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Deal of the century...Relatively short story

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Just so we're clear, this is a post about a putter and not about my game....You'll see. For the last few months I've been contemplating getting a new putter. I was playing with a TM Mini spider for about year and for the most part was very happy with how it rolled and the overall performance. Within the past month or so, I've been messing round with other putters at various stores just to see what else is out there. I recently traded in the Mini Spider and bought a TM Ardmore 2 patina. The thing is absolutely gorgeous and feels great. I love the fang style and the old in me really likes that it can pick up a ball.

Last night I stopped by a local shop that carries used equipment to buy a different shaft for my driver that they just s happen to have in a staff bag. While they were putting a Callaway sleeve on I spotted a putter that looked somewhat familiar but I haven't seen it in years. It had these crazy bars on it and had grooves that looked like Evnroll grooves. Sure as shite, it was a Rife 2 bar mallet. Ugly as hell. I started putting around with it and was sinking everything. It felt like the Caddyshack priest! I couldn't miss! I thought to myself "surely this thing is a small fortune. They have the keep the lights on" I looked at the price tag...$50 freaking dollars. I looked it up on Google, $200 freaking dollars! Ummm sold! This thing looks fairly new.


I had the day off today (lucky me) and went out to a local muni that has some fairly decent greens. First hole, I hit a nice approach. Nothing too amazing. I drain it from about 20 feet for birdie. Alrighty...So the round goes on and I knew I was playing pretty well but I try to never add up my score as I go along. I've psyched myself out too many times doing that. Anyway, I get to 18 and hit a really good drive and knock it to about 15 feet with a nice look at birdie. Make it. Added up the score and to my surprise, I shot my personal best 66. (-5) I guess I'll be taking the Ardmore 2 back for a refund and taking the wife out to a nice dinner with the proceeds. I used the MGS methodology of if you hit something that works while you're shopping just buy the damn thing. Here's hoping this old girl holds together for a while! I'll be on the lookout for a backup soon.



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It looks like something a metal worker just threw together in their garage, but I actually like how it looks. That's a great deal at $50, and it sounds like it performs for you. Congratulations on the personal best, that's awesome and I bet your wife will appreciate the dinner from the Ardmore refund.

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16 hours ago, toehold57 said:

Saw one on eBay tonight that looks like it’s been through the grinder, and they want $76 for it!

I think you scored.


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Geez! I wouldn't pay $5 for that!

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I got one of these a few months ago. We were at a rummage sale at a local Boys & Girls Club. Under a table there were a dozen assorted golf clubs. Most were mediocre condition Vokey Wedges, couple of Bobby Jones hybrids, Titleist 983 driver. And one of the Rife 2-ball mallets, although in 6/10 condition. Yours looks much nicer. Grabbed the pile and took it to the cashier, $1 per club.

For giggles, I played it one round and it felt great. It had a big old Tiger Shark grip on it. Played it for a month, and then the grip just fell apart. Regripped with a midsize Winn and lost the mojo. Looking for another monster grip to get the mojo back.

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Those were legendary back in the day.


Adams 9064LS 9.5* (until I cracked the face)

Adams Super LS 17*

Adams XTD Ti 23*

Wilson Staff Ci7 4-PW

Adams wedges: 52/7 56/13 60/7

Wilson Staff Infinite Southside putter/Odyssey DualForce 660 putter

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