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Honma TW-737 drivers

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Looking for some opinions here. Currently I am playing a 2006 Cleveland 460 Launcher amd looking to replace it. I found the TW-737 drivers at a really good price online but nobody in my area carries them to test. Was thinking about going with the 450 with the VizardA 70 gram shaft. Since I like the look of a smaller head at address. Does anyone have opinions on these drivers from previous tests? How will it compare to my 460 Launcher with an Aldila Green NV shaft?


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I gamed one earlier this year and really liked it, so much so that I picked up the 747. Honma hand-shapes all of their drivers from permission while in the design/prototype phase before sending them to the CAD department. I don't know if that helps performance, but it does make them pretty to look at. 

Good luck with it!



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I’m curious to see how this goes for you. I remember when Rose switched, he said this was the biggest surprise. I think that he had every intention of keeping the Taylormade in the bag, until he hit this. Also, I’m curious how the Vizard shaft performs. If I remember correctly Honma and Vizard are in the same boat as Srixon where they directly control the Miyazaki options. Good luck!

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I know I have been gaming a older Homna G1-X driver going on 3 years now and that thing is still a rocket. I have hit some of the newer stuff and even on the machine they do not out perform that thing for me--- I know my bud Bear ( who is a club ho too) bought that thing on a smoking deal at PGASS. It had been returned 3 times because even with instructions most folks could not figure out the adjustments because there are 2 and it uses a special 2 function wrench. One of the adjustments uses a concentric bushing and I am familiar with those having being a truck mechanic. Those are used for alignment of truck suspensions. Bear got pissed at it and gave it to me. LOL told me "you know so much you adjust the thing and play it" which I did. I did cheat though. I put it on my adjusting fixture and used the protractor method to adjust to my specs. Oh I will mess around and find a newer TW one for sure and will try it

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So I have hit it a few times in the simulator since Iowa weather has not cooperated with me when I have free time to get out to the range. Putting it up against my Cleveland Launcher I am seeing about a 5-10 yard gain. Again that is in a simulator that is not using the latest tech but it feels really solid. I am glad I went with the heavier shaft. Feels like I can get the head started on the correct plane and keep it there.

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