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Inesis Golf and Decathlon Sports

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Was is SF yesterday and stopped into Decathlon Sports, it looks like it took over the space on Market Street that was GolfSmith.

Store was set up with merchandise at very good prices throughout, workers walking around with scanning devices for accepting payment. It was a small shop with most items covered, hiking and outdoors predominant, small section for soccer, a few sections for snow sports, but the golf section was minuscule.

i understand that they’re in the middle of a huge city and golf likely isn’t a focus as they launch in SF, but I had hoped for at least a little more. 

i didn’t get a chance to ask much about if there was anything else, as I was there with 3 non golfers and we had to get going, but here it was, a few putters, a box set, a few boxes of balls. 

The pricing on their outdoor gear is excellent, I was just hoping for a little more golf stuff,

I hope to see them expand into more suburban areas (I live in the Sacramento suburbs) and have a larger presence.



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