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SK7 Standalone Putter


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On 12/23/2019 at 1:01 PM, ACslater said:

I think it would slow down pace of play on the greens.  I can see a few of the people I play with spending too much time with lining it up and such.  

I used to play with a guy in the 90s who had one of the earlier models, now a guy that plays in our weekly scramble has bought one and I am seeing the same thing as before.   Both wait/waited until their turn to begin the lining up process and always it takes at least 2 tries to get the line up satisfactory to their liking.  Then when they miss the putt they blame the alignment everytime, lol.  I agree that this is a gimmick and I truly believe that it slows play some too. 

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Hi Guys. I read the first 20 or so comments on the Sk7 and I was really amused at the quick wit and the  full on criticism of the club and the people they've seen using it . I know many golfers are blessed with a great sense of  golf humor that's been  honed and fine tuned over endless rounds of busting balls but I was really looking to hear from someone who has actually played with the club.  It's OK if you bust my chops over this request but at least end up with an actual review of the club from a real user.  On the other hand if you just want to give me a real users opinion without the ball busting that's ok too. Thanks.. Ides

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Nice review of the S7K by CPG

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I do basically the same thing as the S7K putter self standing putter and it probably looks weird to some guys however at first but my playing partners are all used to me doing it.

I plumb bob then kind of I align my Odyssey Marksman blade putter behind the ball, keep my finger/hand on the end of the the putter then step right behind the ball lining up the putter to my intended line.  Helps me putt much better as I just don't see the line as well at address. 

Give it a try as my putter and yours too is way better than S7K in quality as i then get the same benefits.

Slow play,..NOT as without taking practice strokes it is equal to or less time than my friends putting routines.

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Sorry, never saw one only the commercial.

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My wife bought one of these and I decided to give it a try yesterday.  The putter is pretty crappy itself and I don't like the feel at all, but the concept is not a gimmick.  It took no more time to line it up that any other putter.  The idea that it would slow up play is a canard.   I ended up with one of my better putting days in quite a while.  I actually made some birdie putts outside of 5 feet for a change.  I'm giving this putter back to my wife but have decided to order a Bloodline mallet which is the same concept but clearly is of higher quality and better design.  Whether I can get used to the different feel is another matter.  

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