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No Love For Lefties

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There has always been somewhat of a discriminatory attitude towards left handed golfers by the golf club makers.  It seems to be getting worse and not better. Wedges and Putters seem to be the worst as many club makers have limited or no models for left handed golfers. 

I've always played a 64 degree wedge and currently game a 3 year old Cobra.  I would like to change it but I can't actually find one from the mainstream club makers in a lefty version. Even Callaway doesn't make a 64 degree wedge for lefties, which is somewhat surprising given thier biggest star, LEFTY, made the club famous.  That almost seems criminal or at least sacralegious.

I get the economics but it still hurts.

So what is a lefty to do? My groves are wornout on my Cobra and I'd like to get a new wedge. Years back when the wedges were made of soft forged metal, bending was easy. Now I believe most wedges are made out of harder carbon steel that limits or eliminates bending. 

Thoughts? Prayers? Ideas?





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You can bend a wedge 3-4* easily. I had a vokey bent 3* a couple years ago. The bounce will change when you bend it

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