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Oakley Servodrive Golf Shoes (Review)

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Oakley Golf Servodrive Golf Shoes – A MyGolfSpy.Com Review



What do you want in a pair of golf shoes?

Golf fashion is definitely something that players have very strong opinions about. Perhaps you are a fan Payne Stewart's classic look and the loud colors of John Daly's wardrobe makes you cringe. We all have formed some opinion about Ricky Fowlers' mega-orange Puma wear on the course. Aesthetics aside though, I think we all seek the same thing in our golf wear; clothing that is functional while we play golf with perhaps a touch of style on the side.


Golf shoes are no different, of course. Again we have the range in styles from the classics to sandals, and even Crocs with spikes. And just like with other clothing, we want our shoes to be comfortable and perform. Unlike a new shirt or shorts though, golf shoes represent a significant investment and because of this many players, like myself, find a shoe or brand of shoes that works and we stick with it. I am typically reluctant to risk new shoe money (and greens fees) on a shoe brand I have not used previously. Even if that brand is Oakley, a brand I have trusted for decades for sunglasses.


My relationship with Oakley began with Oakley-2 BMX grips on my bike when I was about 12 years old and has continued through numerous pairs of sunglasses including my current XX X-metals that I absolutely love. Even with this level of brand loyalty, I was a bit skeptical when I picked up a pair of Oakley's Servodrive golf shoes for review. Silly me thought that manufacturing great eyewear would not translate into making quality shoes. As you will see, life can be filled with surprises.


Review: Oakley Servodrive Golf Shoes

Aesthetics (20 Points)

So I opened this review by stating that the appearance of clothing and shoes is definitely subject to one's personal interpretation. I still think that is true, but these shoes look awesome. As you can see from the photos, the pair I had for review was black with black accents. While I am not too keen on some of the other color offerings (silver and white), I love the black and black. To me, these just have an aura of power. Lacing them up the first time was almost like the first time I laced up my Air Jordans in 1986. Comparing them to that iconic shoe is intentional, and again personal. Both just looked awesome to me. Just like the Air Jordan's made me feel ready to dunk, the Servodrives got me pumped to hit that first tee 300-yard drive. Just for the record, the first dunk and the 300-yard drive have still yet to occur…

Aesthetics Score: 20/20



Fit (20 Points)

The pair of shoes that I received was size 11 US. I typically wear a 10.5 wide or 11 to order to compensate for what the wife calls my “freakishly-wide” feet. So maybe my folks should have been a little more diligent binding my feet when I was young. Needless to say, finding shoes that fit my flippers has been a challenge on occasion. The Oakley Servodrives fit great right out of the box, only an expected touch long in the toe. What I really like about the shoe's fit is that the heel feels secure, not stuck and that there is ample lateral room in the toe box. I would describe the overall fit as soft and stable. You will want to try them on for yourself though, or purchase online with return options as the shoe may run a bit wider than you are used to.

Fit Score: 19/20


Performance (40 Points)

Looks may open the door in a relationship, but poor performance can close that door in a hurry. Although the shoes fit great and felt great walking around the house, the same level of comfort is not guaranteed once a golf swing becomes involved. Before heading to the course, I wore the Servodrives a couple of times to the practice range. The best compliment I can give them is that I completely forgot about them during the range session. No slipping. No rubbing. No blisters. I only remembered them when I was walking back to the car. After a couple of range sessions and a few hundred balls, I definitely felt confident enough in them to take the Servodrives out to the course (swamp).


For those of you who don't follow northern California weather, this March was characterized by rain. Lots of rain. Where-are-the-plans-for-the-ark lots of rain. Finally, the rain broke long enough to sneak out to the course for a round. Did I mention that it was wet? Knowing this, my main two concerns during play were would the shoes slip and would they leak.


To their credit the Oakley Servodrives did a good job holding me to the ground under very nasty conditions. I did experience some wiggle and slipping here and there, but I am not sure that any shoe could have made it through unscathed. I do feel that my regular shoes (Adidas Tour 360 3.0) do a better job of holding in wet conditions, but that may be due to having another pair of spikes in the heel and a more aggressive sole around the spikes. The Servodrive sole only has eight cleats and not a lot of additional traction topography. It may not be the best choice for truly wet, slippery rounds. However, should it ever dry out here, I think that this shoe will perform great.



Oakley offers a two-year waterproof guarantee with the Servodrives and it does reflect the water-tight nature of the shoes. For you, my MGS readers, I went walking through standing water on the last couple of holes coming in to see if they would leak. I am happy to report that my socks were nice and dry back at the car. Shoes were not quite black anymore, more black with brown splatters. However, they did not leak a drop. In addition, my feet were not abraded or irritated in any way after walking the round.

Performance Score: 35/40


Value (20 Points)

The Oakley web store lists the Servodrive shoes at $90 (free shipping). This prices the shoes at about the same price point as similar offerings from the other manufacturers. Are they an exceptional value compared to Nike, Adidas, Callaway, and the others? Probably not, but they should be considered along with the others when one is looking for a golf shoe at that price. It is worth noting that some of the other brands of shoes only offer a 1-year waterproof warranty for shoes at that price. Longevity remains to be tested throughout the season, but the construction seems sound and I would expect the Servodrives to last at least through the warranty period.

Value Score: 17/20


Total Score: 91/100



While most people know Oakley “makes the shades that transforms a tool”, their golf products remain a bit more unfamiliar. The Oakley Servodrive represents a nice, moderately priced golf shoe that is worth looking at when you are shopping for new kicks.


Volvo Intorqueo


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theyre ugly though. maybe thats just me but they dont appeal to me...

Totally get that. They are a bit blocky if not industrial. I like that about them, but not everyone will.

I think that I like them because they remind me a bit of my trusty Doc Martin's work shoes.



Dr. Martin's golf shoe. Air sole and spikes... :o

Volvo Intorqueo


All the cool kids follow me on twitter: @golfspy_dave


If you are not a cool kid, following me on twitter will make you cool...

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Here is a pair new for $50

Only size 9.5 and 10 medium (D) though



May be last year's model.


Endless (never bought here) has a bunch of sizes for $70 with free 2 Day shipping and free return shipping.


Volvo Intorqueo


All the cool kids follow me on twitter: @golfspy_dave


If you are not a cool kid, following me on twitter will make you cool...

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not my style either xD

I'm more into the adidas sporty look!

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I like the look, and am surprised (pleasantly) that Oakley would offer these at such a great price. The heel doesn't look as blocky as the Asics GSM reviewed... maybe because it's rounded? I don't know, but I could definitely see myself in these.

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TOO BULKY for my taste. also I would feel like I'm wearing high heels after all the spikes/shoes today that are so much flatter/lower to the ground. JMO.

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They are bulky looking, but they did not feel tall or heavy for that matter. Maybe by usual shoes (Tour 360's) are tall too though so I didn't notice.

Volvo Intorqueo


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If you are not a cool kid, following me on twitter will make you cool...

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