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There is no better way to see how a club will perform for the average golfer than to actually put that club in the hands of an average golfer!  I read just about every review and it helps me narrow down my choices before I go to the shop to demo.  With family, work etc... I don't have time to demo every possible new club but I can get a good handle on which direction I want to start by reading reviews.  I'm much more concerned/interested in whats in the weekend golfers bag rather than what is in the pro's bag.  The pros bags look pretty but I already know, I can't hit pretty "pro" clubs. 

The best part about doing a review is that it actually gets the reviewer to think critically about is truly important and what they can look past.  For example, I always thought looks were very important to me but turns out at address many clubs look similar.  Each reviewer gets a chance to learn more about their game by working through the review criteria.  

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:ping-small:   :taylormade-small:   :srixon-small:   :cleveland-small:   :wilson_staff_small:   :OnCore:
'16 Taylormade M2 9.5*
Srixon F65 4W 17*
Ping G Crossover 18*
Ping G Crossover 24*
Taylormade RSI2 6-PW
Taylormade Milled Grind 52* (bent to 50)
Cleveland Zipcore 56*
Wilson Staff Infinite Southside
Oncore Elixr


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As a tester and a weekend golfer, being tasked with providing a detailed review of a set of wedges led me to specifically practice in a focused way that I don't generally do, and really helped my short game! I also enjoyed the posts from fellow reviewers and questions from readers because they made me think about different things that I wouldn't have otherwise. As a result of having to think outside of my normal process, I am a little more detailed in my pre-purchase research now, which I think will save me money in the long run.

I think the coolest part of the review process as a reader is that we can see a detailed look at specific golfers, understand where their games may overlap with ours, and apply their thoughts to our game. Even better, if something isn't covered in a review that you would like to see, you can just ask, and the testers will graciously answer! Short of your own fitting (and even in addition to one), these unbiased reviews can help to make you feel comfortable about where you are spending large chunks of your money that you can't duplicate with a brief range demo or by reading paid testimonials.



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Driver:  :callaway-small: Epic Flash SZ 9* w/ Ventus Blue 6X 

Fairway:   :callaway-small: Epic Flash SZ 15* w/ Atmos Black 7X 

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 818H2 19* w/ Tensei White 90  

Irons: :cobra-small: King Forged CB w/ KBS $ Taper 130

Wedges:  :vokey-small: SM7 54 S, 58 M w/ Modus 125

Putter:  :cameron-small:  California Hollywood 34" Circle H

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I joined the forum in 2014.  I was building golf clubs more back then and I started out in the club builders section.  As an avid golfer I started to read the forum more and see the opportunities  for me to test and give honest feedback on products.  The first review I ever did was for Super Stroke cord grips (irons or woods).  I was surprised that I was chosen to review the product, but happy to do so.  I gave an honest review and it has lead me to many more great opportunities to review great golf products.  Over the years (5 now) I have tested everything from rain gear to sets of irons.  I have given what I hope are funny and honest reviews.  Not every product is going to be the best for every golfer, but what I have learned over the years here is that you never know what will work for you unless you try it.  My best round ever came while testing the Ping G700 irons.  

I would tell someone that wants to join this community that it is exactly that, a community.  If you want to have great conversations and have honest feedback then this is the place for you.  Golfers of all ability can come here and learn about the game and hopefully take something out of it. 

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Driver: Taylormade M6 10.5*

FW: Sub70 16* 4 wood

Irons:  Sub 70 

699 Pro - 3 Iron (4 iron bent to 20*)

639 CB 4 - 6

639 MB 7 - PW


Titleist Vokey SM7 50* 54* & 60*

Putter: Taylormade Spider
Ball: Titleist Pro V1X
Bag: Sub 70 Cart Bag
Handicap index:  +3.5

Instagram: joshandersongolf

Twitter: @jacustomgolf

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... MGS rocks. I love reading and posting reviews here. Honest, truthful and every review helps someone to everyone. 

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Driver:   Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 9* ... Tensei Orange 60s
Fw wood: Cobra Speedzone 14.5* ... Atmos TS Blue 7s
Utility:   Callaway Super Hybrid 17*   ... Tensei Pro Orange 80 hy s-flex
Irons:    4-Gw Titleist T100-S ... Steelfiber 95 r-flex
Wedges:  SM6 52* F Grind ... Steelfiber 95 r-flex
                 SM7D & SM8M 58* ... Steelfiber 110 s-flex 4 iron shaft
Putter:  Newport 2.5 at 33.5"
Ball:  TaylorMade TP5

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... MPR this is posted a little tongue in cheek but mine probably won't be shared because as much as I absolutely love the MGS forum and it's members, I think I have been banned from commenting on any MGS articles because I called them out on SPAM and their driver pop up ads. I don't mind a banner on top or the side of articles but every time I try and read something I get multiple pop up ads blocking my screen basically doing the very thing MGS says they are protecting us from. I guess I am missing something. 

Nothing wrong with sharing your comments. Just curious what browser you're using and have you enabled the privacy settings. I primarily access MGS on my pic and don't get the pop up ads. Hopefully they don't start showing up on my pc.

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

Left Hand orientation

:ping-small: G410 SFT driver 

:cobra-small: F Max 5 wood

:ping-small:  9 wood
:ping-small:  410  Hybrids 22*, 26*
:wilson-small: C300 4i-GP
:cleveland-small:  Wedges RTX 3.0: 52*, 56*
:ping-small: EYE 2 Wedge 60*

:odyssey-small: O Works putter

:CaddyTek: - 4 Wheel 
:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy


:SuperSpeed: Official Tester 2020   Beginning Driver Speed  - 78


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As a tester, one of the biggest reviews I've had a chance to be a part of was Martin Chuck's Tour Striker Academy.  This review changed everything to me!  Before the review, I was just a new golfer that was struggling, and didn't see any sign of improving my game.  During that review, Martin broke down where my swing was going wrong (everywhere, but I could hit the center of the club face) and showed me what a swing should look.  The following season I dropped 4 strokes in my handicap.  I've always been able to evaluate my swing on video when I'm struggling.  Being able to be reviewer for MGS has been one of the most exciting things about being in the golf community.  This forum allows you to provide honest and truthful reviews about products in golf.  

Those honest and truthful reviews is one of the reasons I'll always come here to see about new products on the market.  This forum isn't one that will kick you off because you don't like a product, and all of the reviews are backed with data.  If we're looking at clubs, we'll always try to get on a launch monitor to analyze between old and new.  Showing whether or not the new products are actually worth buying if you bought the old.  This forum is truly about empowering the player!

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Driver: PXG 0811 X Gen 2
3 Wood: Taylormade SIM
3 Utility Iron: Srixon U85
4i – AW: Taylormade P760
SW: Vokey SM7 M Grind
LW: Cleveland RTX 4 X-Low
Putter: Ping Vault Oslo



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I've had the extremely good fortune to review a set of clubs I'm still using (shout out @Cobra_Yagley) that came with a stat tracking package I still rely upon (shout out @gregarccos ) and a putting trainer (shout out @PuttOUT) that has greatly improved both my putting and my daughter's putting.  As a tester, I've learned that:

  1. I play better with game-improvement irons.
  2. Keeping stats tells you where to focus your practice.
  3. A company can put thought, skill and craftsmanship into set wedges.
  4. A device that makes practicing fun and addictive is a device that gets used rather than ending up on Craigslist.

As both a tester and a reader, my favorite part of forum testing is the conversation.  The readers really help determine the direction that the reviews follow.  The people writing for the blog really have a limited amount of time to respond to reader questions before they're on to the next assignment.  Here in the forums, we can have a review thread with over 1,900 posts. 

That's going deep.  


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What's in the bag:
Driver - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
3 Wood (16*) - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
2 Iron - :mizuno-small: FliHi (18*) - Recoil 760 ( S )
4i - GW - :wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged - Recoil 760 ( S )
SW - LW - :cobra-small: F8 - N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour105 ( S )
Putter - :ping-small: Craz-e
Bag - :1590477705_SunMountain: 2.5 (Black)
Ball -  :srixon-small: Z-Star XV
Instagram - @hardcorelooper
Twitter - @meovino
Facebook - mike.eovino

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As others have already said, the background reviewers give about themselves can provide so much more meaning to a review.  They may have a pretty negative experience with a club or product, but when they explain how it deviates from their preferences or dig deeper into why it didn't work, I can still deduce that I should give it a shot because our preferences are polar opposites. 

As a tester, I can't see how your game could get worse even if the product wasn't a good fit.  If it is for a club, aren't you also still hitting the old club to verify that the new one works better or not?  Maybe if you are already playing 18 holes 6 days a week you aren't increasing your time on the range or the course, but many of us will be putting more than normal time in to get a review done.

I have learned more about my old putter in the last three weeks as a result of the current putter testing than I did in three months beforehand. The Elevado performs better in some aspects.  My current gamer is better in others.  The heightened awareness required during the testing to figure out the "whys" is invaluable to learning about your own game.  So whether the Elevado ends up in my bag or not, I am confident that I will be improved by the end of this.  

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:ping-small: G400 LST 8.5 Ping Tour 65 Stiff

:adams-small: Adams XTD Ti 18 deg 3Hy

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan PTx 22-46 

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan TK15 50, 54, 58 deg wedges

:cameron-small: Futura 5.5

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MGS reviews open up a whole new world of possibilities... brands you've never heard about or brands you just refused to try for X reason. After the reviews, you realize some of the biased is justified while others not so much. MGS helps you keep an open mind and strive for YOUR best fit, not what others play or what OEMs are selling.

As a reader, the first thing I do before purchasing golf gear is search in the forums/blogs for a review (official or unofficial) and use that as a baseline for my decision.


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:cobra-small: SpeedZone 9* w/ Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S
:callaway-small: X2 Hot 3 Deep 14.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 S
:taylormade-small: JetSpeed 5W 19* w/ Matrix Velox T 69 S OR :adams-small: Super LS 3H 19* w/ Kuro Kage Black 80 S
:mizuno-small: JPX919 Forged 4-PW w/ Modus3 105 S
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50/08F, 54/14F & 58/08M w/ Modus3 115 Wedge
:EVNROLL: ER1 34" w/ SuperStroke Fatso 2.0
MfleKCg.jpg Pro / 9dZCgaF.jpgH2NO Lite Cart Bag / :Clicgear: 3.0 / :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro LRF

My reviews: MLA Putter // Titleist SM7 // PING i500 // PuttOUT

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MGS is, IMHO, the best source of unbiased information on golf equipment and accessories.  Having been fortunate to be selected to test the PING G410 driver, and more recently the MaxFli Tour balls, has been really fun and the fulcrum for me finally updating my 30 year old irons.  Even better is all the history of both forum member testing and MGS Hit Squad testing to use for research in deciding on products for improving one's game.  

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:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver | Official 2019 MGS Tester

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:ping-small: G410 Irons 4-UW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:ping-small: B61 Putter



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I was able to review a putter grip a while back. The review process made me appreciate the details of something as simple as the grip, how old habits are the equivalent of "boiling the frog" when it comes to the slippage of our games. These details are the same things I look for in the reviews of others - for me, this grip helped me feel the position of the back of my left hand - crucial for keeping putts online and my not missing to the right. If you can relate the product to its fix, it helps others. If you just say wow, I made more putts, you are a pull quote on the manufacturer's packaging.

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"I can't" means one of two things:
1) I'm not willing to try, or
2) I'm more afraid of failure than I am excited by success.

I can.

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I’m relatively new to the forum, though I’ve been a fan of the website for awhile. I love the data provided on the site, it really helps me to have confidence in what I’m looking to get. 

I was given an opportunity to do a ball test as well, and it is a lot of fun! It is a great experience to hone in on the little details of a product, and truly get a better understanding of how differences in equipment impact your game. Not only that, it’s an awesome feeling to know that you might be helping others gain insight into a product. 

I’ve always been one to nerd out over the little details, and have been learning a lot about club making and club fitting. I really appreciate mygolfspy for giving me an opportunity to jump in on a test! 

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P790s/M5 Driver/F9 3wood/F9 hybrid/MG2 wedges/Ardmore putter

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I still remember the first review I read on this site. A couple of years ago I decided to start doing research on a new set of irons and I had it in my mind to buy a set of Callaway Steelhead's. I watched YouTube review after YouTube review, and finally did a Google search and ended up here. It was a breath of fresh air to hear about the experiences of regular golfers instead of people who make money to give their opinions. I'm not a professional, so why should I think their game would match mine?

I love the honesty that our members bring to the testing of products. I've seen quite a few pieces of equipment that has not performed as advertised, and you all have informed us of the fact.

Getting to test equipment has radically changed how I go about purchasing the tools of the trade, and it has helped me to become a more consistent player. Before, I would buy stuff solely on brand recognition and now I'm a believer in the be your own brand mantra. I want things in my bag that help me play my best, not something that makes me look like I know what I'm doing.

I have talked to several people about joining the site and the potential of testing. I tell them that it's a very thorough task and the members here will challenge you in ways you can't imagine. It really makes you think and pushes you to test the limits of your game. It's a truly rewarding experience.

I'm also quick to tell them that the community here is great. You all are very encouraging and will build other members up and not tear them down. Personally, I love hearing about the success each and every one of you have and want to lift you up when things go wrong.

Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app

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I've been fortunate to conduct a few tests, and each test has pushed me to do the very best job I can because all the great forum members are watching and counting on me to provide them information.  Testing is not an easy job... done right.  

Some of the equipment has been great; some not so much... for me, but I know that any information that we can provide during a test may be helpful to some other golfer.  That's what forum members should do, help out other members as best we can.  I'm looking forward to what 2020 will bring.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Being a tester is a privilege that is not given but earned through forum participation and honesty.  Testing is fun however it also includes hours of working with a product.  Reviewers at MGS come from all walks of life and their opinions are interesting. Have I been influenced by reviews, absolutely!  The results from the top driver, irons, hybrids, putter, etc. are no joke. Many hours and balls struck with the best equipment available for analyzing results prove a point.   It's unlike a hog looking through a corn bin for  the  ear that came from a prominent brand, it's more like the fat rascal finding the ear that has the most nutrients. 

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Callaway  Epic Flash 10.5 Driver
Callaway  XR16 4- Wood
Callaway Steelhead 3 Hybrid
Tommy Armour 845 MAX 5 - GW Irons
Cleveland CBX 2 54 Degree SW
Tommy Armour Over N Out 58 Degree Lob
Wilson Harmonized Chipper 32 Degrees
Ping  Sigma G Tyne Putter OR Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide







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When I first came upon this website a few years ago I was amazed at not only the large golf community here but also the honest, unbiased reviews of everything golf.When you read the reviews from the members you can see all the effort and hard work that is put into them. And when your lucky enough to be picked for a review (thanks MGS and Wilson Golf!) you feel a responsibility to carry on this tradition. Its not taken lightly! Thanks to MGS , Wilson and ALL the other reviewers who came before me that set the bar so high!

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I truly enjoy reading all the reviews. Honestly prior to any golf purchase of any kind from shoes to range finders I always stop by MGS for incredibly useful feedback and recommendations.

The only issue I have with the members review is formatting. I’d love to see a format that brings the bottom line up front in a singular paragraph easily understood in a single reading. Obviously the supporting information and testing would follow but it’s nice to get the meat and potatoes without trying to digest a 2000 plus word meal 🧐

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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