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What to do with uncovered shaft?


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Hi, I was swapping a shaft from an old driver to a new one, and the new adapter (for a Cobra F9) is about 3/8" less deep than the previous adapter, exposing about 3/8" of uncovered graphite  (the Aldila NV green shaft has a skin type covering thats been cut back for the glue up to the adapter.

Question is, should I a) cut the tip 3/8" so the exposed driver matches the socket depth, or b) use some heatshrink tube to cover the exposed section and glue it up as is?

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Have you thought about a longer ferrule ?  This will be the best choice.  If the Adapter does not offer longer ferrule, yo can custom make a piece from a fresh ferrule by sliding it over a used ( cut off ) metal shaft when you tip trim, find the right section and cut it with a utility knife.  ( like a section of ring from the ferrule )

If that's out of the question, You could always cover the area with polyurethane paint.   I would cover the area first before installing it. make sure you cover enough area to stay below the ferrule, let dry before installing it.  If you're patient, you can do multi colored covering.

Avoid using quick drying paint.

When I'm Lazy, just cut a piece of black electrical tape and covers it. with a little epoxy to hold the tape in place.

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