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Updated 11/25: WTT: Cleveland Satin TFI 2135 Elevado 38 inch CB putter, 41.25 inch Project X Hand Crafted HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 65 gram 3 wood shaft .335

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Howdy peeps,


i was very fortunate to get chosen  for the Get Fit Like a Pro event back in 2017 when Cleveland came back into the woods and irons business.


I still bag the original Launcher driver ( for now.... Cobra got me 🤤), CBX 4i- 9i and CBX wedges 45 (bought myself) 50, 55 and 60.  I just haven’t gotten along with the FW with it’s current shaft and the Elevado CB putter, while great at first, just didn’t make the cut.

I additionally purchased a MGS mallet head cover and since I’m rolling a wide body blade/mid mallet, it will be available.

The putter is in excellent condition, Cleveland 2135 Elevado 38 inch CB, Satin finish.






















I gave the Launcher Hybrid along to another MGS member last year as it couldn’t beat my Cobra F7, and these 2 just aren’t working for me, so I am looking to trade.


(also willing to sell the cover on it’s own if interested)


Also have Project X Hand Crafted HZRDUS Yellow shaft, 6.5 (extra stiff) 65 grams. Comes with Golf Pride MCC 4 + standard grip with 1 extra layer of tape under.





It is current shafted into a Cleveland Launcher HB 15 degree 3 wood that can be included if desired, otherwise I am happy to pull the shaft, length of 3 wood overall 43 inches, shaft only in 42-42.5 range I’m guessing.

The head has a small dent in the back that occurred when the previous shaft snapped and the head met the ball dispenser. it doesn’t affect performance, but i understand if it’s not desire

I am looking to trade both of these, not sell them. 

I am looking for a different 3 wood, thinking Cobra F9, Tour Edge, or something along those lines. Stiff shaft on FW preferred, but not a deal breaker as I have a few options I can install myself. 

Anywho, thanks for looking 




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The head cover has been spoken for. 

I’ll be pulling the shaft Monday when I get back to work and will post updated pics and final measurement.

Also open to trades for just a 3 wood head or a utility iron. 

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2 hours ago, downlowkey said:

Good luck with your other trades!

DM sent. I just can’t leave myself without something between Driver and 18.5 Hybrid at the moment 

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well, after pulling , the tip was a little damaged mangled, so I had to trim a little more off. Installed in the 3 wood would make it 42.25, and raw length with grip is just over 41 inches.

Understandably this alters it's use, so i would say it's more of a 5 wood shaft or a shorter, stout 3 wood. 

If no further interest by Sunday 12/1, it'll be hitting eBay. 

MGS head cover has a new owner

Putter still up for trade. 



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Last call today on any trades that involve both the putter and HZRDUS shaft for a 3 wood head or utility iron.

 Shaft goes up on eBay tomorrow.

Putter will be held.

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