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Ma Zoom Ma

Costco will refund everyone purchased the last 4pc balls.

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No surprise here, we heard there were rumblings last week this may happen. Costco is great to their customers and I would expect nothing different here

In my bag:

Driver: :cobra-small: Speedzone 9* Project X Smoke Green 60 6.5

Wood: :cobra-small: Speedzone Big Tour 13.5* Project X Smoke Yellow 70 6.5

Hybrids: :755178188_TourEdge: CB Pro U 17* Mitsubishi Kura Kage Silver 90X

Irons: :cobra-small: King Forged CB/MB 3-PW Modus Tour 120X

Wedges: :cobra-small: MIM 52* and 58* Modus Tour 130 Wedge 

Putter: :seemore-small: Nashville Z1C 34"

 Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X

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Kudos to Costco!

Driver: :ping-small: G400 Max 9 degree Alta CB55 Stiff shaft 

FW: :taylormade-small:M4 - 3HL (16.5 degrees) Atmos shaft R

Hybrids: :taylormade-small: M6 --- 3 (19 degrees), 4 (22 degrees), and 5 (25 degrees) Atmos shaft R

Irons: :callaway-small:Apex CF19 6-W KBS Tour Graphite  70g shafts R

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX-2 60*

Putter: :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7S

Ball: :Snell: MTB-X

My Photography can be seen at Smugmug

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That is really upstanding.  I know many folks despise the likes of Costco,WalMart, and the like, but it's customer centric actions like this that make loyal patrons.

:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver | Official 2019 MGS Tester

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:ping-small: G410 Irons 4-UW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:ping-small: B61 Putter



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Thanks for sharing and It seems like a Christmas Gift to its customer on this Christmas. I do wonder here if they are refunding you and all then as Costco Refund Policy states the refund would be added or given to you in the mode you done payment. If you wondering to return any other product then 4C Balls then you can if you are in the policy. You can do so keeping in mind Costco Return Policy.  

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