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Ditching the Driver, Help

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46 minutes ago, TwoCoatsOfWax said:

All good points and I generally agree.  I'm not inclined to use a DI that's why I suggested hybrids and/or (cheaper) used clubs earlier. 

But I think it's a slight disservice to a high handicapper to state just take lessons and get better.  IMO, that doesn't offer much advice.  Although true, it's a blanket answer that applies to almost any situation/question.  Maybe a DI will work for him or swinging one might help him hone in his driver/FW swing.  I don't know, I can't say for sure.  Anyway, I'll get off my soap box and put the issue to bed. 

I look forward to hearing an update from JohnBarry on his progress.


I don’t think it’s a disservice to a high hdcp. 

There are lots of ways to high or mid cappers get their cap. Generally they fall into a few categories or a combo of them. Good/decent off the tee but not so much with irons, wedges, putter.  Trouble off the tee (distance and/or dispersion) good with irons and not so go good with short game. Trouble with tee and iron game but ok with short game (I play with several guys like this).

or any combo of above.

DIs as stated above are designed for the higher swing speed player who is good at striking their irons and prefer an iron look over a hybrid.

For a high or mid cap who doesn’t have a lot of swing speed won’t benefit from a DI and maybe even more penalized. As you and others mention this is what hybrids are for and usually serve that player better because they are designed to get in the air and have a larger sweet spot aiding in forgiveness.



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I'm single figs- played well today but the really bad holes came via Driver- I was using a Demo one until I get fitted, so I gave it back today as I'm just not comfortable with huge heads these days and some drivers swing weight feels really heavy.

Just going to stick with a 4 wood as my longest club  until I see a fitter.

I'm posting just to say it's not just high h/cappers that get affected, maybe you could get a fitting combined with a lesson which might work well to find the head/shaft combo that matches your swing.

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