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Can someone explain golf shaft frequency to me? I'm about to reshaft a 6 iron with a .370 KBS C-Taper shaft in a stiff flex. The shaft is a parallel tip shaft and has tip trimming instructions and I'm not sure I totally understand the frequency part of it. 


So if i'm reading the guide above correctly would a stiff shaft trimmed to the first portion on that chart essentially be less than a regular flex in a rifle? It's showing a frequency of 4.5 on the chart. The other question I have is what effect does the butt trim have on the frequency of the shaft? Thanks in advance. 

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Don't over think it,

If you don't have a frequency machine don't worry. Follow the trimming instructions and install into the head. Then cut the butt to the desired length.

The questions you have valid to be sure and in general:

1) .370 shafts are tip trimmed according to the head they to be installed. This in turn exposes a certain amount of butt section where the flex is determined when using the frequency machine. This is by design of the maker.

2) each shaft has a profile or way the shaft will flex when swinging. That is why certain shafts play better for certain golfers than others. Based on swing speed, transition, release etc. The C-Taper is for golfers that have an aggressive swing.

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