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Fujikura shaft guys


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So I have been hitting my Supertri with the stock Fuji Motore 60 shaft and I also bought a 08 Tour Burner with the same shaft in it. I hit the Supertri great but the Tour Burner even better and I love the feel of the shaft althought it feels a little whippy but I swing it great for my 108 swing speed. I was just curious which Fuji shaft is it comparable to because on the Fuji website there is no Motore 60 so I'm not sure if its more like the F1 or F3 or one of their other offerings. So does someone know which "real" Fuji shaft the Motore 60 is comparable to?

Titleist 905R 9.5* w/ RIP Beta 60x

Adams 4060 16* w/ Matrix F7M2s

Maltby KE4 Tour 19* w/ AXE Xcaliber Tour Hybrid TS

Adams CB1 3-PW w/ KBS Tour S Hardstepped 1x

Scratch 8620 DS TNC grind 53* & DS EGG grind 58* w/ Dynamic Gold S300

Ping Redwood D66 w/ KBS Tour Black Nickel

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