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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Evnroll ER2B Putter

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Ever since Evnroll putters came on the scene a couple years ago as the surprising winner of the My Golf Spy Most Wanted putter, it's been on a roll ever since.   The latest model it's ER2B has a high standard to live up to, and we have selected four members to test, review and report their results back to the forum.  That begins this week as you can check in with them over the next four to six weeks to see how they are performing.

ER 2


The Testers are

@ncwoz                  Stage 1                          Stage 2

@Wedgie                Stage 1                          Stage 2

@Tsmithjr9             Stage 1                          Stage 2

@KurtActual          Stage 1                           Stage 2


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Stage One – Nate's Introduction (10/16/19)


First of all, a big thank you to both MGS and the folks at Evnroll for the opportunity to test out this putter. I’ve been telling some of my buddies how much I’ve enjoyed the MGS community the past year, but nothing I told them quite caught their attention like saying I had a blacked-out spanking new Evnroll putter in the mail for me to test! 😉






Here's my lovely wife and I. I'm the luckiest guy I know, she's that amazing.

Some of the non-golf info: my wife and I have been married a year and a half now, and we were born, raised, and currently live in West Michigan. I graduated from U of M in Ann Arbor with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Outside of work and golf, I enjoy weight lifting, reading, trying new restaurants/beer, and basketball.

Now onto my golf game. Growing up, I only had some casual exposure to the game. I always enjoyed playing with my dad and brother, but had my eyes fixed on my now-wife, basketball and school. However, after graduating and finding my competitive juices begging for an outlet, the red sea parted and in came golf! The last two years I’ve spent a lot more time on the range and the course. I will say, most sports come probably a little easier to me than most, but I’ve still got quite a ways to go with golf. I love having the competitive nature of golf, and also the technical nature of the technique and the equipment.

I end up playing most of the cheaper-end courses in the area. If you’ve perused some of my other threads, you know I’m rocking the budget golf these days. This summer I played in a casual “league” with folks from work and we played some nicer courses, which was great (and more challenging than I anticipated).

My handicap is currently sitting at 16.6, but this summer is the first I’ve kept one. It’s technically trending upwards, but that’s mostly because I’ve had two of the best rounds of my life early in the summer. Now it’s becoming more representative of where my game is truly at.

Regarding my equipment, I started out about 2 years ago with only inherited clubs. Ping Eye 2 irons (PW all the way up to 2 iron) and a Ping Cushin putter. I picked up a used Taylormade R9 SuperTri, and then a little while later snagged my X2 Hot FW. A few months later, I was given 52* and 60* Mack Daddy wedges, and that’s where we currently sit! None of it is fit, so I’m going to be upgrading my way through my bag pretty soon here; putter first, irons next, driver, then wedges.


My bag, pre-Evnroll.

Alright, now on to how I roll with the ‘ole flatstick! Relative to the rest of my game, putting is probably one of my stronger suits. Although still nothing to write home about. I can be pretty streaky, but it’s not too often I’ll feel totally lost. This season with the Cushin I’ve been averaging 34 putts per round. Still more 3 putts than I’d like (3 per round), which I attribute mostly to poor distance control. This is specifically the area I’m most hoping to see the Evnroll technology shine. One thing I'm curious to see is how the different toe hangs will affect my stroke. The Cushin is pretty heavily toe weighted, and the Evnroll is a lot closer to balanced.

I try to double the ratio of my back swing to the follow through to keep consistent tempo - when I’m struggling it's closer to 1:1 and then I’ll push and pull like I’m playin’ tug of war ;). I like having a slight arc to my stroke, and like to stay relatively free. When I really stiffen up I start pushing and pulling that sucker everywhere. Ultimately though, I feel pretty confident rolling the ball straight. Which has a lot of my misses probably more likely due to poor green reading. Once somebody comes out with some sort of laser attachment that shows you the correct line, I’ll be all set!

As you could probably imagine (especially with my current hodge podge set), I was super excited to get my hands on the ER2B. From reviews and videos I could find, it promised to be a very high quality tech-infused putter, and I was itching to see if it would ring true to its name. I went to a local shop to get my specs for the putter, and really liked what I felt with those first few rolls. It wasn’t however, blacked out. So I didn't know exactly what I'd be dealing with until... 


Darn leasing office didn't tell me it was delivered, so I had to wait until they opened back up to crack open the box.

First Impressions

I was antsy as all get out to see that big long box on the front step, and when it finally came, I wasn’t disappointed! Packaging was pretty standard, everything came in perfect condition. From the putter head to the Gravity Grip, it feels every bit the part of a premium putter.

The meat behind the eye candy of these Evnroll putters is the “Sweet Face Technology”, consisting of a unique groove pattern that is said to decrease the effect off-center hits have on both the distance and direction of a putt. Another cool thing they do is Swing-Weight balance the putter, to get a consistent swing weight, even for different length shafts. They do this with actually utilizing different head weights and grip weights to dial in the desired swing weight.


Sweet face bro. 🏄‍♂️😎

IMG_20190911_191505991.thumb.jpg.70fefa90251510be0174724c1c5a238e.jpgDesigned by Guerin Rife, who has an impressive resume designing putters.


At address.


I also really like the feel of the Gravity Grip. Tacky but not sticky, soft but not squishy.


I also really like the black head cover. Personally I like this look much more than the standard white one.

All in all, this putter looks and feels great. Completely subjective here, but I didn't love the look of the non-blacked out ER2 that I used to get fit. But blacked out, this thing is just clean. I've already gotten a number of comments on how it looks from multiple people.

Looking Ahead...

While I love the idea of tech-infused equipment (being an engineer I just can’t help myself!), I do wonder if this tech makes that much of a difference for putting. When you swing something really fast like a driver, and have lots of variability and lots of speed, it’s a lot easier to convince be that different tech will garner different results. I’ve always thought of putting a lot more of a feel and confidence thing, so I’m really curious to see if Evnroll can prove me wrong and show that tech makes a difference all the way to the bottom of the bag.

I'll be obviously taking it out on the course to test it, but I'll also be tracking a few different putting drill stats to compare the Evnroll to my current gamer. More to come soon!


Edited by ncwoz
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Stage 1 – Evnroll ER2 Midblade Black – Wedgie – 10-31-19

BREAKING NEWS:  Halloween 2019, East Greenwich, RI.  There is a man on the loose wielding a murdered out putter.  It appears to be an Evnroll ER2 Midblade Black Putter.  The man is described as being in his early 50’s, about 6 feet tall wearing khaki shorts with a royal blue Nike quarter zip top.  He is wanted for multiple robberies.  The robberies occurred at Valley Country Club on and around the 18th hole.  If you see this man do not approach because he is known to carry a weapon on the golf course.


I can’t believe they interrupted the Price is Right for that story.  Wait…it’s me they are talking about!  Yeah, it is like stealing when you’re rocking an Evnroll putter but that money was earned fair and square.  I need to tell my story so I don’t go to the slammer and do hard time for a crime I didn’t commit. 


I married a TV personality that gave it up several years ago to focus on our now 14 year old twins.  I grew up in the Midwest and graduated high school with a Heisman Trophy winner who at the time I considered a friend.  The quickest insight to me is that when I tell the Heisman story I tell people he went to school with ME, not the other way around.  I graduated from the University of Kansas like everyone in my immediate family and my dad was the Jayhawk mascot when he went there.  I moved to New England in 97 and doubt I’d ever go back to Kansas to live.  New England has a ton to offer with beaches, mountains, seasons and golf.


My golf life started as a kid when I’d steal my dad’s driver while he was at work.  We lived close to a public course so my brothers and I always had a huge stash of balls we’d get from wondering the course.  I’d take the driver, walk to the Arkansas River at the end of my street and try to hit balls over it.  I honestly don’t think I ever did get one all the way over until I was in high school.  My other golf lessons were on the driving range when hitting the biggest slice was how we determined the winner between me and my brothers.  Yeah, not a good way to learn the game but that is how I did.


I belong to a Country Club that I would describe as long.  I’ve taken GolfSpy_Stroker there and he would describe it as short.  I guess that is part of what makes golf so unique to every individual.  The greens at my home course can be very fast at times but tend to slow down this time of year.  Since joining the club I’ve noticed a significant uptick in 3 putts so I jumped at the chance to test the ER2.


Prior to testing I was in Dallas for business and hit the PGA Superstore to test the putter to see if it would be a good match for me and if I should apply to test.  The stock 35” ER2 Midblade Black seemed to fit the bill.  Once selected as an official tester Evnroll called and did an over the phone fitting.  Basic questions such as length, loft and lie.  He stumped me a bit when he asked if my hands were in front or behind the ball at impact.   I didn’t know to be honest but since I don’t forward press he felt the standard 2 degrees of loft would be fine.  I also felt he talked me out of the Gravity Grip by saying it was shaped differently than the SNSR grip I use on a few of my putters so I should go with the standard grip.


When the putter arrived it looked awesome.  I yanked it out of the box and I could feel the weight of the putter was much greater than I am used to.  Not a bad thing at all, just noticeable.  I was immediately drawn to the quality of the putter.  It is literally the nicest putter I have ever laid hands on.  The black shaft, black grip and black putter head are badass and Evnroll accents the putter in all the right places with red.  I went straight to my master bedroom for some putting.  Now I have a fairly new home but it’s nice because I can practice straight 15 footers in the master, a double breaker in my son’s room and a left to right putt in my daughter’s room.  Regardless of my homes foundation I hit my first putt and literally thought to myself, oh wow!  The putter itself just felt amazing.  Almost like I have been mishitting every putter I’ve ever used my entire life.  I grabbed my current gamer, Wilson Windy City, and rolled a few and immediately noticed the difference in the roll.  I could hear the skid on the carpet from the Wilson putter and I’d say the ER2 rolled straighter almost like it was taking some of the break out of the putts.  It was weird.


Evnroll claims their face technology in a nutshell slows down center impact strikes which effectively speeds up off center hits so you get consistent distances regardless of where you strike the ball.  I did notice I was coming up short putt after putt until I got used to the differences between putters.  The putter head is a little thicker, front to back, than a traditional blade with a straight white sight line which I’ll touch on in stage 2.  The head cover is very nice as well.  It closes via magnets which I love.  Given the larger head size of the putter it took me a few holes to smoothly get the putter out of the cover without it getting hung up. 


Since my testing has already begun I’ve played a ton of golf and spent countless hours on the practice green working with this putter.  I came into the testing averaging 1.8 putts per hole but I miss a lot of greens. Given that info I don’t think my putts per hole average will outweigh my gut when determining if this putter will stay in the bag or not.


Most of all thank you MGS and Evnroll for this awesome opportunity to test the ER2 Midblade Black putter.  I am happy to answer any questions or do any type of testing you guys want.  Just let me know what you would like to see.  And come back to find out if I was apprehended.

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Tom and I am excited to review this Evnroll putter. I play out of Northeast Ohio, and I play until it starts to snow. This year my season has been cut a bit short too, but not because of weather. My wife and I just had our first child last Saturday, a baby girl, which is a bit more exciting than a new putter (sorry MGS). The weather is still good, so maybe I can sneak out if momma allows me.

I started golfing in middle school, thanks to my dad and lots of family members who play. He passed now, but I still play with my sister a lot, she was the one who made varsity golf all 4 years of high school. If I can’t play with any of the family I usually go out by myself at sunrise. I have friends that enjoy golf, but none of them are as serious as me, so they usually only want to play a very relaxed 9 holes after work. Nothing wrong with a practice round with them though. Those are the two biggest reasons why I play, the time spent with friends & family, as well as the peacefulness of being alone

My home course is Cossett Creek in Brunswick, Ohio. I play there because it’s one of the few non-flat courses on the west side of Cleveland, it’s inexpensive, and the pro works to make the round enjoyable. The conditions are probably slightly below average, but I enjoy it. My favorite courses in the area are Sugar Bush, Windmill Lakes, Fox Den, Rain Tree, and Gray Hawk. I will play anywhere within an hour or so of home, so that gives me about 100 courses to choose from.

I am not really brand loyal, but right now most of my bag is Titleist. I have a 915 D3 Driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana White X flex shaft, I was fitted into that. I carry a Cobra Fly-Z Fairway set at 16.5 and an Adams Gold Boxer Hybrid at 19. These I purchased for less than $30 each off eBay. My irons are Titleist 714 CB 4-PW with X100 shafts. I wasn’t fitted for these either, but after hitting clubs at golf galaxy the 718 CBs were by far the best performing, so I went shopping for an older model and found them. Wedges are Vokey 50-54-58. The Vokey 58-04 is the best club I’ve ever bought.

The putter I currently use is an Odyssey Versa #7. My friend has a #7 in his bag, and I used it and it just had such a good feel, I had to go get one of my own. I love the mallet and it feels so balanced. I put a Super Stroke Squared grip on it, and while it took some time to get used to the weighting change, it still works great. Before that I went really old school and carried an original Zebra putter, which was my dad’s, so maybe there was some sentimentality there. Before that I used a TaylorMade Rossa blade putter. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was the first one they put the gel-filled grooves on, so that is going back to 2006 or so. This Evnroll is the first blade I’ve used in about six years.

I play to a 7 handicap, up from a 3 last year. I’ve played about half as many rounds though. But my putting hasn’t suffered from it! I average just under 30 putts a round, and if I have a day with considerably less, it means I was chipping lights out, not sticking my irons. I don’t feel as though my putting is a liability, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be amazing. Ultra fast greens can mess me up pretty easily, but outside of that I want to say I have a 3-putt once every 3 to 4 rounds. I use a standard grip, but I interlock my fingers just like on my full shots. I am working on shortening my backstroke to stay inside my body and stop deceleration. I read greens well, and I play the break on my long putts, I don’t try to hit it through. On the 3 or 4 footers I try to bang it in the cup. Playing break on those can be dangerous if you are on unfamiliar greens.

Evnroll got off to a great start by having their PGA Tour rep call me and walk me through a fitting over the phone. What a first impression!! With his help I decided on the 355 gram head in 33 inches. I went 1 degree flat but left the loft standard. I have the oversize grip, but it looks like they offer bigger ones. Then the first impression when this putter arrived…

Murdered Out is the right description for this thing. The all black head, with black shaft is soooo pleasing to the eye. Just the small alignment in white is all this putter needs to look glamorous. You can never go wrong with the red logo and red on the grip to give this the perfect touch. Red and black always look good together. All this in a foam-lined box to protect everything, and a cool head cover with the strongest magnets on earth.

I want to use the interim time to provide pictures and breakdown of the technology and improvements. For starters, it already feels great in my hands. While I don’t have biases against this putter, or very much knowledge of Evnroll or other boutique putter companies, I want to close with something I think is true. I do not expect to drop from 30 to 22 putts a round because this is in my bag. With putters more than any other club, it’s the fiddler not the fiddle. I believe that once one is comfortable with the club and has a solid stroke, they will putt well with anything.   

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Stage One – KurtActual’s Introduction

October 16, 2019 


I would like to start off by thanking MyGolfSpy and EVNROLL for selecting me to test this putter.



Trying to put into words the kind of guy I am can be difficult. I spend most of my days reading and researching my hobbies, as most of my free time after work is spent with my family. Regarding golf, this leads to lots of theory crafting but also a lot of general knowledge. I started playing golf in 2006 when my grandfather-in-law passed down some of his old clubs to me. My (newly-wed) wife and I would go to the range at least once a month and play the on-base course at Norfolk Naval Station once a month as well.  Now, living in Houston, I try to play twice a month, and practice at least 4-5 times a week. I do not have a dedicated “home course” as I like to experience as many courses as possible. Most of my rounds have been played at Legendary Oaks Golf Club, which is a short (5900 yards) course in Hempstead. Part of my online theory crafting research brought me to build my own indoor practice putting/hitting area. Much of my testing is done here, where I can hit hundreds of shots with the least number of variables.




What I love most about golf is trying to be better than you were yesterday. There is never a peak. No amount of work is enough. It’s like learning, you should never stop improving. It also helps that my two boys (especially my 7 year old) love golf too.




The Golf Questions

My current bag:

Driver: Nike VR-S Covert

Fairway Wood(s): Cobra King F8 3/4w

Irons: Nike VR-S Forged 5-PW, Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 3i

Wedges: John Daly T-5 52*, Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP 56*, Cleveland 588 RTX Rotex Face 60*

Putter: Wilson Staff Infinite Lake Shore

My bag make-up is an evolution that has matched my evolution as a player. When I started playing golf, Tiger was still in his prime. This sort-of explains my affection for Nike golf equipment. Through reading and research on this forum, I found the Cobra fairway wood, and have literally replaced my driver with it. The wedge mix started with an appreciation for Wilson Staff equipment, so the 56* joined the bag first. The other two were just yardage gap fillers from friends or Goodwill.

Let’s be honest, the putter is what matters in this review. My first putter was part of my hand-me-down set. It was a beat-up Odyssey Dual Force Rossie 2. To find some help with my putting game, I replaced the grip with a 1.2 oversized knock-off from Amazon. When I removed the original, I found the shaft was bent (likely from a missed putt from a previous owner). I replaced the Odyssey shortly before being selected by MGS for this review. I replaced it with the Wilson Staff Infinite Lake shore. This model is counter balanced with a milled face, and oversized grip. Other than that, it’s a dumb putter technology-wise.

My current handicap is a 25. My putting style favors a lag put, dying at the hole. Unfortunately, my miss is usually coming up short.


First Impressions

Now that you’ve made it past my word forts describing myself, lets get to the meat and potatoes. I ordered my EVNROLL ER2-B with specs to match my Wilson Staff Lake Shore. I wanted an apple to apple comparison between the sweet face technology ER2-B and the dumb-tech Wilson Staff. I went with a 35” shaft, 71* lie, 3* loft set-up. EVNROLL allowed me to add a Gravity Grip when ordering as well.


First impression was concern. The box was left on my doorstep, and it had sustained a small amount of damage. I tore into it immediately.


To my surprise, there was literally NO packing inside the box. Just the putter, head cover, and a plastic bag. Initial inspection showed no damage, but considering the cost of the putter, I would have felt much better if it had more protection.


Upon removing the packaging and headcover, I found the most attractive putter I’ve laid my eyes on. The black on black finish is so easy on the eyes. All the fancy stuff is engraved on the bottom, hidden at address.


Aside from a small issue with the white paint in the EVNROLL, the putter looks phenomenal.



According to EVNROLL, the Sweet Face technology produces straighter, more consistent putts. Basically, as the grooves narrow toward the heel and toe of the putter, the energy imparted on the ball increases, making up for a miss-hit.

Another bit of technology included in my order was the Gravity Grip. The GG is an oversized grip with a 70g steel rod placed under the putter shaft, along the length of the grip. The GG is supposed to assist the golfer in feeling the putter face angle more through the stroke.



            Seeing how most of the strokes in a round are hit with the putter, I would love to see if the Sweet Face technology can improve my scoring.  Is a $350+ putter going to shave strokes that a $99 putter wouldn't? Which is Sweeter, my socks or the EVNROLL technology?

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Find my Stage 1 thoughts on the EVNROLL ER2-B here! 


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My Stage 1 is up; check it out!


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11 hours ago, KurtActual said:

...Much of my testing is done here, where I can hit hundreds of shots with the least number of variables.





That's a pretty sweet set up! Do you have a net or something to hit full shots into as well?

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10 hours ago, ncwoz said:

That's a pretty sweet set up! Do you have a net or something to hit full shots into as well?

Yessir. Snagged a Haack knock-off on Ebay for $59. Works like a charm.


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Man, the confidence I have with this putter in hand is unreal. Anyone use an EVNROLL Gravity Grip on a non-EVNROLL putter?

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Excited for seeing your results, guys. Very nice looking putter, especially in all black.

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On 10/21/2019 at 10:48 AM, KurtActual said:

Man, the confidence I have with this putter in hand is unreal. Anyone use an EVNROLL Gravity Grip on a non-EVNROLL putter?

I've always been a pencil grip guy, but like a buddy's thicker grip so gave the Gravity Grip a go for the ER2B; and it feels reeeeeeal nice. Just nestles into your hand perfectly.

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Excellent start guys, I have to admit that I'm a lot jealous of this group. I have been rocking a Rife two bar hybrid for at least 10 years now and have come to realise the only thing that could replace it is another Guerin Rife design 😍😁

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Stage 1 is finally up.  Sorry for the delay!


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On 10/21/2019 at 10:48 AM, KurtActual said:

Man, the confidence I have with this putter in hand is unreal. Anyone use an EVNROLL Gravity Grip on a non-EVNROLL putter?

The fitter talked me out of the gravity grip.  I wish I had went with my gut and got it anyway.

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      Quality and features

      When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the actual putting carpet was top notch.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the putting mats you can buy at the big box stores and the carpet they come with looks like something that is made out of cardboard.  You have to lay encyclopedias on it and even then you may have some creases, it never lays flat, etc.  Straight out of the box, this thing unrolled and lay flat.  You could literally start putting on it right out the box!

      The actual material feels a lot like velour (that's the best way I can describe it although it is not a perfect description).  They call it “crystal velvet,” but all I know is it is a very pure rolling surface.  A plus is that you can vacuum it as well.

      On that mat, you’ll find printed markings for every foot and smaller marks for every inch (it looks like a giant ruler).  You also have two alignment lines (one for the regular sized hole and one for the mini-hole).  As a golfer who struggles with “seeing the line” over my putts, the alignment line really helps.

      The mat also features an incline up to the holes, to ensure a confident stroke and to assist with the gravity-fed ball return system.  On their first version, the base and return ramp were made out of plastic.  It had a good weight to it and I had no complaints.  On their newest model, they made some upgrades to the base material.  Namely, it is now made of wood instead of plastic, there is an insert-able backstop to catch putts hit with too much gusto, extra space behind the holes to catch balls, and the return ramp has magnets to connect the pieces.  Each of these upgrade adds much more “high quality” feel to the overall product.  They did not change the crystal velvet putting surface, and in my opinion they didn’t need to.  It’s great as is.

      With the original version, my kids had a tendency to hit the ball past the holes and off the mat.  They were more than happy to chase the balls down the hallway, but it was a bit of an oversight in the original design.  This has been fixed in the newest version.  It would take a freaking missile launch of a putt to blast it off the mat now.

      For the price, I’d be hard pressed to find a better putting training aid.  At just over $100, you get a high quality putting surface and the mental boost of seeing a ball fall into a hole over and over and over again.  You can roll it up, stick it under your bed, and putt every single day, rain or shine, all from the comfort of your home. 

      This thing rolls fast and true.  They claim it rolls up to a 14 on the stimp if you put it on hard floors (think wood floors or concrete), and you can slow it down by putting it on carpet.  When I put it on my bedroom carpet, it is noticeably slower than when it is on the tile floor.

      If I were to have a critique, it would be that I wish the mat were just about a 1/4 inch thicker.  I have tile floor in my home and carpet in the bed rooms.  When putting on the tile floor, you can get a bump here or there (due to the gaps in the tiles and grout).  I fixed this by using some runner rugs we have in the hallway and I typically just put them under the mat.  I can’t be too critical, because I know that adding more thickness would increase the price, add to shipping, etc.  Overall it is a solid putting mat well worth the price.  I have hit hundreds of putts on the original model and the newest model and have yet to notice any depressions or grooves in the surface.  I know this is a concern for any putting mat, but so far so good on this one.

      Performance on the course

      For the first few weeks that I had the original Perfect Practice Golf putting mat, I couldn’t get enough of it.  My kids and I would spend hours throughout the day hitting 4 footers, 6 footers, 8 footers, etc.  We even came up with a trick shot and had a blast doing it (see video below)! 
      My son and I came up with other putting games to play on it to keep it fun.  My on the course putting showed definite improvement as well!  I rarely had less than 35 putts per round before and quite often a few three putts.  When I was putting consistently with the Perfect Practice mat, I didn’t have a round over 32 putts.  Those pesky 6-7 foot par save putts were falling with much more consistency.  I felt like I had a real chance to hole everything inside of 10 feet.  Seeing the ball fall into a hole over and over and over while practicing at home is such a mental boost for my game.
      I haven’t played golf in over a month, much less practiced on my mat (life just got very very crazy in the Chasing Scratch home).  I want to make myself a personal goal of hitting 50 putts per day to see how good I can get.  Since I have a solid mat in the comfort of my own home, there really is no excuse.  If I want to get to scratch golf, I need to get those putts per round down to 30 or under consistently.  The only way to get better is to practice.  I’ve got a great practice aid to do it, now I just need the determination and dedication.
      At $130, I don’t think you can go wrong with this training aid.  The upgrades are a nice improvement over the original version, and the putting surface is top notch.  Take a look at their webpage (click here) and consider the Perfect Practice Golf mat if you are in the market for a putting setup for the home, office, or wherever really.  They sell out quickly when they get their shipments in, so they are on pre-order right now.
      I hope you enjoyed this review!  Now I’m off to go work on my putting!

      [/url](Note:  The images used in this review are used with permission from the company's website)
    • By Davis Moes
      I'm getting rid of my seemore pure center blade putter I've owned for 2 years (purchased summer 2017). I am asking $120 OBO including shipping. If I don't have a lot of interest it will go on eBay. 
      Putter is in near mint condition. See actual photos of the putter below. Has additional weighting in the head as well as counterbalancing in the grip, length is 34.5".
      Paypal is my preferred payment method.
      Directly below is a list of the complete specs on the putter when I ordered it. Thanks for looking!



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