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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Cleveland Frontline Putter

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I checked the total weight of the Frontline Elevado and it is 597g.  For comparison, my Cameron 5.5M is 557g.  I will have to get the swingweights checked out, but this is one solid stick.
I like the grip so far.  It is longer than my two most recent grips, so there is some wiggle room if you like a little more or less of the pistol shape in your upper hand. Here it is next to the stock grip on my Cameron.  It's not much longer than this, but the Golf Pride Tour Sensr is 1.5" shorter and feels pretty small compared to the Lamkin.
The texture has a good grip to it.  Or does the grip have a good texture? 
The whole top of the grip is flat.  I would rate this as a medium to medium-large grip.  The upper flat section doesn't seem as wide as the Ping PP60 grip, which feels very awkward to me.  Lamkin has this grip listed at 120g.  If you want to swap this out, I recommend to pay attention to the weight of the new grip.  An EVNROLL Gravity grip is also 120g.  Hmmmmm. 🤤
The face is completely new compared to my 2135 Satin Elevado.  The Satin Elevado has a face that I can use if I lose my meat tenderizer.  I had a few issues with that putter that I will get to during this testing, but one was the face.  There was so much material machined off of the sweet spot that this was a very soft feeling face.  I ended up switching to a harder feeling ball to firm up the feel.
Nice grass stain on the face!  Who else has to clean their spouses clubs for them?  Did I just throw myself under the bus there?
The Frontline has much less material taken out.  This results in a face that is much firmer.  For me, this is a big win.  YMMV.  I had some friends take some strokes with this, and some preferred the meat tenderizer feel.
I am trying to get putting sessions in each day and am keeping score.  There have been some interesting finds in that testing already.  I will have to do this in many small doses, as I have the back of a 90 year old man.  A few times already I have hit that wall where what I assume is my back just tells me to take a hike and I have no chance of putting a decent stroke on the ball.  I will have to cut myself off before this happens to keep the results honest.  I have also found that it is easier to go from the Cameron to the Frontline than vice versa.  Length/lie may be a better fit on the Frontline. 
I was able to take this out on the course for the second time this afternoon.  Weather could not have been better.  I also got to try out the Arccos sensors for the first time.  I ended up with 38 putts on the day en route to an 82.  I could not get the speed down at all.  We got the feeling that this course is pretty much shut down for the season, but are still allowing people to play.  Bathrooms were closed, ball washers were all down, and it looks like they were painting brown spots green to keep things looking...nice?  I have spent a good amount of time on the BirdieBall green (medium stimp: 10-11).  This course must have been playing at a 7.  And we rushed out to be able to get all 18 in before dark, so I didn't get any warmups beforehand.
My consolation is that Arccos rated me as a 7.2 putting handicap.  I wasn't too happy with my chipping, and Arccos confirmed that by giving me an F+ for a chipping handicap.  I had a few 5-6 footers that I managed to miss, but like last time, I hit them where I was aiming.  There were some phantom breaks or force fields around some of the cups and the ball would just take a hard left or right just before the cup.  With them playing so slow and me having such a hard time putting a 3W swing on the ball, getting the line read right (not a strong point of mine in the first place) was just too much to ask.  But I really appreciate Arccos giving me a green participation ribbon for putting while letting me know that if I can't get the ball within 30ft of the hole, those birdies will continue to escape me.


While this weather holds up I am going to get out again somewhere that hasn't given up on 2019 already.  I really want to know if it was really that slow today, or if I am setting myself up for failure practicing on a green that is a fair amount faster than anything I am going to be playing on.

That meat tenderizing comment had me rolling! LOL

I struggled with the speed mightily in my second round as well. 6 three putts on the day and 40 putts overall. Not a good look.

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My Elevado with the Lamkin Sink Fit grip is topping out at a total weight of 596g.
My Evnroll ER6 with the Gravity grip is registering at 609g. 
Both are 370g heads. Both have 120g grips. Both are 35" in length. 
Yet if I didn't know any of this beforehand, I'd bet a lot of money I don't have that the Elevado was heavier than the ER6. The Cleveland just feels a lot heavier in your hand and I'm guessing it's related to all the weight being at the front of the putter vs the rear like in the Evnroll. 

Interesting theory on the feeling being heavier with the weight up front. Idk if there is any merit to it, but it passes the locker room test (in my book at least). Less balanced weight distribution would make it seem heavier. Think about a barbell. If you load 100lbs on it with the weight even on both sides, and then load 3/4 of the weight on one side, it will likely feel heavier (at least on the one side) with the unevenly distributed bar. The total weight is the same, but where it is placed is the difference.

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I've had three rounds with mine (the Cero SlantNeck).  My feels are a little different to a couple of the other guys, but maybe its based on what I was using before.  For 15 years or so I've played with a Ping G5i B60, with a GP Tour Classic grip (slightly oversized paddle-front).  The Cero actually feels much lighter in my hands, almost certainly due to the counterweight effect of the larger Lamkin grip.  The Cero also feels softer at impact than the old Ping.  An interesting thought, do older "plastic" inserts change characteristics over time?.  My distance control has been pretty decent, and I like the way it lines up.  Preliminary trials of purposely hitting putts off center are underway (teasing the real review).

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I've had three rounds with mine (the Cero SlantNeck).  My feels are a little different to a couple of the other guys, but maybe its based on what I was using before.  For 15 years or so I've played with a Ping G5i B60, with a GP Tour Classic grip (slightly oversized paddle-front).  The Cero actually feels much lighter in my hands, almost certainly due to the counterweight effect of the larger Lamkin grip.  The Cero also feels softer at impact than the old Ping.  An interesting thought, do older "plastic" inserts change characteristics over time?.  My distance control has been pretty decent, and I like the way it lines up.  Preliminary trials of purposely hitting putts off center are underway (teasing the real review).

Interesting thought on whether older inserts can change feel over time. That is something I’ve never even considered.

My distance control with the Elevado was great on the first round. The second round was just really strange. Perhaps it was playing a new course, but I just could not get it together. Anything over 20ft and it was a crap shoot. The one caveat was on number 18. It was a par three with a two tier green. Hole was cut on the bottom tier. My ball was on the top tier. I literally touched the putt and it almost rolled off the front of the green. That one would’ve had to have hit the flagstick to have had any chance of stopping.

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      I’m guilty of this myself.  As someone who knows I need to practice my putting more, it’s just not that much fun.  It’s also not very convenient for me.  The closest course to my home is 25 minutes away.  50 minutes in the car is a large commitment for me just to practice putting several days per week.

      So given my goal of scratch golf, my knowledge of statistics, and my passion for improvement, I started looking into “at home” putting training aids.  I searched around on the internet for everything from putting mats, auto-return systems, and DIY putting platform building guides. 

      I liked a few of the products just fine and was narrowing down my options to a few of the mats.  I know several had great reviews and even skill-type-games you can play, but I just couldn’t get over not having the ball fall into a cup.  There is something satisfying about seeing the golf ball fall into a hole and disappear.  So I started to plan out a putting platform build.  I had the specs and was all set to go to the store and spend a few days knocking it out.

      Literally the night before I was going to go to the store, I stumbled upon a page on Instagram called “Perfect Practice Golf” and saw their putting mat.  They had a giveaway contest going on for the PGA Championship so I threw my name in for the drawing.  I decided to wait and see if I got lucky before I built my platform and (wouldn’t you know it!)  I won!  So I decided to hold off on building a platform to see if this thing was any good.

      Their Instagram page showed quite a few PGA Tour players (e.g., Tony Finau, Marc Leishman, Smiley Kaufman, see their quotes below) who were using their putting mat so I figured it would be good enough for me.

      Quality and features

      When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the actual putting carpet was top notch.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the putting mats you can buy at the big box stores and the carpet they come with looks like something that is made out of cardboard.  You have to lay encyclopedias on it and even then you may have some creases, it never lays flat, etc.  Straight out of the box, this thing unrolled and lay flat.  You could literally start putting on it right out the box!

      The actual material feels a lot like velour (that's the best way I can describe it although it is not a perfect description).  They call it “crystal velvet,” but all I know is it is a very pure rolling surface.  A plus is that you can vacuum it as well.

      On that mat, you’ll find printed markings for every foot and smaller marks for every inch (it looks like a giant ruler).  You also have two alignment lines (one for the regular sized hole and one for the mini-hole).  As a golfer who struggles with “seeing the line” over my putts, the alignment line really helps.

      The mat also features an incline up to the holes, to ensure a confident stroke and to assist with the gravity-fed ball return system.  On their first version, the base and return ramp were made out of plastic.  It had a good weight to it and I had no complaints.  On their newest model, they made some upgrades to the base material.  Namely, it is now made of wood instead of plastic, there is an insert-able backstop to catch putts hit with too much gusto, extra space behind the holes to catch balls, and the return ramp has magnets to connect the pieces.  Each of these upgrade adds much more “high quality” feel to the overall product.  They did not change the crystal velvet putting surface, and in my opinion they didn’t need to.  It’s great as is.

      With the original version, my kids had a tendency to hit the ball past the holes and off the mat.  They were more than happy to chase the balls down the hallway, but it was a bit of an oversight in the original design.  This has been fixed in the newest version.  It would take a freaking missile launch of a putt to blast it off the mat now.

      For the price, I’d be hard pressed to find a better putting training aid.  At just over $100, you get a high quality putting surface and the mental boost of seeing a ball fall into a hole over and over and over again.  You can roll it up, stick it under your bed, and putt every single day, rain or shine, all from the comfort of your home. 

      This thing rolls fast and true.  They claim it rolls up to a 14 on the stimp if you put it on hard floors (think wood floors or concrete), and you can slow it down by putting it on carpet.  When I put it on my bedroom carpet, it is noticeably slower than when it is on the tile floor.

      If I were to have a critique, it would be that I wish the mat were just about a 1/4 inch thicker.  I have tile floor in my home and carpet in the bed rooms.  When putting on the tile floor, you can get a bump here or there (due to the gaps in the tiles and grout).  I fixed this by using some runner rugs we have in the hallway and I typically just put them under the mat.  I can’t be too critical, because I know that adding more thickness would increase the price, add to shipping, etc.  Overall it is a solid putting mat well worth the price.  I have hit hundreds of putts on the original model and the newest model and have yet to notice any depressions or grooves in the surface.  I know this is a concern for any putting mat, but so far so good on this one.

      Performance on the course

      For the first few weeks that I had the original Perfect Practice Golf putting mat, I couldn’t get enough of it.  My kids and I would spend hours throughout the day hitting 4 footers, 6 footers, 8 footers, etc.  We even came up with a trick shot and had a blast doing it (see video below)! 
      My son and I came up with other putting games to play on it to keep it fun.  My on the course putting showed definite improvement as well!  I rarely had less than 35 putts per round before and quite often a few three putts.  When I was putting consistently with the Perfect Practice mat, I didn’t have a round over 32 putts.  Those pesky 6-7 foot par save putts were falling with much more consistency.  I felt like I had a real chance to hole everything inside of 10 feet.  Seeing the ball fall into a hole over and over and over while practicing at home is such a mental boost for my game.
      I haven’t played golf in over a month, much less practiced on my mat (life just got very very crazy in the Chasing Scratch home).  I want to make myself a personal goal of hitting 50 putts per day to see how good I can get.  Since I have a solid mat in the comfort of my own home, there really is no excuse.  If I want to get to scratch golf, I need to get those putts per round down to 30 or under consistently.  The only way to get better is to practice.  I’ve got a great practice aid to do it, now I just need the determination and dedication.
      At $130, I don’t think you can go wrong with this training aid.  The upgrades are a nice improvement over the original version, and the putting surface is top notch.  Take a look at their webpage (click here) and consider the Perfect Practice Golf mat if you are in the market for a putting setup for the home, office, or wherever really.  They sell out quickly when they get their shipments in, so they are on pre-order right now.
      I hope you enjoyed this review!  Now I’m off to go work on my putting!

      [/url](Note:  The images used in this review are used with permission from the company's website)
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