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My Bobby Grace F-22 PrOtOtYpE


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Just got my Grace F-22 Proto from Bobby Last week. I got it as a belly putter at 42 inch but just could not dial it in correctly so I cut it down to 34 inch and threw a Super Stroke Fatso grip on it and let me tell you it is magical. I installed 7 Tungsten weights in the putter to get weight to 490 grams and that in conjunction with the new insert from Bobby the FACE OF GRACE just rolls the ball beautifully and feel is firm but super soft at the same time.Also removed paint fill from sole. Bobby has some of the best technology in the putter industry hands down and this for sure will not be my last Grace putter.

Picture 2317.jpg

Picture 2314.jpg

Picture 2315.jpg

Picture 2313.jpg


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Nice looking putter.

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:taylormade-small: 5 wood SIM Max

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