag yet I know I can definitely say I am willing to spend that $$$ for ODYSSEY not just Scotty Cameron or Ping. Not Brand Loyalty but the craftsmanship and privilege of owning masterpiece is well worth the money.



THanks for the great preview/review

Driver: Callaway RAZR FIT 9.5 with Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 Stiff

Wood: Titleist 910FD 13.5 with Aldila RIP Reg

Hybrids: Ping G10 15 with TFC stiff; Titleist 910H 24 with MR Ahina Stiff

Iron: Nike VR II Pro Combo 5-PW

Wedges: Ping G15 54 degree, Scratch 8620 56 degree, Cleveland Tour Action 900 60 degree low bounce

Putter: Odyssey ProType PT10

Ball: Bridgestone B330 or/and Titleist V1

Glove: Callaway Diablo

Shoes: Adidas Powerband 3.0

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